Visiting Gudetama’s Lazy Lounge At ARTBOX Cafe

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There’s a cute new theme at the ARTBOX Cafe in Brighton and I had such a ‘Gude’ time at Gudetama’s Lazy Lounge!

Gudetama's Lazy Lounge At ARTBOX Cafe

SCK was so excited to attend the opening of the ARTBOX Cafe, the UK’s first character cafe, in Brighton last year and loved the Pusheen theme! Since then we have been speculating on which character might be next and were happy to hear it would be Gudetama the lazy egg. We already went to a Gudetama Cafe in Japan, which wasn’t a total success, so I was interested to compare them. 

I made Kogumachan and myself matching Gudetama sweatshirts to wear and set off to Brighton. I arrived about half 12 so the cafe wasn’t too busy and had my choice of tables.

The cafe decor and menu have a Gudetama theme and now includes savoury food as well as sweet treats. There’s a choice of hotdog, soup or a toastie and everything is either vegetarian or vegan!

Gudetama's Lazy Lounge At ARTBOX Cafe

I went for the hotdog which was very tasty with the fried onions and delicious chips. It would have been nice to see the actual food styling have more of a Gudetama theme as once you remove the paper characters it looked just like any normal meal. 

Gudetama's Lazy Lounge At ARTBOX Cafe

The Fried Egg Waffle Sundae I had for dessert made up for it, looking just like a fried egg! It had half a peach with Gudetama’s face on it surrounded by whipped cream and looked amazing! The peach was soft and juicy and there were 3 types of icecream and maple syrup drenched waffle pieces on the bottom – so yum!

I also had a tea as it was a chilly day, which came in a Gudetama mug. The staff were very friendly and complimented mine and Kogumachan’s outfits and even offered to take our photo which was much appreciated. 

After the meal I had a browse through the merchandise downstairs. The shop is pretty small but had a lot of Gudetama and Sanrio character items including exclusive Gudetama bags, mugs and pins.

I liked the Gudetama Tamagotchi and was quite intrigued by some kind of Gudetama noodle game which pops up if you pull the wrong one! 

Gudetama's Lazy Lounge At ARTBOX Cafe

Overall, the Gudetama theme worked really well in the cafe and everything I had was very tasty. It is a little pricey but worth it as a treat to have a proper character cafe experience. 

The ARTBOX Cafe is open every day from 11am-7pm for shopping and takeaway ice cream/drinks, while the cafe is open from 12pm and closed on Wednesdays. Check the website for more info and FAQs. Gudetama’s Lazy Lounge will be sticking around until sometime in June when it will change to a new character theme. Are you planning a visit?

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    Thanks for the tour! I wish we would get a character cafe in US. Plus I live in Midwest so things come here pretty late. So glad to experience it through you. I may try to make the Gudetama Sunday with peach 🍑, ice cream 🍨, & chocolate 🍫 for his face.

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