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Posted on September 12, 2015 by


Happy Kawaii Supplies have been adding lots of fun supplies for decoden and jewellery-making including these colourful little glass sprinkles. Those donuts almost look good enough to eat! SCK readers get 15% off all orders with the code CUTIE too.

kawaii depot

Kawaii Depot have been adding loads of super cute new Sumikko Gurashi stationery including memo pads, letter sets, folders and even key caps. I’m not sure what’s happening on this file folder but it’s adorable. The Back to School promotion runs until the end of September – save $5 on any $30 order with the code BTS2015.

yozo craft

Yozo Craft have just added some sweet new sticker flake packs by a Japanese brand Shiho. They all have a hand-drawn look and come in lots of fun designs with 70 pieces in a pack for $2.75. Who can resist unicorns and ice cream?

plush pattern shop

Plush Pattern Shop have been busy adding new kits, including this cute little dragon. You get everything you need, plus full instructions, for around £15.

kawaii plush

If you prefer your plush readymade, Kawaii Plush have some fun stuff in store including these emoticon pillows.

asking for trouble

It’s another free worldwide shipping weekend at Society6. I’ve got some cute new creations available including these happy ice cream treats, available on all kinds of cool stuff. You only get the offer if you use that link.


We’ve also extended our surprise birthday giveaway for an extra week so there’s more time to find fun prizes for you – here’s a few items from the review box that will be included.

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $10!

Kawaii Reviews, Things To Eat

Japanese DIY Candy Kit Reviews

Posted on September 11, 2015 by

This is the second part of our candy reviews – read the first part here.

Those crazy Japanese DIY candy kits always look so fun, but do they really work, and are they actually nice to eat too? I roped in my family to try a couple out with me.

candy apple kit

Let’s start with the Horadekita DIY Candy Apple Kit, which lets you make what we call toffee apples in the UK, except these ones are candy pieces on a stick that you dip in red syrup and sprinkles.

candy apple kit

It’s really easy to use – you just empty each pouch into the plastic tray and then get dipping! There’s only one cocktail stick in each pack so we had to take it in turns, but we all found it pretty hilarious to watch each other trying to get a good lot of sticky syrup and pack on the sprinkles. As you might expect, they taste very sweet and the ‘apple’ is bubblegum flavour. They do look quite realistic but it’s a shame the apples aren’t more round. This is a fun kit though, and does exactly what it says.


Our second kit was Popin’ Cookin’ Neri Candy Land which is basically a pack of edible plasticine. You can mould it into any shape you like and then eat it! Inside the box are 5 coloured blocks of candy that can be mixed to make more colours, plus sprinkles, mini rolling pin and a plastic tray with shaped moulds and patterns.


So here’s what we made! Nicolette made the adorable snowman and the ice cream cone and I made the weird roll cake and Angel Bunny (it was late and I had a cold, cut me some slack). It proved to be a bit harder than expected as the candy is quite sticky so difficult to roll out and shape. Let’s have a closer look at that snowman.


So cute! I was especially impressed with the striped scarf. We didn’t have the heart to eat any of our creations, which kind of defeated the whole point of the kit, but we nibbled on some leftover bits and it was just like bubblegum.

We had a lot of fun with this kit and if you’re crafty and have more patience than us you can make some super cute things. Check out this video by KawaiixCandy for kawaii rainbows, donuts and more.

Fancy trying some of these yourself?

Check out the Japan Candy Box and Freedom Japanese Market subscription boxes for a surprise selection of candy and kits. You can also buy individual DIY kits from Tofu Cute, Blippo, JList, JapanCentre and more.

Candy kits were provided for review by Japan Candy Box and Freedom Japanese Market but these are our honest opinions and photos. Thanks to Nicolette for all the action photos.

Let's Go Shopping!

Cute Doughnuts

Posted on September 10, 2015 by

I could eat vegan doughnuts all day. However I do not think that would be great for my health. So I will surround myself with these cute doughnut picks instead.

betsey johnson

This mini purse by Betsey Johnson might not be able to hold much but it will make any outfit pop with sweetness!

