Our Kawaii Favourites of 2018

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Last year, I asked all the SCK writers to share their top kawaii picks for the year and we’re doing it again! Tell us yours for a chance to win a little prize – details at the end.

2018 Kawaii Favourites - Characters

Favourite Kawaii Character

Marceline: Sumikko Gurashi are still my faves but Rilakkuma and Pusheen have been close behind this year.

Natasja: Yeastken the Dog Bread is a recent favorite of mine, but Sumikko Gurashi comes closely second.

MissMuffcake: Pusheen and Care Bears!

Andi: It’s still Marumofubiyori, which is illustrated by my already sizable (and still growing) collection of Marumofubiyori stationery.

Nicolette: Chairoikoguma – Obviously I already knew about Rilakkuma’s new friend Kogumachan but became a bit obsessed with him on our trip to Japan! He has such an adorable sad little face and the plushie I bought with all the cute outfits is definitely one of my fave purchases this year. 

2018 Kawaii Favourites - Artists & Makers

Favourite Kawaii Artist/Maker

Marceline: I’ve really loved discovering Pikaole‘s animal art this year. I got some cool postcards and cleaning cloth through her Patreon and I couldn’t resist these spooky shrimp iMessage stickers.

Natasja: I really like the cute bunnies from Heather Sketcheroos and the kawaii cats from Erik Buikema.

MissMuffcake: Love Pain and Stitches – they help me celebrate Halloween all year long.

Andi: Willow Works Studio! I’ve always loved 3D art and things like shadow boxes, and I find their whimsical/pastel style very inspiring. Owning one of their pieces is a 2019 goal of mine!

Nicolette: Toshinori Mori – this artist makes colourful and whimsical illustrations of cats having adventures in beautifully drawn Japanese locations. I was really happy to find some postcards featuring his work when I was in Japan as I think it’s just gorgeous. 

2018 Kawaii Favourites - books

Favourite Kawaii/Craft Book

Marceline: Can I choose my own book? I just had to read it through again before it goes to print and I really think you’ll love it! Okay, I also bought this cute Sumikko Gurashi Visual Dictionary in Japan. It’s a big book with the whole story of their first few years and so nice to look through. There’s character profiles, comics, products, full page illustrations, a quiz and more.

Natasja: This Summer I got the Kawaii! How to Draw Really Cute Stuff book, with easy to follow steps on how to draw kawaii characters. For 2019 I would like to have more drawing/creative time!

Andi: The happy addition of the Serene Little Village coloring book by Julia Rivers to my to-be-colored pile. It’s very reminiscent of the Rhapsody in the Forest coloring book by Kanoko Egusa, and I can’t get enough of it!

2018 Kawaii Favourites - food/snacks

Favourite Kawaii Food/Snack

Marceline: The cutest thing I’ve eaten this year was my panda donut from Siretoco in Tokyo. I also really liked the yuzu Gudetama chocolate from Tofu Cute.

Natasja: Chocolate is my all time favorite snack, especially when it comes in a cute shape. For this reason I find Koala’s March cookies hard to resist!

Andi: Happy Nikukyu peach gummies!

Nicolette: We had so much cute food in Japan that it’s really hard to choose! I’ll have to go with the candy floss Korilakkuma just because of all the skill which went into making it – amazing! 

2018 Kawaii Favourites - Instagram

Favourite Instagram Account

Marceline: I’ve been following @schinako on Tumblr for a few years, but recently discovered she posts on Instagram too with time lapse videos of her cute bunny paintings. I also love the @rilakkuma_sanx_official account.

Natasja: It’s impossible to pick just a couple of IG accounts (O_o), but I have to say that @kaopan27 and @chichilittle are amongst my favorites.

MissMuffcake: @naturally.jo – cute vegan food!

Andi: @miniature.mame. Miniatures are already cute by definition, but this IG has taken it to a whole new level.

Nicolette: @Jennillustrations – I love her adorable super sparkly creations, especially the bunnies with their heart shaped ears – kawaii! 

2018 Kawaii Favourites - discoveries

Favourite Kawaii Discovery

Marceline: Patreon. It’s been such a joy for me to connect with and learn more about the creators I follow and see behind the scenes at their process. I really recommend it.

Natasja: At the beginning of this year I stumbled upon a kawaiii Korean brand called Manet, their stickers are the cutest.

MissMuffcake: Lydia Jean Art  – cute cat and Pokemon prints!

Andi: My Time At Portia is a PC game that has some really cute graphics and gameplay that reminds me of a combination of Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Fantasy Life.

Nicolette: One of my fave purchases this year was this adorable ‘Step Over Snails’ patch by Tom Eccles. The only problem is finding a worthy place to display this epic piece of art. 

