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SCK Survey Results and Giveaway Winners

Posted on September 10th 2014 by Marceline in Giveaways, SCK News

sck survey

The SCK Reader Survey is now closed so thank you all for giving us your views. The information you provide is  a great help in deciding what kind of shops and products to feature, which social media sites to concentrate on and to help find new giveaway sponsors and advertisers. It will take some time to collate all the results but here are a few things we’re already taking note of.

You’d like to see more handmade products, more reviews and giveaways and definitely much more tutorials and makes. We hear you loud and clear and will make these a priority in future, and with hiring new writers.

For our new feature ideas, most got a positive response, but especially maker interviews, Challenge SCK and real life shop reviews. We’ll definitely be adding some new features over the next few months so look out for that, and your chance to get involved.


Rilakkuma and Totoro are still your favourite characters, but Alpacasso and Pusheen are getting close to pushing Hello Kitty out of the top 3! Luckily, these are some of my favourites too, so you’ll be seeing plenty of them on SCK.

Now for the winners! We picked two survey responders at random, whose email addresses suggest they are called Wanda H and Elizabeth B. If that sounds like you, check your inbox to claim your prizes and we’ll get them sent out soon.

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Guest Post: Most Wanted – Disney Tsum Tsum Plush

Posted on September 9th 2014 by SCK in Most Wanted!

This is a guest post by Pauleen Potter, who’s on the shortlist to become one of SCK’s new writers. Have a read and tell us what you think!

disney tsum tsum

If you’re a huge Disney fan like yours truly, then you’ll probably know that the kawaii-est Disney merchandise is available at Japan and Japan only. But now, for the very first time, they are bringing to the Occidental world the cutest plush toys ever: the Tsum Tsums. These new stackable pals come in 3 different sizes: mini (3.5″), medium (11″), and large (17″). Their price ranges from 4.95 USD for the littlest fellows in the family, up to 24.95 USD for the large huggable plushies. The Tsum Tsums come in a wide array of characters, so it’s possible for you to find your favourite within the collection!

Disney Tsum Tsum

* * *

We’d like your input as we choose new writers so please leave a comment if you’d like to see more posts like this, or if it’s not your cup of tea (but please be nice!)

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New at Paperchase

Posted on September 8th 2014 by Marceline in Let's Go Shopping!

Now that I’ve moved to the seaside, visits to Paperchase are back to being an occasional treat. Luckily, there’s always loads of cute new stuff to see, and there’s the website too. Here’s a few of my current favourites!


Dreamscape is a new collection, with sleepy animals and flowers. This fox purse is so cute.


Also new is Lush Mush, with a woodland theme. I might have to get this fluffy hedgehog pencil case.


This crab umbrella has been around for a while, but it still makes me laugh.


Who doesn’t want a little unicorn handbag? It’s such a pretty colour and only £12.


And who can resist Iwako erasers? I love this panda.

Paperchase also just launched a new Treat Me loyalty card, which us lucky Scots can pick up in stores now. It gets you 15% off your next order, £10 off on your birthday and lots of other offers. Like I need any more reasons to shop there!

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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on September 6th 2014 by SCK in Super Cute Sponsors


Let’s hear what’s new with our sponsors! As always, YOZO Craft have loads of great new things in store including these animal sticky notes with the cutest expressions! Choose from eight designs for just $1 each.


Artbox are also piling up the new products featuring your favourite kawaii characters. There’s free UK shipping on everything and a free badge if you spend more than £8.


Modes4u have so many cute things in the sale section, with up to 60% off. Check out this amazing Rilakkuma jewellery box!

kelsea echo

Our newest sponsor is Kelsea Echo, who has just set up store on Etsy with a brand new collection of Alice in Wonderland themed jewellery. Kelsea is also offering SCK readers 10% off all orders with the SUPERCUTE10!

beloved bijou

Also new is Beloved Bijou, who create sweet adornments and accessories and have a new Alice in Wonderland themed collection too! You can get 15% off all orders with the code BIJOUGIFT.


If you like stickers (and who doesn’t?), Asking For Trouble now has large die-cut stickers available at Redbubble, including the SCK gang. Buy any 6 for 50% off them all!

sck survey

The SCK reader survey and giveaway will be closing next week so get your thoughts added!

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $10 for a limited time.

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Most Wanted: Nyan Cat Nintendo DS Cases

Posted on September 5th 2014 by Marceline in Most Wanted!

nyan cat nintendo DS

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it much here but I am a big Nintendo fan and they were probably the reason I got interested in Japan and kawaii. Currently I am obsessed with Animal Crossing New Leaf on my DS, and have been for over a year (me and my sister have a Tumblr for our towns – Quincy & Usagi) and the only thing that could make the game better is if my DS had one of these adorable new cat cases!

They’re made from silicon and come in 3 cute cat breeds, ready to cute up your DS and protect it from bumps and scratches too. I especially love how the cameras are the cat eyes! The main downside is that they are only for DS XL but my lovely Zelda branded normal size DS is having touchscreen issues so perhaps I could be tempted into upgrading? The cases are Japan only, but are starting to pop up on eBay.

nyan cat nintendo DS

nyan cat nintendo DS

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Guest Post: Cute Autumn Skincare

Posted on September 4th 2014 by SCK in Let's Go Shopping!

