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Whether you are into kawaii journaling, bullet journaling or collecting, you can never have enough cute stickers! You don’t have to go to a physical shop to buy stickers, many artists offer printable stickers as well.

Small shops with kawaii printable stickers

Patreon artists with cute printables

At the Lovely Planner shop you can find many printable planner stickers. How about these kawaii fitness & health stickers to make journal pages with?

sushi kawaii printable stickers

Another shop that offers many cute planner printables is Plannerlogystudio. I think these sushi icons make great stickers. Also check out their free printables.

cats totoro kawaii printable stickers

Evydraws makes cute hand drawn watercolour printables. These printable cat stickers really rock my socks. Evelyne also offers monthly freebies if you sign up to her newsletter.

onigiri kawaii printable stickers

Marceline sells some kawaii printables including writing paper and a colouring book in her Asking For Trouble Etsy shop. These onigiri rice balls can be used as stickers, but you can also print them out as cards for friends and family!

Patreon artists with cute printables as reward

Patreon allows you to support your favourite artists, in return for certain rewards. I’ve made a selection of artists who offer cute printable stickers and/or coloring pages. Please have a look at their Patreon page or instagram to see the rewards of the specific month that you’d like to offer support.

Patreon artists with cute printables

Cecile Liu from cissyartcafe will give you very cute printable stickers for a pledge of $3 or more.

Patreon artists with cute printables

Little Miss Paintbrush a.k.a. ChiChiLittle offers cute lineart to color for pledges from $5 and includes a printable sticker sheet for pledges of $15 or more.

Patreon artists with cute printables

At the Tiny Plant Patreon you’ll receive one printable sticker for memberships starting from $1. The other tiers also include physical stickers, but you have to keep an eye on them as they fill up pretty quickly.

Patreon artists with cute printables

With the Sticker Club membership at the Fujibee Patreon you’ll receive a physical envelope in the mail containing new sticker designs. Or sign up for the Cute Crafts Club for a printable calendar and other printables, such as stickers.

How I print stickers

I’ve got an inexpensive Canon printer (PIXMA TS305) to print out stickers and tiny photos. I either use a whole sheet of label sticker paper or sticker photo paper. The sticker photo paper is a bit more expensive, but it does give a better result. Usually I set the print at its highest to ‘best’ and the paper type to ‘auto select’.

Coronavirus Printable Stickers For Journaling
My free Coronavirus stickers printed on a sheet of label sticker paper

Feel free to check out our kawaii printable clipart tips for more inspiration.

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