Our Kawaii Favourites of 2020

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To finish off the year, the SCK Team are sharing some of the things that made 2020 better – and cuter! Even in such a hard and weird year, there’s always some good things to focus on – and these kept up going. We’d love to hear about yours too.


marceline 2020 favourites

Animal Crossing New Horizons gave me something to look forward to every day and I’ve had so much fun improving my island and taking part in all the seasonal events.

I’ve had more time for crafts and really enjoyed my Creative Kawaii box of projects. I also picked up cross stitch again to create new patterns with SCK co-founder Claire/Panda-san! And I invested in a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine that has been really fun to experiment with.

I smashed through my reading challenge this year including a lot of cute comics. The Aggretsuko comics are worth picking up if you loved Season 3 as much as I did, and I also loved Sarah Graley‘s cute comic collections, the dreamy and diverse Heartstopper series and Rainbow Rowell’s take on teenage superheroes, the Runaways.

And 4 new-to-me Instagram accounts that kept my feed cute this year: hibreadtree / ellievsbear / kokomacake / mai_narushima.


Natasja kawaii favourites

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to pick up illustrating. I had a lot of fun creating characters (in Affinity Designer), including the printable summer cards for SCK.

My favorite post to make for SCK was the review of the Inku Crate Stationery box. Afterwards I’ve filled up the included sticker book with all my large stickers, it’s nice to have them all in one place.

When Animal Crossing became huge, I decided to start up Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on the iPad and still happily play it to this day.

In the evenings my husband and I watched all the episodes of Aggretsuko together and we really enjoyed the show. It was also nice and interesting to watch the Aggretsuko making of video clip.


missmuffcake 2020 favourites

Animal Crossing has meant the world to me this year and has gotten me through some tough times! I play daily. There is something soothing about pulling weeds and earning bells that can turn a bad day around!

Boba tea from Boba Guys is a real tasty treat! They have plenty of vegan options to choose from but I really like the banana with oat mylk flavor the best. Vegan fact: a lot of places offer dairy free boba drinks – however they use powdered mixes and in fact contain dairy! Yuck!

Kitnip Box is for my cats Mady and Mortis but I get thrilled when a new box shows up! I like to gather them around and have us all open it together! They love getting new toys to play with and the toys they send are always so cute!

Nail wraps are like a mindfulness exercise and a trip to the salon in one. I am really rough with my hands and traditional nail polish chips on me before the paint dries. I was skeptical about strips at first but got hooked after trying them. There is something zen like about putting them on while watching tv or listening to a podcast at night.


andi 2020 favourites

While this year definitely wasn’t easy for anyone, I did find having extra time at least gave me the opportunity to stop and enjoy the simpler things; Animal Crossing New Horizons was by far the #1 thing that got me through the roughest patch of 2020, although I’ve still got so much work left to do on my island!

During the few times I wasn’t playing AC, I was either sorting my happy mail from my Patreon subscriptions to Tiny Plant and Fujibee to journal with, or coloring in my Rilakkuma coloring books.


nicolette 2020 favourites

It seems like a lifetime ago but visiting the Gudetama themed Artbox Café in February was so fun!

I did a lot of crafting this year and also enjoyed learning some new skills with the Creative Kawaii crafts box.

I’ve discovered a lot of new Instagram accounts this year who make the most gorgeous things including tiny handmade paper plants by @lissova_craft, quirky ceramic pieces by @fellowceramics, amazingly intricate kawaii cookies by @yutianliangzi, and the adorable art of @kieferngruen.

Lockdown would have been a whole lot tougher without Animal Crossing New Horizons and I still enjoy playing it every day. Thanks Nintendo!

Tell us about your favourites!

We’re also super grateful for all our amazing readers, sponsors and social media followers! We’d love to hear what made your 2020 cuter. You can leave a comment below, or why not share something on social media and tag your favourites to let them know how much you appreciate them. You can tag @sckawaii so we can see too.

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