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Posted on June 9, 2018 by

It’s our regular round-up of kawaii discounts, offers and news from our super cute sponsors.

kawaii ouija board tshirt spooky cute

Cakes With Faces

The new Kawaiija t-shirt from Cakes with Faces is both dark and cute featuring a kawaii ouija board that’s “Possessed by cuteness”! Available in mens and ladies sizes S – 2XL.

kawaii octopus squishy magnet


Creamiicandy have some very fun new squishies in stock. These octopus ice cream squishies have a magnet so you can stack them up! There’s 3 cone styles and 10 octopus styles to collect, from around £5 each. Get a free mini surprise squishy with any order – just write “SUPER CUTE KAWAII” in the notes box (not the discount code box).

kawaii pusheen birthday mug

Kawaii Panda

Kawaii Panda have added lots of new Pusheen products including adorable mugs, bowls and trays. This celebration mug would be the perfect birthday gift! SCK readers get 10% off all orders (excluding boxes and bundles) with the code SCK10OFF.

kawaii pug dog amigurumi crochet pattern

DIY Fluffies

I may still have Aggretsuko on the brain, but wouldn’t Mr Pug fit right into the office with his smart outfit? He’d also make a great Father’s Day gift. DIY Fluffies have lots of amigurumi crochet and sewing patterns ready to download instantly.

kawaii washi tape

Shugei Craft

Shugei Craft have lots of fun new washi tape designs from Japan that would be great for decorating your summer planner pages and craft projects. SCK readers get 15% off any order at with the code SCKAWAII.

kawaii planner stickers

Cute Delight

Sticky memos will add some kawaii to your studying and Cute Delight have plenty to choose from. These Scandinavian style page markers fold around the edge of the page as handy bookmarks.

kawaii rainbow ghost brooch

Asking For Trouble

Ghosts aren’t just for Halloween! My new Rainbow Ghost brooches come in six bright colours to see you through the summer – as well as original white, glow in the dark, gold, silver and black. SCK readers get 15% off all orders with the code SUPERCUTE.

chebeto aquatic plush giveaway

Chebeto Giveaway

Don’t forget to enter our Chebeto giveaway for a chance to win these three adorable handmade plushies – ends Tuesday!

Want your shop, product, blog, game, app or event featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just £10 and get you featured in front of tens of thousands of kawaii fans!

Events, Look What I've Got!

What I Bought At MCM London Comic Con

Posted on June 8, 2018 by

Saving for a trip to Japan in October is a fantastic incentive not to spend money but I couldn’t resist a few special purchases at MCM London Comic Con!

MCM London Comic Con Pusheen enamel pins

MCM London Comic Con Pusheenicorn enamel pin

Pusheen enamel pins and blind box

It was very difficult not to buy everything at the amazing Pusheen x ARTBOX stall but managed to limit my purchases to a blind box and two of the three exclusive enamel pins (plus a few surprises for a special giveaway!). I love Pusheenicorn so had to snap up that one for myself and Marceline got the Pusheen & Stormy pin.

MCM London Comic Con Pusheen stormy plush

My Magical Kitties blind box contained a Stormy mermaid plushie – so cute!

MCM London Comic Con kawaii drinks

Soda cans

Really happy to see the Ocean Bomb Pokémon soda cans back at Tofu Cute. I got the Pikachu one last time so went for Squirtle as it’s pear flavour. Also found a blueberry flavour soda featuring the Kanahei characters Usagi and Piske. They make me smile every time I look in my fridge.

MCM London Comic Con Your Name print enamel pins

Taki & Mitsuha print

‘Your Name’ is my favourite ever anime movie and I heart Taki & Mitsuha so much! I had already purchased the adorable pins by Magical Maidens and just had to have the matching print. All her Ditto transformation characters are just so kawaii!

MCM London Comic Con enamel pin Animal Crossing

Ramewn enamel pin & Isabelle badge

One of the things I love about visiting Comic Cons is finding new designers and Linkitty’s stall caught my eye with all the cute sushi cat pins! There were also lots of badges including Animal Crossing characters so I had to get the Isabelle one.

MCM London Comic Con Marumofubiyori Moppu socks

Moppu socks

I was very excited to see a range of products featuring Sanrio’s new bear cub character Marumofubiyori (Moppu) at ARTBOX.  It was tricky choosing what to buy but these fluffy socks look just like the blanket Moppu wears and are so soft!

