SCK Awards

Last Chance to Nominate for the SCK Awards

Posted on January 16, 2016 by

SCK Awards

If you haven’t nominated your favourite kawaii shops, makers, characters, brands and more for the SCK Awards, make sure to do so before midnight on Sunday. We’ll be closing nominations then so that we can count them all up and prepare the final vote, which will start on Wednesday.


Need some ideas? Check out our full guide to the categories.

candy box prize

We’ll be picking FOUR people from everyone who nominates to win a super cute prize. I’ve split up the prizes into 3 themed packages so you’ll be able to choose from plush, candy or stationery, plus the SCK Writers prize. Here’s a peek at the candy box and you can see the other prizes here.


Etsy Picks, Home Cute Home

Cute Animal Planters

Posted on January 15, 2016 by

I used to be terrible at keeping plants alive but my current crop of cacti have survived most of a year so maybe I’m getting the hang of it. The best part is choosing cute planters, especially if they’re animal themed. Here’s a few of my favourites from Etsy.


Cumbuca Chic have so many adorable planters, all handmade in Brazil. This whale is the cutest and comes in two colours.


You know I love bunnies and these Poarttery pots are adorable with a little bunny peeking out. Each one is unique and there are cat and giraffe versions too.


Hanging pots are great for a kitchen or hallway and who could resist Noe Marin‘s fox planter? Check out the rest of the shop too as it’s packed full of ceramic cuteness.


Also looking foxy, these fun planters by Minky Moo have legs and come in lots of different colours.


Pony People‘s tiny kitty planters are super kawaii and always sell out instantly. Anne is working on a new batch now so follow her on Instagram to grab one, or pick up some matching stickers, patches and brooches instead.

Fashion & Beauty

Kawaii Cat Fashion For Rainy Days

Posted on January 14, 2016 by

It is raining and cold here. All I want to do is cuddle up with my cats and sleep. On days when this is not an option I reach for my rain gear and plaster a smile on my face and try to make the best of it. I hope these picks bring some warmth into your life if you are feeling cold!

the animal rescue site

These super cute kitty rain boots from The Animal Rescue Site will not only help when it’s raining cats (and dogs) but each pair purchased will help shelter animals in need with food donations. Also if you enter the code GIVEAPAIR at checkout a pair of shoes will be donated to Soles4Souls – helping struggling people all over get new shoes.


Never be caught  without an umbrella again with this handy compact kitty print umbrella from YesStyle. Stash it in your bag and keep it there for wet weather emergencies.


Keep your head dry and your look on kitty-point with this fleece hooded scarf by HeyKitchKitty. There’s free shipping all January too with the code FREEJAN.


If your feet are cold get them toasty with these cat umbrella printed socks from JapanLA. Kitties have the ability to add a sunny smile to even the gloomiest of days!

Kawaii Reviews, Subscription Boxes

Doki Doki by Japan Crate Review

Posted on January 13, 2016 by

japan crate doki doki

We’ve reviewed a lot of kawaii subscription boxes on SCK and I got the chance to check out a couple of boxes from Japan Crate including their new Doki Doki crate which is packed full of kawaii. It’s a bigger box than most of the other boxes we’ve reviewed and is even bright pink and covered in kawaii characters – your postman will be very intrigued!

japan crate doki doki

The Doki Doki box contains 8-10 items and inside this one I found a Nya-Kuma plush, Totoro calendar, pouch and mini plush, Alpacasso coin purse, panda sleep mask, Hello Kitty blind box, Pikachu necklace and Henshin jelly candy kit.

japan crate doki doki

The plushy items were super cute! Who can resist a tiny Alpacasso purse and a fluffy panda sleep mask? They’ll both be great for my Japan trip this year – I always advise an extra purse for your ¥100 coins so you can save them all for gashapon machines!

japan crate doki doki

I was also impressed with the Rilakkuma-esque bear plush wearing cat pyjamas complete with bell. It’s a pretty big size and really soft with a sucker attached so you can also stick it on a car window. Look at the cute zip on the back too.

japan crate doki doki

Totoro was one of my introductions to kawaii so I was happy to see lots of items. The Chibi Totoro plush is probably my favourite thing in the box – it’s so soft and fluffy with beans to keep it standing up. The calendar is really big and excellent quality – it pops up to sit on your desk and each month has one page with artwork and dates and another with boxes for each day. The zipper pouch is good quality too, made of webbed fabric and useful for lots of things.

japan crate doki doki

The Hello Kitty blind box contained one of 5 figurines celebrating her 40th anniversary and she’s wearing a fun harlequin outfit in mine. The metal Pokemon necklace features Pikachu dressed up as Charizard and is really heavy – I’d actually prefer it as a keyring, but that’s easy to change. The Zelda gashapon figurine actually came with the candy box I’ll be reviewing later – oops! I’ve also saved the candy kit to make another time.

japan crate doki doki

One thing I really liked about the Doki Doki crate is that it also includes a full colour booklet with details of each item (with cute illustrations!) along with English instructions for the candy kit and a comic. It’s so nice to get all this information without having to google things.

Overall this is a really good value box full of high quality popular character products with no filler items. Usually with subscription boxes there are a few things that aren’t to my taste but I love everything here.


The Doki Doki crate is a little more expensive than other kawaii boxes at $30 for a single box but there’s free shipping in the US and you can save more by buying a subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. One lucky subscriber is chosen every month to receive a special Suteki crate which includes amazing things like a Nintendo DS and giant plushies.

Check out the Japan Crate site to order the February box, sign up for a subscription or just find out more. I also received a candy box and will be reviewing that soon – I’m still working my way through it all (it’s a hard life…).