Felt Pastel

These colorful plushies by Felt Pastel will have you wanting one in every flavor.

Delish Beads

Cat doughnuts!!! Imagine the crafty projects you could create with the kitty cabochons from Delish Beads.


A giant pink doughnut for you to squish from Squishable is perfect for napping. I am sure my cats would try to steal it from me though!


I wish every time was doughnut time! This art print by Rose Fleur Designs has me wishing for a doughnut break.

Kawaii Reviews, Things To Eat

Japanese Candy & Snacks Review

Posted on September 9, 2015 by


I’ve been sent quite a few Japanese snack boxes to review this year and it’s not possible to try everything before I need to get a review posted. Instead I save some for an extra catch-up review later. Last time my sister helped and this month I got my whole family involved for a wider range of opinions. Read on to see what we thought of everything.

(I apologise in advance for the lack of original images. My iPhone died so I had to borrow a few product shots.)


Let’s start with the most adorable packaging, for Pikachu pretzel sticks. They’re similar to Pocky but chocolate flavour sticks covered in white chocolate and biscuit pieces. Sadly, they didn’t score very highly with any of us, tasting too sweet and a bit oily, but if you’re a fan of cookies and cream you might like them.

Also on a Pokemon theme are the grape and melon Karipori – crunchy fizzy sugary sticks. We all liked the melon flavour best but the grape was good too and they’re a nice shade of green and purple. You get loads in a box so they’ll last you a while.

maze maze drink

Maze Maze Drink is a pack of mix and match gummies in different drink flavours – ours had cola, lemonade, grape, white grape and orange. While some of the individual gummies don’t taste that amazing, it’s really fun to try out different combinations and definitely more entertaining as a group.


Chirin Kanpai Ramune is a mini plastic mug filled with ramune (lemonade) candy. They were kind of chalky and fruity and pleasant enough until we realised they were just like chewable vitamins. So if you wish you could eat vitamins by the handful, these are the candy for you! Nicolette hated them so much, she only agreed to give them one point if I let her keep the mug.

tofu cute

Meiji Coffee Beat chocolates come in a fun little box and look like coffee beans, but are just a nice coffee flavoured chocolate. We all loved these and they got the highest marks all round! They usually come as part of a set of 5 assorted boxes and now that I’ve tried the chocolate ones, I would definitely pick that up sometime – they’d make fun stocking fillers.


We were all fairly intrigued to try the Dorayaki (mini sweet red bean filled pancakes), a filling that’s as common and beloved as chocolate in Japan. Everyone gave them reasonable scores, finding it a little weird for our tastes, but enjoyable enough in such a small piece. If you’re a red bean paste fan, you can buy a huge bag of them.


PukuPuku Tai is a fun take on taiyaki, a fish-shaped cake filled with (what else) red bean paste that you can see being made at stalls in Japan. These ones are more fun and, longer lasting, being a wafer fish filled with chocolate. We all really liked this, with a light wafer and a melt in the mouth bubbly chocolate. Definitely worth buying again, especially for anyone who’s visited Japan – there’s a strawberry version too.


We tried these Kaki no Mi rice crackers first and thought they were really boring, but after eating all the sweet stuff we came back to them and enjoyed them much more. It was one of the few things we managed to finish up. Sure they’re plain rice crackers but if you want something simple with a cup of green tea, these are a great little snack.

Check back for part later this week when we’ll tackle two fun DIY candy kits.

Fancy trying some of these yourself?

Check out the Japan Candy Box and Freedom Japanese Market subscription boxes for a surprise selection. You can also buy individual Japanese snacks and candy from Tofu Cute, Blippo, JList, JapanCentre and more.

Snacks were provided for review by Japan Candy Box and Freedom Japanese Market but these are our honest opinions. 

Cute Shop Alert!

