Cute 2020 Advent Calendars

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Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, 2020 could definitely do with more fun daily treats. Why not pick up one of these advent calendars to keep yourself entertained in December.

Cute 2020 Advent Calendars - Pusheen plush

Let’s start with the one we ALL want – the Pusheen plush Advent Calendar! You’ll need a spare $100 but you do get 12 exclusive mini plush that come together to create the cosiest Christmas display, complete with cookies and presents. Get it from the Pusheen Shop (USA).

Cute 2020 Advent Calendars - Pokemon

The rest of my picks are a lot more affordable and this Pokemon holiday calendar is pretty cute too with 16 figures and 6 themed accessories to open. It’s selling fast but available from a few places including Amazon (UK / USA) & Game (UK).

Cute 2020 Advent Calendars - Ghibli

Something that seems to be new this year is advent calendars full of socks! It’s a pretty smart idea as you can put them on straight away and then use them all through the holiday season, and beyond. Hot Topic has Studio Ghibli with no show socks, and there’s a Disney edition at Boots (UK) with longer socks.

kawaii advent calendar

The 24 Days of Stationery advent calendar by Paperchase (UK) is already a bargain with 24 full size stationery treats but now it’s reduced from £40 to £28!

Cute 2020 Advent Calendars - crafts

If you’d like something to keep your hands busy, how about this 12 Days of Stitchmas Advent Garland Kit by Make & Mend (UK)? Each decoration is made of coloured card with punched holes ready for stitching, so it’s quick and easy enough for anyone to try. Hang it up when it’s finished and you can use it again next year too.

For more DIY options, check last year’s post and Etsy. Are you getting an advent calendar this year?

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