Advertising Rates

Get your shop, app, event or service promoted to tens of thousands of kawaii fans!


Super Cute Kawaii started in 2008 and we have built up a loyal audience of kawaii-loving regular readers. We blog every weekday and share our content daily with tens of thousands of kawaii fans on social media. We have 21.5K Pinterest followers, 16K fans on Facebook, 12.5K Twitter followers and 5K Instagram followers. Please contact us for current stats on website visitors and advert click through rates.

Ad Prices

We offer two sizes of ad, all displayed in the right sidebar (directly below the content on mobile). Ads of each type are rotated randomly but all ads display at all times on all pages. All advertisers are promoted on our blog , social media and weekly email newsletter. Please note that we will be changing our ad prices and discounts a little from January 2024 due to demand, increased costs and the additional newsletter promotion. Book now to get the current prices & offers for your full booking period.

Top Spot (300px x 250px) – £40
This is our biggest ad with only one available that always displays at the top. You also get included in our sponsor news posts on Saturdays, our weekly newsletter, regular social media promotion and have priority in sponsoring a giveaway and/or review.

Standard (140px square) – £25
This is our standard square ad and the most popular option with 6 available. You also get included in our sponsor news posts on Saturdays, our weekly newsletter, regular social media promotion and have priority in sponsoring a giveaway and/or review.

Book multiple months and save!
We offer a 20% discount if you book 3 months together, and a free extra month if you book 6 months together. Please contact us for details.

Please note: single month bookings are for 30 days, multiple month bookings are for a calendar month (e.g. January 10th – March 10th).

NEW! Introduction Promotion – £10
This is a special promotion offer for new or small shops and makers. There is no sidebar ad but we will include you in one blog post per month + newsletter/social media promotion to introduce your products/services to our readers. We would prefer this to include an offer of some kind – e.g. discount, free gift, free shipping (a minimum order requirement is fine).


If you’d like to book an ad, please email advertising AT

Please note: We aim only to work with original designers/makers and trustworthy stores selling officially licensed products or other relevant services. Please check our submissions page before getting in touch.

We do not accept text ads, banner ads, paid links or guest posts. Emails about these will be ignored and your address will be blocked.

Ad Design

All ads can be animated, but no faster than 1 second per frame. If your ad background is blue, we would recommend adding a border to your ad image so it doesn’t blend into our sidebar. Design service is available for a small fee. Ad images should be suitable for all ages. We may request changes before approving your ad.

The Small Print

Payment is by PayPal or credit card and charged in British Sterling. PayPal will convert the amount from your local currency outside the UK. All ads are subject to approval – if rejected you will receive a full refund.  Ads run for 30 days or multiple calendar months starting at midnight UTC on any date. We do not provide refunds due to downtime or technical issues with the Super Cute Kawaii site or due to errors or delays with the ad or links provided by the advertiser. Extensions to your booking may be provided as a goodwill gesture in the case of major downtime. Super Cute Kawaii takes an annual holiday from posting between Christmas and New Year so you may not receive as much promotion and traffic as at other times of the year. Older sponsor posts may be deleted from the archives after a few years if the content is no longer relevant (e.g. many shops have closed/changed focus).