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Painting With Cats Tutorial

Posted on January 28, 2021 by

Mady and Mortis recently became artists and created some abstract art. I saw a painting with cats idea online and decided it would be fun to try. If you enjoy art and have a cat or two then this might be a fun project for you too.

painting with cats tutorial

Supplies you’ll need

  • Canvas
  • Plastic zip lock bag that your canvas can fit in
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cat toys (optional but comes in handy if your cat needs encouragement to move around!)


painting with cats tutorial

Add paint in random blobs onto your canvas.

painting with cats tutorial

Gently place the canvas into the plastic bag and close it up.

painting with cats tutorial
painting with cats tutorial

Get your cats to walk, play or pounce over the plastic wrapped canvas, creating designs by mixing the paint around.

painting with cats tutorial

Once you are satisfied – or more likely your cats have had enough – carefully take the canvas out of the bag and set it to dry somewhere that is safe.

painting with cats tutorial

This was a fun project and the cats enjoyed it. Bonus: we had everything already in the house. These would also make really cute gifts for people as color options are limitless and no two paintings would ever be alike!

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