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Cute Back to School Makes

Posted on August 4, 2017 by

It’s already back to school time again, which can be bittersweet for many. While summer is quickly coming to a close, there is at least supply shopping to look forward to. Or supply crafting in this case! An easy way to stay prepared and excited for this time of year is to create and personalize your own school supplies. Whether in class or studying at home, cute supplies will help keep your spirit and motivation levels high. Here are some of my favorite finds!

Soozooya’s DIY Rilakkuma dango pencil case is hands down the cutest pencil case I’ve ever seen! And as a bonus, it isn’t a material-heavy project. Fluffy socks can be found at most dollar and bargain stores, making this DIY an inexpensive alternative to most kawaii plush pencil cases.

If you need a pencil sharpener that will be cute and convenient, the bubble tea pencil sharpener by 2 Cats & 1 Doll is a great option. When a pencil is inserted into the sharpener, it cleverly looks like the straw!

2 Cats & 1 Doll also has an adorable monster notebook cover tutorial that offers a really cute way to personalize a notebook in a cute and spooky way! I like that the tutorial uses a lot of materials that could be easily substituted so it would be easy to make without needing to buy extra supplies.

The mini eraser tutorial over on Everything Nim’s channel shows you how to make a few different styles of tiny erasers using eraser clay easily found on Amazon. This seems like a fun make if you’re looking for a new supply to work with!

Looking to have a one-of-a-kind pen for school? The DIY Sentimental Circus clay pen by Darling Craftolate is a very kawaii (and sparkly!) choice. I’m a sucker when it comes to collecting unusual and cute writing supplies, so I’m definitely adding this to my list of clay projects to try out.

Readers, let us know know what you think if you make any of these projects. Also be on the lookout for a planner tutorial later this month!

Cute Characters

Sanrio x Sonic the Hedgehog

Posted on August 3, 2017 by

sonic the hedgehog x hello kitty

Recently my boyfriend gifted me with the Hello Kitty plush from the new Sanrio x Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration. Two of my childhood favorites in one! I grew up loving Hello Kitty and playing Sonic the Hedgehog and when I saw this new mashup I was super stoked!

The plushie is super soft, well made and perfect to display or cuddle. I love the bow detail and how it matches Sonic’s shoes. This would make a great gift for those into retro gaming!

sonic the hedgehog x sanrio plush

Besides Sonic Kitty other Sanrio and Sonic characters have been mashed together in plush and figure form. Chococat Tails, My Melody Amy and Badtz-Maru Knuckles capture both iconic characters brands flawlessly and are super cute!  Find them all on Amazon and Hot Topic.

sonic the hedgehog x sanrio

Do these characters bring back memories for you?

Kawaii Reviews, Subscription Boxes

ARTBOX Kawaii Stationery Lucky Bag Review

Posted on August 2, 2017 by

One of our favourite stops at Hyper Japan was the ARTBOX shop which was jam packed with plush, stationery and homewares from all our favourite kawaii brands. They kindly gave us one of their new stationery lucky bags to review so let’s see if it’s something to add to your wish list.

ARTBOX lucky bag review

The lucky bag itself is an adorable reusable drawstring backpack featuring the ARTBOX panda and comes filled with stationery, character goods or both. While the bag is made of a thin material, it’s fairly sturdy and should hold up to regular use.

ARTBOX lucky bag review

Inside we found lots of cute stationery! There were six items – notebook, letter set, mini memo pad, pencil, pencil toppers and stickers – mostly by well-known brands (Sanrio, San-X, Kamio & Q-Lia). Let’s have a closer look.

ARTBOX lucky bag review

ARTBOX lucky bag review

Kamio Hokopita notebook

The biggest item is a large notebook featuring some cute dustball bears. The front and back cover have different illustrations and the inside is full colour too. It’s a Japanese school book so the layout is a bit restrictive but there are still plenty of things you could use it for. It would be perfect for practicing the Japanese alphabets.

ARTBOX lucky bag review

Pence Cream letter set

Letter sets are great for keeping in touch with friends and this set features some cute ice cream penguins! You get 8 sheets of paper, 4 envelopes and a set of stickers so it should be good for a few letters. I really love the scalloped details on the envelopes and stickers, plus the minty pastel colour scheme.