PS. I’ll be parting with a few of these items to add to our giveaway prizes so make sure to nominate your favourites in the SCK Awards to be entered.

(Doki Doki crate was provided for review by Japan Crate but this is my honest review and the photos are my own)

Let's Go Shopping!

Kawaii Wooden Decorations

Posted on January 12, 2016 by

Wooden decorations go with almost every style and are quite timeless. Here are some ideas to decorate your home, bag or clothes with kawaii wooden items.


At Mielasiela you’ll find a selection of cute wooden toys. This hedgehog organizer is my favourite.


Michelle from Michiscribbles makes sweet charms and earrings from wood. Which animal would you pick?

Graphic Spaces

The Graphic Spaces shop is all about handmade wooden items, such as the Happy Acorn Clock. All their products look so well made!


Minkislove is another Etsy shop where you can get many wooden accessories like watches, washi tape holders and this lovely cat USB flash drive.


This kawaii wooden toast coaster from Blippo would brighten up any table and it’s currently only $2.50.

Asking For Trouble

Marceline has designed to cutest wooden brooches, shaped as a gingerbread man or slice of bread. You can find them at the Asking For Trouble shop.

Cute Characters

Neko Atsume Merchandise

Posted on January 11, 2016 by

I’m obsessed with the Neko Atsume kitty collecting game (iPhone | Android), and judging by the SCK Awards nominations, so are you! I’ve been looking at all the merchandise and dying from how cute it all is.

neko atsume washi tape

Rakuten can be tricky to navigate but it’s full of all the latest Japanese releases – including limited editions! – and most sellers will ship internationally. These amazing washi tapes are only £2 each and top of my wishlist.

neko atsume plush

There are also some Japan-based sellers on eBay who have everything from plushies and keyrings to cups and art books. There’s a plush of pretty much every character so you should be able to find your favourite.

neko atsume

Hamee Strapya World have a big selection of Neko Atsume plush, stationery, charms, bags and more, plus there’s 15% off everything today!

neko atsume

A few handmade products are popping up on Etsy including these adorable pillows by Clarus Crafts.

neko atsume

You can also try making your own with the latest video by Maqaroon where she shows you how to needle felt Tubbs and Peaches!

Happy kitty collecting!

Super Cute Sponsors

Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on January 9, 2016 by

kawaii depot

Our super cute sponsors are ready for 2016 with some great new products and offers. Kawaii Depot have some fun calendars in store including this kawaii Hello Kitty design with pockets! There’s also 10% off orders over $10 with the code KDSS-10 and 15% off orders over $50 with the code 15PER.


Yozo Craft are offering free shipping worldwide all weekend on orders over $80. There’s loads of kawaii stationery, tape, fabric and more available or you could splash out on one of their zakka display units like this washi tape holder.


JapanStuffs have all the cutest Japanese Pokemon items including these adorable Pikachu Putitto figures that hang off your glass! You’ll also find some bargains in the sale.


If your new year resolution was to be more crafty, why not try one of Plush Pattern Shop’s cute patterns and kits? This monkey would be perfect since it’s the year of the monkey.


There’s free shipping worldwide at Society6 this weekend.  Show your love for SCK with Bunny & Panda pillows, t-shirts, mugs and more.

SCK Awards

Big thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to nominate their favourites for the SCK Awards. Make sure to spread the word to your friends and followers too so your favourites get enough nominations to make it through to the final vote!

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $10!

Most Wanted!

Most Wanted: Bananya Plush

Posted on January 8, 2016 by


One of my favourite forms of kawaii is animal/food combinations and cat/banana hybrid Bananya is a new favourite. Tokyo Otaku Mode have some amazing products in stock including adorable plushies, keychains, purses and mini towels. I’ll have one of each please!



Home Cute Home

Cute Ways to Stay Organized

Posted on January 7, 2016 by

Happy 2016 everyone! To start off on a good foot this year I bring you a few cute ways that kitchen items can work double duty to help you organize.

cat clips

Chip clips help store food and keep them fresh longer – wasting food is also wasting money.

Double take: chip clips can also hold together papers and help organize projects without the damage tape or staples could do.


If you plan on eating healthier in the new year packing a healthy lunch can be fun thanks to bento boxes!

Double take: bento boxes can make storing small things a snap. Think craft supplies like stickers, beads and other small items.


Drink coffee or tea at home to avoid pricey coffee shop costs and save money. Invest in a cute mug that makes you smile each time you reach for it.

Double take: mugs make great storage for pens, pencils and even makeup brushes.

If you have any organizing tips – please share them. I am really bad at this!

Giveaways, SCK Awards

SCK Awards Reminder + Giveaway Prizes

Posted on January 6, 2016 by

SCK Awards

If you haven’t nominated your favourite kawaii shops, makers, characters, brands and more for the SCK Awards, hurry up as we’ll be closing nominations next week.


Everyone who nominates will also have a chance to win some super cute prizes. Here’s a peek at what’s on offer.

SCK writers giveaway prize

SCK Writers Prize Pack

The SCK writers have each donated something for a prize pack, which will include a fairy kei star wings necklace by Natasja, a Hello Kitties cat zine by MissMuffcake and and an SCK badge set and lucky bag from me.


Kawaii Surprise Pack

As always, I’ll have a dig about in the SCK review cupboard and send you a pile of surprise kawaii including plush, candy, stationery and more! There will definitely be a few things from the huge box Blippo sent.


Character Prize Pack

This will include a rare Sumikko Gurashi squishy and a plush of one of the top 3 characters when we announce the award winners. Last year it was this adorable Alpacasso.