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GUND UK Pusheen Plush Review

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It’s hard being a Pusheen fan outside of the USA – her official web store does ship internationally, but shipping costs are high with additional customs fees almost certain. If you love Pusheen plush, I can recommend ordering directly from GUND UK. They have low prices, affordable shipping (even internationally) and no customs fees for those of us in the EU. I placed an order recently so let’s see what I got.

Pusheen plush snowman

Since they create all the official plush, GUND often have new items in stock well in advance of other stores, even Pusheen’s! The Christmas range is already available to buy and I had to get this snowman. It was my favourite from the holiday surprise boxes and I’m so glad they brought it back at a larger size.

Pusheen plush snowman

I love it so much – it’s so soft and chubby and fun to squeeze. The details are great too with a top hat, scarf and embroidered coal buttons. She sits up really well by herself too and leans forward a little – I have it on my coffee table at the moment and it often looks like she is checking out my snacks or phone.

Pusheen plush birthday cake keychain

The main reason I was on the site was to buy a birthday Pusheen plush keychain for our Instagram photo contest prize. I was gifted one of these for my birthday earlier in the year and it was the perfect size companion for a birthday outing. She really won’t give up that cupcake though! The second one is for a runner-up prize – and so that I could get a free gift!

Currently, if you spend £30 on Pusheen plush, you’ll get a free tumbler with straw. It’s a lot bigger than I expected and even has a dome lid, so you’ll be able to fit in your favourite fancy drink. The lid screws on and the straw can’t fall out so it’s great for on the go. The design is one I hadn’t seen before with Pusheen pretending to be an elephant. I was hoping to use it for slushies but my slushie maker has stopped working so it’s just keeping me hydrated with good old water.

Pusheen plush Christmas

Overall, I can definitely recommend GUND for Pusheen plush. In the UK, shipping is just £3.95 and free for orders over £25. For most other countries, it’s around £10. Go have a browse to set up your Christmas wish list – I might have to go back for that Christmas wreath!

Updated 2024: GUND have now closed their UK site but you can shop at the US store or use our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide for other UK Pusheen stockists.

(This is not a sponsored review – I used my own money!)

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  1. Jasmin avatar

    Think I just melted from the cuteness!! Thank you for this, great to know there’s a cheaper way to order some Pusheen goodies :D

  2. Hannah avatar

    Oh my goodness, I need that wreath!!! 😍

  3. Sonja_R avatar

    That wreath is the cutest ever and you can use it every year.^^

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