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Where To Buy Cute Gachapon Capsule Toys

Posted on January 14, 2020 by

You’ve probably heard of gachapon (or gashapon) before. At a gachapon machine you can get tiny toys that come inside a capsule. Fun fact: the word comes from the sounds “gacha” for turning the crank by hand, and “pon” for the toy capsule landing in the collection tray. These cute toys are very popular in Japan, but you can also get them from online shops.

Kawaii Gachapon Capsule Toys - sea animal charms

Tofu Cute (UK) has recently launched a Gachapon Station section! You can choose from the individual capsules, or Catch-a-Gacha Mix Bags containing a themed set of gachapon. How about these kawaii aquarium animal keychains?

Kawaii Gachapon Capsule Toys - bunny cosmetics

Kawaii Panda (EU) offers a great selection of Japanese gachapon toys at a reasonable price. I think that these make-up bunny miniatures look super cute.

Kawaii Gachapon Capsule Toys - hamsters

At PebboStudio (USA) you can find individual gachapon toys. These prices are a bit high compared to the shops above, but the collection is very nice. I’m a fan of the Epoch hamster toys, such as this hamster with spoon gachapon.

Kawaii Gachapon Capsule Toys - cinnamoroll charms

Ebay is a good place to look for full gachapon sets from Japan at a fair price. Seller d.d.d.shop (Japan) offers many sets, including these 5 pastel circus Cinnamoroll capsule toys.

Kawaii Gachapon Capsule Toys - subscription box

Looking for a surprise set of gachapon? With the Gacha Gacha Crate you’ll receive a subscription box filled with 6 gachapon capsule toys. Ranging from your favorite characters to funny figures, useful accessories and more. It costs $28 with free worldwide shipping. SCK readers get 15% off any subscription with the code SUPERCUTEKAWAII

If you are also interested in other tiny toys, you might enjoy our recent blind boxes shopping guide.

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    I love gachapons so much! My dream is to go to Japan and buy lots of them! <3

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