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TokyoTreat Japanese Snack Shop

Posted on October 24, 2016 by

If you ever read our subscription box reviews and wish you could try some of the snacks, then you’ll love the TokyoTreat Shop! It lets you get your hands on some of the most popular and weird candy and snacks from Japan without having to pay for a full subscription. Best of all, there are huge discounts with up to 70% off! Here’s a few current favourites.


If you’re quick, you can still get some Halloween Koala’s March biscuits and even share with a friend as they’re buy one get one free!

TokyoTreat Shop

How kawaii are these Hoppechan gummies? Not only is the packaging cute, but they’re cherry blossom flavour.

TokyoTreat Shop

There are some fun candy kits to make including chocolate covered bananas on sticks.

TokyoTreat Shop

And you’ll find famous brands too including Pocky and Pretz.

TokyoTreat Shop

There are even some kawaii items from YumeTwins boxes including accessories, stationery and plushies. This rainbow Alpacasso is just $8.


Check out the TokyoTreat Shop for more, though be warned that trying these will make you want to sign up for a subscription box with TokyoTreat or YumeTwins even more! Especially when there’s $5 off your first box.

SCK News

Super Cute Kawaii on Social Media

Posted on October 23, 2016 by

social media

Some of you taking the survey were surprised to hear we’re on social media so here’s a reminder of where to find us and what we post there.

Instagram is the most special as Nic occasionally takes over when she’s at events like Hyper Japan or out shopping in London and posts lots of cute pics and videos. You also get sneak peeks of review items, reminders of giveaways and we’re trying out Stories too, which disappear after 24 hours.

Tumblr isn’t very popular with you but we post there twice a day. A lot of the things we reblog don’t get shared by us on the blog or on our other social media so it’s a great if you want an extra dose of kawaii.

Twitter also gets a lot of extra content as I try to retweet a few things every day from indie makers, big brands, shops and bloggers with new products, offers, giveaways, videos and more. It’s also a great place to ask us a question or have a chat with other kawaii fans.

Facebook is the most popular but they’re all about the money so most of you don’t even see our posts and giveaways get hidden from almost everyone. If you do want to keep up with our Facebook posts, either click More under our cover image and Add to Favourites or make sure to like and comment on our posts so that Facebook will show you more.

Pinterest is where we share images from each day’s posts. We don’t use Pinterest a lot at the moment but we might try and increase that since a lot of you use it.

We don’t (yet!) share our own videos on YouTube, but we’re on there and have a few playlists if you’re looking for something cute to watch. You can also check out all the kawaii channels we subscribe to, to find some new favourites.

Come and say hello!

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Halloween DIY Decorations

Posted on October 21, 2016 by

Halloween is just around the corner and I’m so excited to decorate my apartment, and eat lots of candy!


Thousand Skies has a tutorial and templates for these super cute ghost pillows. I could honestly have them displayed in my living room all year round.


Paper Built has some really cute papercraft kits, like this Halloween Haunted doll house. The house opens and is fully equipped inside. Best part? It’s all in a PDF — once you buy it, you can print it, put it together, and start playing with it right away.


Aren’t these spooky sugar cookies super adorable? Download the patterns and instructions from Crafters Boutique on Etsy.

Carving a pumpkin this year? Why not follow this cute Totoro tutorial by SammieSpeaks! This will be my goal for this year’s pumpkin — it’s cute and relatively simple.

And for the treats? Why not store them in origami pumpkin bags by Paper Kawaii? Draw on all the cute pumpkin faces you can think of!

Feeling Halloween-crafty now?

This is a guest post from Sara, who is on the shortlist to become SCK’s new craft writer! Let us know if you’d like to see more posts like this.

Sara is Costarican, currently living in the USA, and her favourite crafts are drawing, painting, photography and scrapbooking. She also blogs about beauty, nail art and design at Daily Lovejuice.

Pets Picks

Halloween for Pets

Posted on October 20, 2016 by

Here are the top picks for your kitties and pups this haunted holiday!


This Martha Stewart skull dog bed is perfect for kitties too – we should know as of course we had to pick it up for our home!


Last year the haunted house cat scratcher and lounge from Target was a big hit. It is back again! If your kitties tend to be on the bigger side I advise to reinforce the edges with tape – one small tug and the thing crumbles.


There is also a barn in the line that is Fall ready, complete with pumpkin decorations.


Give your doggies a super cute monster friend. They can really sink their teeth into this spooky cutie!


These catnip filled coffins by Nimbus Novelties will have your cats entertained for hours!

Have a furry and fun Halloween!

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Tokyo Treat Japanese Candy Box Review

Posted on October 19, 2016 by

tokyotreat review

It’s been a while since we tried out a TokyoTreat Japanese snack box so let’s have a look at the September box and see if it’s still as good as last time. I received a Premium box, packed full of 16-18 full size snacks, a drink, a candy kit and a special treat. The box arrived very quickly and is so sturdy that even though it got bashed around a bit on the way, nothing inside was crushed or damaged.

tokyotreat review

This month’s theme was a battle between anime mascot Mirai Suenaga and Pokemon! I was happy to find the Pokemon items inside, which included a pack of jellies, a chocolate egg and a figurine, plus an aloe drink.

tokyotreat review

I got a Zorua which comes with some kind of moving battle platform. The chocolate egg was very similar to a Kinder Egg and inside was an Espeon figurine that I got to build myself from a few pieces.

tokyotreat review

I was excited about the sour plum pretzel sticks but they turned out to be a little bit too sour even for me. Definitely an interesting flavour though.

tokyotreat review

Disney fans should track down these Pakkucho biscuits. They’re similar to Koala’s March with chocolate inside and printed with all your favourite characters.

tokyotreat review

TokyoTreat always have a good selection of savoury snacks and this time they included yakisoba and corn soup flavoured corn puffs. The yakisoba ones are really nice so I’m glad it was a big pack. I’m not so keen on the corn soup though, but if you love sweetcorn, you’ll enjoy them.

tokyotreat review

The other snacks are chocolate flavoured Umaibo! They’re still corn puffs but coated with chocolate flavour. I liked the combination quite a lot and it’s not too sweet.

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