This is a guest post by Roo, who’s on the shortlist to become one of SCK’s new writers. Have a read and tell us what you think!

Autumn is personally my favourite time of year. Halloween, baking, bonfires, and crispy leaves and watching everyone go crazy trying to get Christmas sorted while I laugh because I bought everything in July. It is also when I have to change my skincare routine to keep my skin hydrated and flake free otherwise I turn into a human cornflake. Here are five must haves making their way to me right now, all available at Yesstyle.


This adorable spray comes in two varieties. The pink bunny is the moist version and can be used to keep up moisture levels. The white bunny is the sleek version and aids in controlling sebum production. Both are small enough for your handbag. From £7.90 at Yesstyle for 60ml.


This cute brand features little bear shaped pots of hand lotion. This one specifically deals with the issue of chapped skin. Versions for rough and aging hands are also available. From Yesstyle, £12.26 for 30ml.


This honey enriched jelly lip balm comes in a cute little reusable pot complete with a spatula to dip inside. A little more interesting than a chapstick, £10.36 from Yesstyle.


If you suffer from red, chapped cheeks, these gel patches are just the thing to cool them down. You can also use them on your eyes or on bruises and they come in a variety of styles. £4.66 for 10 from Yesstyle.


This beautiful tear shaped bottle is full of a protective lotion made from glacial and spring water and will save your skin from the cold air without making it oily. £15.11 for 50ml from Yesstyle.

* * *

We’d like your input as we choose new writers so please leave a comment if you’d like to see more posts like this, or if it’s not your cup of tea (but please be nice!)

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Yummy You Back To School Sale

Posted on September 3rd 2014 by Marceline in Sales & Discounts


I love seeing what new cuteness Twinkie Chan has come up with, whether it’s her hand-crocheted creations or her mass-produced Yummy You line. There are some super-cute new designs in store featuring her real life dog as pupshakes and sundaes, plus 20% off all orders this week with the code BACK2SCHOOL!



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Guest Post: Woodland Critter Crafts

Posted on September 2nd 2014 by SCK in Free Downloads, Things To Make

This is a guest post by Natasja, who’s on the shortlist to become one of SCK’s new writers. Have a read and tell us what you think!

Soon, leaves will be falling and the temperature dropping, which makes autumn the perfect time of year to craft! We’ve selected some cute woodland crafts for you.

mr printables

Crowded Teeth designed this awesome paper island for Mr Printables. The separate island pieces would also make a nice trinket or gift box.

mongo village

This sweet printable gift box from Mongo Village is great for friends with autumn birthdays. The instructions are in Japanese, but it should be simple enough to make.


Looking for something slightly larger to wrap your present with? For $2.99 you can get yourself a printable squirrel gift box template, created by Jinjerup.


The paper toy vehicles from Dewmuffins comes in three variations. Their other kawaii papertoys are also well worth your printing paper. 
Have a good time cutting and folding (*^▽^*)

* * *

We’d like your input as we choose new writers so please leave a comment if you’d like to see more posts like this, or if it’s not your cup of tea (but please be nice!)

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Welcome to the new Super Cute Kawaii!

Posted on September 1st 2014 by Marceline in SCK News


With Claire and the Le Buns retiring, it’s the end of an era, but I hope you’ll stick around as there’s plenty more cuteness to come. Here’s what’s happening:


To start with, we’ve had a bit of a redesign to celebrate our 6th anniversary  – I hope you like it! Since me and Claire started the blog as Bunny & Panda, I felt like we needed to add some new animal friends. I’d also like to keep Bunny & Panda just for us, so I’m now posting with an icon of my own kawaii-fied face – hello! If and when we hire new writers they’ll also be using their own names and avatars and not one of the SCK animals. Instead I’ll be using them as our mascots for images, banners and social media.

New writers

Speaking of new writers, applications are now closed and we’ve put together a shortlist from our favourites – if you haven’t heard back, you weren’t successful, sorry! You’ll be seeing posts from our potential new writers on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next couple of months and we’d really like your input as to which writers you like best so there will be a poll at the end of each post for you to give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. After that, we will hopefully be hiring one or two to join the SCK staff for more regular posts.

Advertising Offer

SCK ads are currently reduced for a short time, while we all adjust to the new regime, so it’s a great opportunity to nab an ad for those busy Christmas shopping weeks and promote your shop. Starter ads are now just $10 so don’t miss out – these price cuts won’t stay around forever.

Kawaii Videos

I’ll be sharing some of the reader survey results soon (still time to add your thoughts, and enter the giveaway!) but one new feature idea that a lot of people weren’t too keen on was video round-ups. Instead, I’ve set up a Super Cute Kawaii YouTube account so we’ll be sharing our favourite kawaii videos there instead. Check out our playlists, give us a follow and there will be much more to come!


