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Rainy Season Summer Crafts

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For some, summer may be associated with sunny weather and beach trips, but for certain places – like Japan – this time of year has more rain than anything else! So I’ve put together a summer crafts list inspired by all the cute things this season brings.

teru teru bozu DIY tutorial

If you want to make your own rain dolls for keeping the rain away, Pop & Soda has a simple teru teru bozu tutorial. They’re so cute that I want to make several of them for one of my windows (although how to attach them without my cats getting to them is another story!)

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Dahchan Origami also has a tutorial for a 3D origami teru teru bozu if you’re looking for something a little smaller to put on a desk or shelf.

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Hydrangeas are an oft-depicted sign of the rainy season in Japan and happen to be one of my absolute favorite flowers. Niceno-1’s channel has a 3D origami hydrangea bouquet tutorial to check out if you love them too! One idea is to make multiple and use them for a pretty table setting.

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If baking is more your style, MonteurRecipe has a quick video on how to make a pretty hydrangea-shaped cream puff that feels almost too fancy to eat! For the full list of ingredients and steps, check out their website – it is in Japanese, but a quick translation with any translating website or browser extension and you should be good to go.

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I’m not trying to overload the list with origami, but I can’t help it; there are so many cute options, like Dahchan’s chubby origami snails. I love the idea of making small origami projects like these and including them in journaling spreads for the season.

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There are lots of cute non-origami papercraft options as well, like Usamimi Craft’s DIY rain drop wall mobile that includes an adorable little frog piece, and works for both spring and summer seasons.

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And don’t forget to watch Flower Note Masumin’s video on how to make a no-sew felt hydrangea bouquet. It looks satisfying to make and would make a beautiful decorative accent to a desk or a lovely gift for someone.

Do you prefer a rainy or sunny summer? Let us know in the comments, along with your favorite craft from the list! You can also check out more DIYs for the season in the Summer Crafts category.

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    I like a mix, but I’ll take a rainy summer with thunderstorms. They’re satisfying! Of the crafts, those hydrangea

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