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It’s been a couple of years since we did a post on ita bags but they’re still popular as a fun way to display your favourite pins, charms and plushies. It’s great to see all the cute and clever designs out there so here’s some kawaii options I’ve found.

The fairytale ita bags at Rainbow Space Unicorn (AU) are perfect for book lovers. There’s 2 sizes of bag, as well as wallets, and they come in lots of colours with interchangeable book cover designs so you can match your interests or current read.

These window cover ita bags at Ivory Ruemia (US) have a removable front so you have the option to cover up your pins if you’re heading to work or just don’t want to discuss your fandom or personal topics with strangers. I love the space design but there’s also strawberries, flowers, solid pastels and more.

kawaii ita bags

Stami Studios (UK) has released some ultra-kawaii designs in the past but the new luxury ita bags are a little more grown up. They’d be a great option for more professional situations where you still want to show a bit of personality. Choose from Witches Brew purple or Cotton Candy pink, both of which have 2 windows, a drinks holder and a removable laptop sleeve.

kawaii ita bags

This frog ita fanny pack from Doodles By Naomi (CAN) is so cute and would be perfect for travel or events as it keeps everything close and there’s loads of pockets and compartments. There’s also cat, kitsune and strawberry cow versions.

kawaii ita bags

Ashley’s Magic Studio (US) makes handmade pin display bags that are perfect for theme parks. There’s a big window to display your pins and they come in a choice of cute fabrics with zip pockets and even a belt loop attachment.

kawaii ita backpack

It’s hard to resist a plush bag and this Barb the Red Panda ita backpack from BasuraGang (US) is adorable! It’s made from vegan leather and faux fur with a small front pocket for your very favourite pins.

kawaii ita bags

chocobunni520 (CAN) has two Moon Rabbit ita bags in dark and light blue with embroidered details, scalloped edges and windows, adjustable strap, internal pocket and patterned inserts. If you’re a bunny fan, there’s lots more cute stuff in the shop too.

kawaii ita bags

We’ve featured the Tasty Peach Studios (US) Meowchi ita bags before but now they come in signature peach flavour. This really is far too cute and there’s a matching plush too.

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