We’ll still be organising awesome giveaways but we’d also love to hear more from our winners. A few of you have sent us videos and blog posts in the past. I’d love to see more, and to collect them here on SCK – if you’ve won a giveaway in the past, please email us with any photos, blog posts or videos you’ve taken so we can share them.

And the usual cute posts…

That’s enough admin and news for now – thanks for your patience. We’ll be back with the usual cute shops, makes, reviews and more as of tomorrow!

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Farewell, Friends!

Posted on August 29th 2014 by Claire in SCK News

And so, the time has come for me to say goodbye to all my kawaii friends, as I hang up my panda suit after one last outing. It’s been an enjoyable few years – we’ve seen some crazy stuff in our time, including Hello Kitty engine oil and those hideous paper eyelashes!



We’ve had some high spots –  being drawn by Maqaroon was really cool! I’ve also loved finding so many cool designers and characters out there. One of my very favourite things I’ve written about is the wonderful wooden work of Graphic Spaces:



So classically cute! And obviously being guest curators on Etsy was pretty cool, too. Really, there have been so many ace discoveries, it’s hard to fit them all in, but of course, my very favourite thing about having been one half of the UK’s finest kawaii site is that I got to do it all with one of my bestest friends.

We came up with the idea back when I was living in Bangkok all those years ago, and dreamt of sharing our love of all things cute with the world. We did a lot of our planning in the rabbit-adorned pool here. And, of course, it’s also where we met our friend/nemesis, Monsieur Le Bun!




Isn’t it idyllic? Those days we spent planning (and shopping!) were ones to remember forever and I’m so glad we did it. Bunny/Mar-c is one of the most generous and quietly supportive pals you could ever want and I’m very lucky! Here we are in real-life looking like we might expire from the extreme heat in Thailand:




And we are immortalised forever as Bunny and Panda!


You can stay in touch with my happenings online at my personal blog Making Living Doing and on Twitter and Instagram where my username is @tinyotterpaws. Don’t forget that you can still apply to be one of the new SCK team, if you’re inspired to share your own love of kawaii!

Now, I will go back to my real-life job of shouting at the television, like my number-one favourite kawaii character of all time, Domo-kun…



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Posted on August 28th 2014 by Claire in Cute Shop Alert!

We’re pretty big gadget fans here at SCK, so we’re always on the look-out for new things to keep our technology safe as well as pretty.

Step in, Kimiko!


With phone accessories, including these super cute cases, as well as headphones, tablet sleeves and USB sticks, there’s plenty to choose from, in a variety of kawaii designs.



Too cute, eh? Though also a little weird to be ripping her head off every time you want to save a document! Ha!

Check out the full range at Kimiko.

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SCK Giveaways & News

Posted on August 27th 2014 by Marceline in SCK News


I know we haven’t had a giveaway for a while, but there are some great ones coming up soon. We’d love some more ideas though so leave a comment telling us what your favourite SCK giveaway has been and who or what you’d like to see in future giveaways and we’ll see what we can do! In the meantime, some reminders:

New Writer Applications

These close on Sunday so get your sample posts written and emailed. We’ve got a shortlist of people to try out soon, but definitely happy to see more! If you haven’t had time, we’ll also be looking for a few occasional guest posters soon too. Apply now >>

sck survey

SCK Reader Survey & Giveaway

We’d love to hear your thoughts about our plans and ideas for Super Cute Kawaii. Just answer ten questions and you’ll be entered into our giveaway for one of two surprise packs of kawaii. This will stay open for another couple of weeks but don’t wait too long. Take the survey >>

Site Redesign!

We’ll be updating the website a bit over the weekend so don’t worry if you can’t access the site or if things look a bit wonky. No drastic changes – it will still be the SCK you know and love, but just a bit cuter. The image at the top should give you some idea!

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The Vulpeculiar

Posted on August 26th 2014 by Marceline in Cute Shop Alert!

The Vulpeculiar

I’ve always loved shrinky dinks, and especially when it’s used to make cute things! The Vulpeculiar makes fun jewellery including rainbow unicorn necklaces, wraparound fox rings and tiny ghost earrings, plus you can find her illustrations on greetings cards too.

The Vulpeculiar

The Vulpeculiar

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Momiji’s Mookie & Muffin

Posted on August 25th 2014 by Claire in Just Cute!


News just in from our pals at Momiji HQ

This pair, Mookie and Muffin, are brand new and too cute – they’re holding hands, for crying out loud! So cute!

You should also check out the massive sale Momiji are having right now – up to 60% off! Go, go, go!

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Unpossible Cuts

Posted on August 22nd 2014 by Marceline in Cute Shop Alert!


The tagline on the Unpossible Cuts shop is ‘We Make Fun’ and they’re not wrong. It’s full of laser cut jewellery, and a few clocks too, all with a delightfully geeky twist. We’re talking nerdy foxes with glasses, dinosaurs, popsicles and the ubiquitous narwhals. Many of the pieces are hand-painted for a unique look and prices are pretty reasonable.



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