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Milkjoy Bentoy Stationery & Accessories

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At Super Cute Kawaii we’ve featured the items from the brand Bentoy Milkjoy before. I’m a big fan of their quirky and colourful designs and would like to show you some of my favourite stationery and accessories. Further shopping links and information are at the end of the post.

Milkjoy Bentoy card holder

If you are looking for a cute and sturdy travel card holder, I can recommend this cute Milkjoy bear. The holder is made from faux leather and is quite big. You can hang it from (or inside) your bag to easily reach for it.

Milkjoy Bentoy pouches

The Milkjoy bear – also referred to as cake bear – is displayed on other cute items as well. This super soft pouch can hold a couple of small items inside your bag but I use it to store stickers.

Milkjoy Bentoy storage case

This kawaii Millkjoy case is perfect to bring your headphones, usb cables or other small items along. It comes with two inner mesh pockets.

Milkjoy Bentoy stickers

The Milkjoy / Bentoy stickers feature the cutest bears, bunnies and girls. These Milkjoy bear stickers are of a good quality and can also be used to decorate your laptop or tablet.

Milkjoy Bentoy stickers

These smaller Milkjoy stickers are great to decorate your journal or photo cards with. They’ve got a sparkly and shiny finish, which looks very nice up close.

Bentoy and Milkjoy on AliExpress

The items from Bentoy / Milkjoy are available at AliExpress shops such as Minkys Stationery Store, Mohamm Store (search on the term ‘bear’) and Bentoy Official Store.

Bentoy and Milkjoy on AliExpress

With AliExpress I’ve had the best experience when choosing a fast and tracked shipping method. AliExpress Standard Shipping will usually reach me (in the Netherlands) in about 2 weeks and it’s tracked all the way. If you click on the shipping header, you can see what the conditions of the seller are for free shipping. Both Minky and Mohamm offer free AliExpress Standard Shipping, but not every seller does this.

Bentoy and Milkjoy on AliExpress

For instance with Minkys Stationery Store you get free Standard Shipping for orders over $15.00 / €13,50. I prefer to order multiple items from one shop as it’s a bit more environmentally friendly, compared to having multiple small packages shipped.

You can also find some Bentoy Milkjoy items on Etsy.

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