We’ll be back soon to share our favourite makes and purchases of the year.

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19 responses

  1. Skyler avatar

    hello! I really like pusheen as always, and I’ve been getting into Sumikko Gurashi again :)
    I follow a few instagram accounts that are drawing, I really like @meyoco and @mahoukarp as well! And for favorite craft book, any of Beci Orpin’s- not kawaii, but still very cute!!

  2. Sonja_R avatar

    I still love Jinbesan. I just fell in love with him last year and actually he’s the reason I found this precious site!

  3. Elena avatar

    My favorites: The Super Cute Book of Kawaii, and Yeastken the Dog Bread! Thanks! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  4. Kaitlyn K avatar
    Kaitlyn K

    My favorite kawaii characters this year? Pusheen, but Rilakkuma is growing on that list somehow! One of my favorite kawaii artists is Charuca Vargas, she’s been around for a long time and a lot of her stuff just screams classic kawaii! A lot of it just gives you that warm feeling!

  5. Abby avatar

    My favourite kawaii character for this year has to be Pusheen! My collection of the cute kitty has grown so much this year!
    Instagram accounts have to be @sugarandsloth (the cutest chubby animals ever!) and @innaboxdesign (so many butts!)

  6. Bekki avatar

    I love silly badger whom I found this year. She creates illustrations of pet rats and other animals. They are so cute!!

  7. Jennifer Ladd avatar
    Jennifer Ladd

    I love Pusheen (and all her friends) and also Rilakkuma (and friends!). My favorite kawaii discovery was from your site … the cute Rilakkuma keychains with the interchangeable outfits. My favorite snack is still Hello Panda.

  8. Brenda Lopes Arruda avatar
    Brenda Lopes Arruda

    These are my 2018 favorites ❤️

    Kawaii Character – Pusheen
    Kawaii Artist/Maker – @stkumachip (Twitter)
    Kawaii Food – Gudetama Cafe
    Instagram – @pusheen
    Kawaii Discovery – Nitori Sasami


  9. Sara avatar

    My favorite Character this is year is Pusheen but I also loved Sumikko Gurashi!
    My favorite Artist/maker were Charondolls and Bla Blette on instagram (I love dolls!!)
    My favorite kawaii food were all matcha flavored sweets and Happy Nikukyu Paw Gummy at cola flavor.
    Instagram account: @tofucute and @peachmilky_
    Kawaii discovery: Charondolls and Bla Blette on instagram.
    Thank you for this opportunity and Happy new year to you all! <3

  10. Agnieszka avatar

    Kawaii Character – Pusheen
    Kawaii Food – Koala’s March cookies
    Instagram – @pusheen
    Kawaii Discovery – Lydia Jean Art

  11. Khadijah avatar

    My fav account is naturally.jo

    And fav chocolate is gudetama chocolate bars

  12. Kris avatar

    Pusheen is always a favorite but I have been getting into Rilakkuma this past year! I have made lots of new discoveries via this website, and one artist that I discovered here who has such fun things is Cakes With Faces!

  13. Yen avatar

    My favorite~
    Kawaii Character: Pusheen
    Food/ Snack:Koala’s March cookies
    All soooo freakin adorable!!

  14. Vanessa Bowman avatar
    Vanessa Bowman

    I have always been a big Pusheen fan. I even got a box full of pusheen goodies from my future in laws this year for x mas <3

  15. Alice avatar

    My favourite character has to be pusheen but since getting my new stormy plush I’m glad to see her siblings getting some love too!
    I’ve also been enjoying rilakuma and korilakuma because they remind me of myself and my sister, we have a stationary of each that are super kawaii :)
    As for my favourite discovery , I’ve always loved adorable and chilled out games like animal crossing and harvest moon so I’ve been really loving my time at Portia and though it isn’t new I’ve been falling in love with stardew valley all over again ✨

  16. janus avatar

    My favourite is Pusheen! but I love Sumikko Gurashi and various sanrio characters too.

    a few of my favourites IG art accounts are @bugcat_capoo @maruti_bitamin @lovesoup @mizutamahanco they are all very cute illustrations!

  17. Stacie Humphrey avatar
    Stacie Humphrey

    Pusheen is my all time favorite and I love following @heychickadee on Instagram! ♡♡♡

  18. Danielle avatar

    My favorite kawaii characters are Wish Me Well and Cinnamoroll!

  19. Solange avatar

    Favourite Kawaii Character – Pusheen
    Favourite Kawaii Artist/Maker – Nim C
    Favourite Kawaii Food/Snack – Rilakkuma Chocolate Filled Cookies
    Favourite Instagram Account – @Ibu_Chuan

    My favourite kawaii character has to be Pusheen Instagram Ibu_Chuan

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