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Rainy Season Hydrangea DIYs

Posted on June 21, 2021 by

I’m always inspired by Japan’s rainy season in late May to mid-July, as hydrangeas are in full bloom during this time, and are some of my favorite flowers with their pretty pastel hues.

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If you’re interested in nail art for the season, The Little Works of Art by Jamie Leigh channel has a hydrangea nail art tutorial that doesn’t look too difficult, as long as you have a nail art brush and the right colors.

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For a pretty wreath or wall hanging, watch Handmade Sakura’s teru teru bozu/hydrangea wreath tutorial. The instructions are in Japanese but it should still be pretty easy to follow. The footage is shot clearly, measurements are given in subtitles, and most supplies shown could be substituted for alternative materials.

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The same channel also has a simpler felt hydrangea wreath DIY if you’d like to make something less complex or supply-heavy! It only uses 3 colors of felt and a small wreath base, so it is very budget friendly.

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There are even papercraft wreath options if that’s your craft of choice. My favorite is Tsuku Café’s 3D origami hydrangea wreath DIY video. Even if you don’t have any dedicated origami paper, it wouldn’t be difficult to make your own and still follow the tutorial.

Hydrangeas embroidery pattern

The OhSewBootfiul Etsy shop has a beautiful hydrangea embroidery kit that comes with everything you need to make a beautiful design that’s even beginner-friendly. The art is pre-printed, so you don’t even need to do any tracing.

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Bullet journaling enthusiasts looking for inspiration for the season should definitely watch the video on how to make your own hydrangea bullet journal spread on satohom.39’s channel. It’s very simple so it’s a great design for anyone with minimal time or supplies.

If you have a flower shaped paper punch handy, you can follow the Yukhoe Channel’s paper hydrangea tutorial and use the final result in really any kind planning or scrapbooking project you can think of.

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Have a long summer reading list to conquer and want some fun bookmarks? Lucy Akins’ simple watercolor hydrangea bookmark tutorial is beautiful but easy, even for beginners to watercolor.

For even more ideas, check out my rainy season crafts post from last year or our Summer Crafts category.

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