ARTBOX lucky bag review

ARTBOX lucky bag review

Q-Lia Little Fairy Tale mini memo pad

There are more pastel colours in this sweet little mini memo pad. It’s got an Alice in Wonderland theme complete with Cheshire Cat and white rabbit. There are two page designs that are perfect for little notes and journalling.

ARTBOX lucky bag review

San-X Rilakkuma pencil

Lucky bags are often just a way to get rid of cheap products no-one wants but the ARTBOX bags includes officially licensed items with popular characters like Rilakkuma! This pencil is really sparkly with a silver holographic background.

ARTBOX lucky bag review

Sanrio My Melody pencil toppers

You can add an extra touch of kawaii to any pencil with these pencil toppers featuring My Melody. It would be nicer if they were all different designs but you could share with your friends.

ARTBOX lucky bag review

ARTBOX lucky bag review

Q-Lia Milky Shy Cat stickers

And finally, stickers! I’m starting to prefer sticker flake packs to sticker sheets as you get multiples of the same designs. That means you can put one of each in your sticker book, save a couple more and then swap the rest with friends. This set seems to have an Alice in Wonderland theme too, though with a focus on cats and mice.

ARTBOX lucky bag review

Overall, this is a good value bag if you like stationery and surprises. All the items are high quality and officially licensed with mostly well-known brands and characters. I really love the bag too.

ARTBOX lucky bags start at £15 and you can choose from stationery, character goods or a mix of both. They’re currently only available from the ARTBOX shop in London as well as at cons and events around the UK. For more information on the lucky bags and upcoming events, follow ARTBOX on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

What do you think? Would you buy one?

(Lucky bag was provided by ARTBOX for review but all words and photographs are my own.)

Cute Characters, Featured Posts, Things To Eat

Lunch With Gudetama – Kawaii Recipes & Utensils

Posted on August 1, 2017 by

One of our readers asked for a Gudetama post and I was happy to make one. This lazy egg is not only one of my favourite characters, he is also great to make character bento with. How about preparing a special Gudetama lunch or picnic?

The Hello Kitty blog shows how to make Gudetama out of mashed potato and egg – so cute!

little miss bento - gudetama

The first recipe has been made by Little Miss Bento, who is quite fond of Gudetama. You can find several other recipes and lunch ideas on her website, such as this Gudetama Burger Bento.

gudetama Pumpkin Custard Bun

Another fan of Gudetama is Ling Ming Lee, she uses him in several of her bento creations. I think this Pumpkin Custard Bun looks very cute!

gudetama cookies recipe

Lydz came up with a Gudetama cookie recipe that looks easy enough to make. She used icing and outlined the details with an edible marker.

gudetama pudding recipe

I believe that Eimear was one of the first persons to come up with Gudetama recipes. I’d love to try her cute Gudetama Apricot Pudding Recipe.

Gudetama Cafe

You can basically turn every boiled egg or omelette into Gudetama with cutout nori (dried seaweed) pieces. You might even pick up some ideas by looking at the cute dishes served at the Japanese Gudetama Cafe, like the pancake dish pictured above.

gudetama bento products

You can use Gudetama lunch utensils to complete the look. From left to right: 1. Cooling Gel Pad 2. Lunch Box 3. Lunch Bag 4. Melamine Cup and 5. Drinking Bottle

These utensils come from shops that also sell other bento related Gudetama goodies, so it’s worth browsing around.

Enjoy your Gudetama lunch!

Subscription Boxes

Lucky Dip Club – Cute Surprise Post

Posted on July 31, 2017 by

If you like getting cute surprises in the mail but find subscription boxes have too many low quality and unwanted items, the new Lucky Dip Club is just what you need.

Lucky Dip Club

After a few years of themed boxes, Lucky Dip Club has relaunched with a much simpler plan. You can sign up to receive a monthly package that contains either a pair of Lucky Socks, a Happy Pin or both, plus a magazine. There are also occasional My Rainbow Life packages available with homeware items like this cute rainbow tray.

Lucky Dip Club

All Lucky Dip Club items are exclusive limited edition designs from some of our favourite independent designers. The first socks feature We Are Extinct designer Erik Buikema’s Don’t Care Bears and there are still a few pairs left in the shop if you missed out.

Lucky Dip Club

If you’d like some happy mail, you can sign up now for the next socks and pin deliveries or join the mailing list for early access to new releases.