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Most Wanted: Pokemon Dolls

Posted on May 22, 2018 by

I still enjoy playing Pokemon Go and love seeing all the cute new products from the Pokemon Center in Japan. I’ll be able to shop in person later this year but it’s still hard to resist sometimes.

Pokemon Dolls japan

I’m especially smitten with the Pokemon Dolls range, which make the characters look like extra-cute plush dolls. Why is this cuter than a regular plush? I don’t know but it just is!

Pokemon Dolls Pikachu mascots plush

I had to give in and order one of these Pikachu mascot figures, which look just like the human-sized mascots you might meet in Japan. If you’ve always wanted to visit the Pikachu Outbreak events in Yokohama, this lets you have a tiny piece of that at home. It’s a blind box series but I’ll be happy with any of them – hoping for Dittochu though.

Pokemon Dolls kawaii plush

You can find most of the Pokemon Dolls collection at Japan Stuffs in Japan, which I can recommend. There’s some items at Pokecenter Loot in the UK too and loads of plush at the official US Pokemon Center.

PS. Want to win one of these plushies? Japan Stuffs has a giveaway over on Twitter.

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Kawaii Desk Accessories

Posted on May 21, 2018 by

Whether you use your desk for work/studying or fun crafts, some kawaii desk accessories can help keep your things organised and yourself motivated. Here’s a few cute ones to buy or make.

kawaii desk accessories pompompurin cinnamoroll plush drawer storage

These might be the cutest storage units I’ve ever seen! The bottom part is a drawer for your important items and the top part is a comfy bed for a sleepy plush. The plush and bedding are both removable so you can use the top part too, or hide secret things under the mattress! ARTBOX have both Pompompurin and Cinnamoroll versions in stock.

kawaii desk accessories origami diy organizer

If you have a lot of small items to keep track of, Paper Kawaii shows you how to make a range of origami boxes that you can arrange into a custom desk organiser. The best part is that you only need some paper so you can choose your favourite colours or cute patterns.

kawaii desk accessories decole cat phone stand

Keep losing your phone under a pile of papers? Give it a comfy place to rest on this mini sofa phone stand complete with a cat! Designed by Decole, it can hold your phone horizontally and vertically, so great for some entertainment while you work. Tokyo Otaku Mode only have a few left in stock so hurry if you want one.

kawaii desk accessories panda solar powered toy

Solar powered desk toys are a fun way to add some cute to your desk and don’t use up batteries or electricity. Modes4u have a range of kawaii bobbleheads including pandas, lucky cats, owls and some adorable dessert bears. They’re affordable too, with most under £10.

Pencil pots are always useful and there’s loads of cute, easy DIYs around. Red Ted Art have quite a few tutorials that use simple household items like tin cans, bottles and cardboard boxes. These fruity friends would be perfect for summer.

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Data Protection & Privacy Policy

Posted on May 20, 2018 by

If you live in Europe, your inbox is probably full of emails about GDPR and privacy. There’s some new regulations to make sure your personal information is stored safely and you know what it’s being used for.

GDPR padlock - copyright marceline smith

Super Cute Kawaii might be a fun blog but we take our legal requirements – and your personal information – seriously, just like this padlock! You don’t need to do anything but here’s a few changes you might notice. These affect everyone, not just EU residents.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is linked at the bottom of every page and has information about what information we store about you – e.g. if you leave a comment or enter a giveaway. We will never share your data or contact you without permission and you can have your data deleted by request. If you have a minute, please read it.

Use of Cookies

There’s a new popup that notifies you that we use cookies – I know it’s annoying but click the button to close it and you won’t see it for another 30 days. SCK uses cookies for things like showing you ads that match your interests, tracking which posts and links you visit (so we can give you more of what you like!) and hiding alerts that you’ve already seen. If you wish, you can turn off cookies in your browser settings. There’s more information in our privacy policy.


You already have to agree to the Giveaway Terms & Conditions when entering a giveaway. You’ll now also have to agree to our Privacy Policy. This is so that we can check your entries, contact you if you’re a winner etc. If you don’t like them, don’t enter!

SCK Newsletter

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Thanks for reading!

Things To Make

Cute & Easy Molang Makes

Posted on May 18, 2018 by

Despite the very summer-like weather we’ve been experiencing here, I am still firmly in spring mode and reveling in all its pastel, bunny-themed glory. Since there’s still a month before it’s officially summer, I thought it time to fit in some favorite DIYs featuring my favorite bun, Molang! There are plenty of cute tutorials around of the character, but here are some of my favorites.

Molang is a chubby bunny after all, so he’s unsurprisingly depicted most of the time with food or desserts. And since he’s quite round, Funkypinkgal’s Molang dango polymer clay charm tutorial is adorably fitting.

If you’re into squishy making, justcraft’s Molang in a donut squishy is another cute Molang-in-food craft. He is shaped rather like a donut hole, I suppose?

2 Cats & 1 Doll has a video on a basic sock plush project that’s great for beginners or simple and time efficient for non-beginners. I love the concept of sock plushes since they use something that is already owned or highly accessible to most people!

It feels like it’s been forever since I made a needlefelt project, so I’ve decided to follow Pufftique’s video to make my own needlefelt Molang. If you have a little freehand needlefelt experience, it’s also a great idea to make his buddy Piu Piu!

free Molang amigurumi plush pattern

And of course, this list would be incomplete without featuring AmiguruMEI’s free Molang amigurumi plush pattern. It’s a more basic pattern as far as amigurumi goes, so if you’re still new to it, it’s a good option.

Tag @sckawaii if you make and post any DIYs featured here! And whether you’re stuck in spring or looking forward to summer, check out the Things to Make section for more seasonal crafts.

Let's Go Shopping!

Kawaii Hearts For Every Day

Posted on May 17, 2018 by

Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day and romance – these kawaii accessories will add a touch of cute to any day, however you’re feeling.

kawaii hearts enamel pin

If times are tough, or your heart has been making bad decisions, this stupid heart enamel pin by Pon Cervantes is the one for you! despite the bruises, it’s still staying positive.

kawaii hearts acrylic earrings

Add some yay to your outfit with these colourful candy heart earrings by Toni Bee. I love the packaging.

kawaii hearts sad embroidered patch

I always have a soft spot for sad kawaii characters, especially when they’re this fluffy! Grab a  sad ain’t bad heart patch from peychi to sew on to your jacket or bag to cheer you up on gloomy days.

kawaii hearts plush charm

Feeling flirty? A kawaii winking heart plush keychain from Ugly Plants will be your partner in crime. It’s made to order so you can choose colours and optional pompom (why would you not have a pompom?!)

kawaii hearts pizza best friends necklace

Does your heart belong to pizza? These phone straps and necklaces split in two so you can share the love with your best pizza pal!