Travel in Style with Skinnydip

Posted on September 8, 2015 by

Skinnydip is known for their fun and colourful items. Each season you can find new iPhone cases, bags, headphones and travel accessories at the shop. And recently they’ve introduced a lot of cute products, so let’s have a closer look:


1. Purrrfect kitty headphones, small enough to take with you on a trip.
2. This cute shiny shell bag will hold your essentials and glam up any outfit.
3. Store your iPhone 5 and unicorn tears in this magical soft case.
4. The glitter unicorn case for the iPhone 5 & 6 might be my favourite product (^_^)
5. A glittery sweethearts case with a twist.
6. You can also find some sweet and sassy stickers at the shop.

Skinnydip is located in London, but they will ship worldwide and have got reasonable shipping costs, especially to the USA.

Sales & Discounts

Hamee / Strapya World Kawaii Sale

Posted on September 7, 2015 by

You can always rely on Hamee (Strapya World) for some cute and crazy Japanese products and they’ve got a great sale on just now. Here’s a few of my favourites.


These Niconico cats are adorable and have adjustable paws so you can attach them to your earbuds or any cable, or even to your pen clip or laptop – check out all the photos!


Prefer puppies? You can get a set of earphone jack plugs in six cute breeds.


I know you all like squishies and there are lots in the sale including massive grab bags with 30% off. You get 17 squishies in a bag so you could split the cost with some friends.


Remember those money boxes with cats that grab your coins? Now there’s a panda version too!  The panda and four different cats are all 13% off in the sale.


Sailor Moon fans can choose from four cute tote bag and drawstring pouch sets with 20% off.

And if you can’t afford some of the sale packages, most of the items are available individually too – have a search through the Hamee site to see them.

Free Downloads, Things To Make

Cute Crafts To Make

Posted on September 4, 2015 by

If you’re looking for a new crafty project, here’s a few that have caught my eye recently. Most are free too!

momiji sleeping masks

Momiji posted up these free sewing patterns to make three cute sleep masks that match their dolls. They’re fairly easy and so cute, plus you could customise them for other animals too.

wild olive

Do you believe in narwhals? They do actually exist in real life and this cute embroidery pattern by Wild Olive would make a lovely decoration for any narwhal fan.


Maqaroon just won’t stop with the adorable tutorial videos and this sock panda is one of my favourites. You just need some socks, stuffing, felt and glue, plus some hand-sewing skills.


We featured a cat cactus (cat-cus?) earlier this week and now you can stitch some too, with these embroidery patterns from The Pink Samurai. If you want to try before you buy, there’s a free pattern on her blog too.


And if those all sound too complicated, go download the free Totoro origami paper from PaperKawaii and get folding your own family of Totoros. There’s even a video if you get stuck.


Super Cute Kawaii Birthday Giveaway

Posted on September 2, 2015 by

Happy birthday to us! To celebrate our 7th birthday, we’re doing another of our surprise kawaii giveaways. One lucky winner will receive a big parcel of cuteness which will include review items and freebies we’ve been sent, SCK swag and some cute bits and pieces we’ll be picking up over the next two weeks.


Exactly what you’ll get is a surprise so it’s like your birthday too, but it will definitely have stationery, stickers, plush, candy, beauty products and more.


UPDATE: Here’s a peek at some of the items from the SCK review box that will be included.

kawaii plush

UPDATE2: We’ll also be adding 2 runners-up who will each get one of these adorable banana bag charms from Kawaii Plush. The winner will get 2, so you can share with a friend.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below for multiple chances to win. PLEASE check you are answering the question in your comment, or ALL your entries will be disqualified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway closes on Tuesday 22nd September and we’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck!

Please Note:

  • By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Follow the rules or we’ll disqualify all your entries – we do check!
  • No giveaway accounts (eg. a Twitter account you only use for giveaways)
  • This giveaway is open worldwide.

Plush Pattern Shop Giveaway Winner

Posted on September 2, 2015 by

Time to find out who won the gift certificate in our Plush Pattern Shop giveaway. The winner is…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Carol G who picked Cthulhu as her favourite toy. Check your inbox for how to claim your prize, or email us at

plush pattern shop

If you didn’t win this time, PDF patterns are very affordable and there are bargain pattern bundles too. Check it all out at Plush Pattern Shop.

Check back in a few hours for our birthday giveaway!