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Kawaii Blind Boxes For Surprise Gifts

Posted on December 9, 2019 by

Do you have a friend who loves surprises? Here’s some cute blind boxes to gift that will give them the thrill of wondering which design they’ll find inside.

Kawaii Blind Boxes - Pusheen

There’s a new set of Pusheen surprise plush with a Winter Wonderland theme and everyone looks so cosy in their scarves and hats! Pick up a few from The Pusheen Shop (USA), Claire’s (UK) or Amazon.

Kawaii Blind Boxes - Sanrio

JapanLA (USA) have lots of super cute blind boxes including these Sanrio finger puppets. There’s 20 characters to find including new ones like Marumofubiyori and more obscure ones like Strawberry King. You can also use these as little ornaments.

Kawaii Blind Boxes - cats

The tokidoki holiday Unicornos are sadly sold out everywhere but they were a collaboration with POPMART who have lots more adorable blind boxes to collect. My Plastic Heart (USA) have a big selection that you really need to take a look at. My favourite has to be these Vivicat sitting cats.

Pokemon Rement miniatures

Tofu Cute (UK) have lots of Re-ment miniatures featuring popular characters like Rilakkuma, Sumikki Gurashi and Pokemon. The Forest Night of Shooting Stars set can be stacked up for a fun desk decoration. I also noticed there’s a cherry blossom version coming out next year – you can pre-order from Clay Dough Me (Japan).

Kawaii Blind Boxes - Star Wars

For pop culture fans, head to Hot Topic (USA) who have cute blind boxes for Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel and more. Who can resist chibi Star Wars keychains?

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    November 3, 2020 at 12:54 am

    Ah that’s funny. I’m seeing the Christmas pusheens this year in Canada at Winners. But there’s 3 different boxes.. I want the fuzzy kitten :)

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