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Animal Crossing New Horizons

Posted on January 13, 2020 by

Animal Crossing New Horizons comes out for Nintendo Switch in just a couple of months and we’re so excited! Here’s some pre-order goodies and other fun things to buy and DIY.

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If you haven’t heard, yet, the new new Animal Crossing game is released in March. All the new features look so fun and I can’t wait to start a new town.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Pre-orders are available now worldwide and there’s some fun bonus gifts if you shop around. Here’s round-ups for the UK & international at Bidoof Crossing. There’s keyrings and pins of Isabelle, Tom Nook & KK or a tote bag but I obviously went with Smyth’s Toys (UK) who have a sticker sheet and notebook!

Animal Crossing stickers

There isn’t a lot of official merchandise outside of Japan (if you’re heading to Tokyo soon, don’t miss the new Nintendo Store for exclusives) but fan artists have filled the gap. I love the illustration style of these stickers by PolymerNai (Spain) – and I’m happy to see my fave Tangy!

Animal Crossing enamel pinss

There’s loads of Animal Crossing pins on Etsy and weishiart (Germany) has a big mix of villagers in a really cute style.

Animal Crossing cross stitch patterns

Get ready for your new house move with this detailed Home Sweet Home digital cross stitch pattern by SarahDavidsonArt. You can customise the colours to match your dream home.

Animal Crossing cross stitch patterns

Or check out all the free Animal Crossing cross stitch patterns by Makibird Stitching including a whole bunch of bunny villagers.

Will you be playing Animal Crossing New Horizons?

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