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It’s been the weirdest and toughest year yet for Super Cute Kawaii and if we were ever going to quit, this would have been the year for it. Instead the team stepped up in a huge way and we tried to create content for our new normal with stay at home activities, crafts, kawaii characters and positivity. I’m really proud of our content this year, and it seems you like it too as our visitor numbers are back up to the glory days of blogging. Now that we have some hope on the horizon, it seems like a nice time to look back at the most memorable and popular posts of 2020.

Kawaii Face Masks

I never would have guessed that face masks would be such a big topic in 2020! Despite visiting Japan 5 times and seeing how useful they are, I’d never worn one until this year, but now have a big collection. My guide to the best places to buy kawaii face masks, plus tutorials to make your own has been constantly popular and I’ve updated it a couple of times with new links.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons arrived at the perfect time to keep us entertained and distracted during lockdown. The SCK Team shared our islands and had a little meet up. All our Animal Crossing posts were popular including journaling, crafts, shopping picks and SCK custom clothing!


Kokoro Airaguma

When I wrote about San-X’s new raccoon character in January I didn’t realise how perfect she was for 2020. Kokoro Airaguma has a healing power of 120% and heals sad and broken hearts. I can recommend following her on Twitter for a little extra cute in your feed. Kawaii characters have definitely kept me going this year, whether it was watching Aggretsuko on Netflix or finding Sumikko Gurashi’s stay at home activities and Rilakkuma’s lazy lifestyle even more relatable.

Gudetama’s Lazy Lounge

Going to cafes and restaurants also feels like a distant memory but back in February, Nicolette visited Gudetama’s Lazy Lounge in Brighton and shared all the details. Happily, the ARTBOX Cafe has managed to keep things going and recently reopened with a new LINE FRIENDS & BT21 Tasty Universe theme. It feels so strange to have such an empty Events category for this year but hopefully they’ll all be back better than ever in 2021.

Coronavirus Printable Stickers For Journaling

DIY Crafts & Printables

Crafts have always been popular and this year has seen more interest in printables, colouring pages, learning to draw, journaling and easy projects. A lot of us found we had extra time to fill, and whether you picked up a new skill with our guides, made one of our original tutorials, had a go with SCK Tries or downloaded Natasja’s free coronavirus printables, I hope you’ll keep crafting as we have plenty more things to share.

The Full Top 20 Popular Posts

This isn’t totally accurate of course as it will always favour posts from earlier in the year as they’ve had more time to be visited.

Which types of posts have you enjoyed most this year? We’d love to know!

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