Get Featured On SCK!

Want us to post about your shop, product, channel or event on Super Cute Kawaii? We’d love to hear from you! Currently, we are looking for new and unique shops for our Kawaii Shop of the Week posts as well as individual products, events, apps etc. to include in themed posts and our weekly email newsletter.

Before you submit your shop…

1. Are your products cute and suitable for Super Cute Kawaii?

Obviously cuteness is subjective but take a look at our recent posts and make sure your submission fits in with the sort of things we post about. We are an all-ages site – some more adult-orientated designs/products are okay (e.g. creepy cute art) but we generally don’t feature products that are only for kids/babies. Limited time products like Patreon or Kickstarters don’t work for us, as the post will go out of date too quickly, but you can tell us about them if you also have a main shop.

2. Are your products original and authentic?

We do not support copyright infringement or the use of AI trained on copyrighted works. Please only submit original work and official licensed products. That does include unlicensed fan art – it’s fine if you have some fan art in your shop but we want to see your original designs. If you sell character goods, we expect to see that you are a licensed reseller and that product titles include the character names and brands.

3. Is your shop ready for a feature?

Your shop should be open for sales, use a reputable e-commerce service (e.g. Etsy, Shopify, BigCartel, WordPress, Magento etc. – not Facebook or Instagram) and be easy to use. We like to see a range of products (at least 8 for new shops) that all work well together and have good photos, not just mockups. If you close your shop often for cons or between collections, this makes it really difficult for us to schedule a post – pick a time when you know you’ll be open for a few months at least.

4. Is your shop trustworthy?

SCK is based in the UK and while your country may not have the same consumer rights, we would expect to see clear information that your shop can be trusted. This includes your location, where you can ship to, upfront shipping costs, payment provider logos, returns & refunds information, privacy page, cookie banner, contact information, customer reviews etc. If much of this is not available, it’s difficult for us to recommend you to our readers.

5. Do you ship internationally?

We have readers all over the world so if you can’t ship internationally (or at least to the USA, UK, Europe & Canada), you won’t be making the most of the promotion. While we can’t guarantee to send a lot of shoppers your way, make sure you are ready to fulfil a lot of orders, just in case! We’re also UK-based so if you block UK/EU buyers from viewing your products due to the recent tax changes, please provide an alternative (e.g. Etsy).

How to submit

If you’re submitting a product, shop, service, app or game, please use the Submission Form below. For events, giveaways, reviews , YouTube channels or anything else you think we’d like, please DO NOT use this form and continue reading below.

What happens next?

We look at all submissions soon after they arrive but it may take some time to respond. If we want to give you a full shop feature, we’ll email you to check details and let you know the date. If you are included in a themed post, this could happen at any time and we probably won’t be able to inform you. Keep an eye on our blog and social media. If you don’t hear from us within 3 months, you are welcome to submit again, as long as you have new things to show us.

YouTube Channels

We’d love to hear from YouTube channels with kawaii content, especially crafts and DIYs. Please use our general contact form.


While we no longer run an events page, we’re always interested in ticket giveaways/offers for our readers and the opportunity to send someone to cover the event in person. We currently have writers who can cover events in most parts of the UK, US Pacific coast and the Philippines but you can tell us about other events too. Please use our general contact form.

Reviews and Giveaways

If your product is a kit, app or something else that benefits from seeing it in use, we often review products. Review posts can also run alongside a giveaway. Read more about sponsoring a review or giveaway.

Other Submissions

If you do something else you think we’d be interested in, please use our general contact form.


We have advertising spots available for kawaii shops and sites – see our advertising page for more details and rates. Advertisers are featured regularly in our Super Cute Sponsor slot on Saturdays, in our weekly newsletter and on social media.