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Discover Kawaii Stationery Designers In China

Posted on December 13, 2021 by

My stationery collection started with stickers and memo blocks from Japan and Korea. But lately I find myself gravitating towards kawaii stationery items from designers based in China. I’d like to share some of my favourite artists and brands with you.

Chinese Kawaii Stationery Designers - molinta


Molinta designs cute stationery and toys & plushies. Her main characters are a happy girl, bunny and bear, sometimes accompanied by a penguin and frog. Molinta uses a pencil and watercolors for her illustrations, which results in soft coloured images. Her designs are so consistent that you can easily mix and match her memo notes and stickers in your kawaii journal. On Molinta’s Instagram you can find some journaling inspiration as well.

Molinta’s items are available in her Taobao shop, on Etsy and AliExpress.

Chinese Kawaii Stationery Designers - telado


The designs of Telado are just as cheerful as those of Molinta. Telado mostly illustrates girls, boys, bears and bunnies in cute settings. You can visit the Telado Weibo (a Chinese social platform) to see their latest illustrations. There are so many Telado stationery items available that I’m not sure if Telado consists of one or multiple artists. You can get PVC or washi stickers, washi tape, memo notes, pens and stickers books from this brand. I can also recommend the Telado boxes with 100 washi sticker sheets.

The stationery items from Telado can be bought at the Giftsmilee Etsy shop, or at AliExpress shops such as Minkys Stationery Store and Mohamm Store.

Chinese Kawaii Stationery Designers - everein

Everein Design

Everein Design creates stationery with a panda and bear, named Ever & Ein. This artist uses watercolor to design cute memo notes and washi stickers / tape. Ms. Ever and Mr. Ein go on all sorts of adventures, so you won’t have a problem finding a fitting theme for your journal.

Everein’s items can be found at London Gifties (UK), Happy Postcrossing (Singapore) and AliExpress.

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