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Hello Kitty Kawaii World Game

Posted on July 28, 2020 by

Update: The game launch has now been postponed until 2021 when it will be safer for everyone to play. You can still sign up at the link below to find out the new release date.

This year a new game with many of our Sanrio friends will hit the market. Let’s see what this game called Hello Kitty Kawaii World is all about!

Hello Kitty Kawaii World Game

Kawaii World works with augmented reality (AR). This technology – which is also used by games like Pokemon Go – will let you see characters such as Hello Kitty and Pompompurin in real life. You can stumble upon them in your own neighborhood.

Hello Kitty Kawaii World Game

In the game you can make friends with the Sanrio characters that you encounter, as well as with other players. You can help them with challenges and grow and decorate the Kawaii World together.

Watch on YouTube

You should really check out the video about Hello Kitty Kawaii World, it looks so cute! The game itself is free, but I think there might be some in-app purchases available.

Hello Kitty Kawaii World Game

There is no official release date for Hello Kitty Kawaii World yet. But I’ve heard rumours that it might be released this summer, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. You can pre-register at the Kawaii World website for early access and to receive a special gift upon release.

Are you also excited about this game? And if so, what Sanrio character would you like to meet? Please let us know in the comments below.

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