The Cutest Things We Bought in 2018

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We’re finishing off our 2018 favourites posts (and 2018!) with the best things we spent our money on – plus the things we most regret not buying.

Our Favourite Purchases

Little Twin Stars washi tape ferris wheel

Andi: The Little Twin Stars washi tape ferris wheel was by far the cutest item I purchased. I saw someone post about it in Kaila’s journaling group on Facebook and immediately became obsessed. It was a bit of a splurge that took quite a lot of talking myself into since I had to use a proxy service. I’m infamous for my shopper’s remorse when it comes to buying nonessentials, but I am actually very happy I let myself buy it! I love that it doubles as tape storage as well as cute decor.

Snowsheen Pusheen plush and enamel pin

Marceline: I bought so many amazing things in Japan and will share some next month. Instead, it’s got to be Snowsheen. I love snowmen and Pusheen so I ended up buying a plush and a glitter pin. I especially like that they’re fun for the holidays but I don’t need to pack them away with the Christmas decorations since there’s plenty winter left.

B-Side Label bag

Nicolette: This is obviously extremely hard since we went to Japan this year and 95% of what I bought was the cutest thing ever. I love this B-Side Label tote with the Stalking Animals print so much! It’s completely adorable and hilarious with the cute animals peeking round the corner at you. I have it hanging up in my room so I can look at it every day. I also love my Christmas Kogumachan plush and will be looking forward to bringing him out every Christmas.

plsuh cat creature

MissMuffcake: I wanted a GiGikatz creature for so long after seeing them at various shows. Finally I found one that spoke to me and bought it right on the spot!

kawaii alpaca plush

Natasja: The cutest thing that I bought (well, actually it was a sweet gift from my husband) was a plush Alpaca from Dutch warehouse Xenos. It’s hanging around on my desk :)

Our Biggest Regrets

kawaii shopping regrets

Nicolette: My biggest regret is not trying the Pokémon vending machine at Haneda Airport. It looked really fun and there were special Pikachus with pilot and flight attendant outfits but our funds were pretty limited by that point. It’s a shame we didn’t try it but at least we got to see it in action!

Natasja: I wish I could have bought the rerelease of the original Tamagotchi, with a mermaid shell. Sadly it’s only available in the USA and shipping + import costs would be too high for me to get one.

Andi: Unfortunately I did miss out on the Little Twin Stars snow globe this year. By the time I noticed its existence, it had long been sold out. It will haunt me into next year.

Marceline: I’ve been very lucky this year, especially shopping in Japan, so don’t have too many regrets. I do wish I’d managed to grab one of The Forest Mori‘s sparkly resin glow in the dark ghosts but I was always too late.

What was your favourite purchase and biggest regret? We’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Sonja_R avatar

    The Little Twin Star Washitape Wheel is cute.^^

    My favorite purchases this year were a big Tapir Plush “Yume Zoo” from AMUSE (so soft!), a plush Jinbesan backpack (originally in Japan only available from claw machines-but I got mine from a book fair X3), also a Tsum Tsum bag (lots of space!), a plush unicorn pouche (very limited space… but it looks cute), the little White Totoro as a pouch and my medium Cinderella Tsum Tsum.

    Regrets? Not really. I’m quite happy.^^

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