MCM London Comic Con

My best purchase from MCM London Comic Con has to be the Moppu socks – what’s your favourite?

Games & Apps

Kawaii Tarot

Posted on June 7, 2018 by

Kawaii Tarot is an easy-to-use kit that brings charm to the world of tarot!

Kawaii Tarot cards

I waited patiently for the Kawaii Tarot deck (USA / UK) to come out and once it did I snatched it up. I loved the app (available for both Apple and Android) but wanted something more physical. I still have the app for on the road readings and to accompany my deck when my phone is in reach and not my deck.

Spooky Cute Kawaii Tarot cards

The tarot deck is full of cute pastel cute images and comes with a handy book to help you get started in tarot or as a refresher. The cards are playing card sized and sturdy. This is a perfect gift for someone curious about tarot or someone like me who likes unique decks.

Kawaii Tarot cards

I find the Kawaii Tarot website is a valuable source of information on how to get started in tarot readings and how to advance your studies. Everything is straightforward and easy to understand. It is worth checking out and using with your deck.

Do you collect tarot decks? Do you like a particular card or it’s meaning?

SCK News

SCK Summer Intern Wanted!

Posted on June 6, 2018 by

super cute kawaii logo

Want to join the SCK Team?

I’m looking for a kawaii fan to help me out over the summer with some admin tasks. Depending on your skills, this could include things like checking pages for dead links, collecting and researching information for new pages, editing photos and updating social media.

Who we’re looking for

It would suit someone interested in working in a web-based or kawaii-related career, or who is already a blogger, vlogger, maker or shop owner. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions, get advice/mentoring on your plans and work together on tasks that help grow specific skills you wish to learn.

Job information

This is an unpaid temporary position but with bonuses for successful completion of tasks. You will also have the opportunity to write occasional blog posts, reviews and/or event recaps, which will be paid per post. There is also the possibility of joining the paid SCK staff if you prove indispensable.  Any payments/bonuses are on a freelance basis and you will be responsible for complying with the self-employment and tax laws of your country.

You would need to be available around June-September but tasks can be completed at your own pace around your own schedule with few deadlines, if any. Some weeks there may be no tasks required and you can also request extra tasks if you have extra time.


  • You must be over 18
  • You can live anywhere in the world but should be fluent in English and able to write clearly and simply.
  • You should be reliable with a strong attention to detail and be good at reading instructions carefully, spotting mistakes and searching for information.
  • You should be able to accept feedback and criticism of your work and be willing to learn from mistakes, make changes to meet the SCK house style and/or have your work edited.
  • No other specific skills are required but any of the following would be a bonus: blogging, image editing, video creation, SEO, spreadsheets, WordPress, Google Analytics, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook.


These are some of the things I can mentor you on (will be tailored to your plans):
blogging/WordPress, web design, Etsy/Shopify, selling on-demand (Redbubble, Society6 etc.), monetising a blog, SEO, product design/manufacturing, social media promotion,  Mailchimp / email newsletters, self-employment/freelancing, photography.

Mentoring can consist of answering specific questions, providing general advice and/or helping you with a specific task – e.g. improving your blog or Etsy shop.


Apply here >>

There’s a lot to get started on so the initial closing date is Sunday June 17th. However, I may extend it for longer if we don’t receive enough suitable applications. Unsuccessful applications may not receive a response.

Got a question?

Leave a comment below or contact us.

Let's Go Shopping!, Pets Picks

Kawaii Shiba Inu Picks

Posted on June 5, 2018 by

Even though I’m a bit more of a cat person, I can really appreciate certain dog breeds. On Instagram I follow a couple of Japanese Shiba Inu dogs, they just seem so happy and cheerful. Because 2018 is the year of the dog, I thought it would be nice to bring Shiba Inu into the spotlight!

shiba inu kawaii dog stickers

These kawaii Shiba Inu stickers will certainly cheer up any item. They are handmade by Kyari Kreations and come in a set of 4.

shiba inu kawaii dog stickers

Another set of 4 handmade Shiba Inu stickers come from illustrator Daniela López (a.k.a. Dliok). You should really check out her shop and Instagram account, as she’s obviously got a soft spot for this dog.

shiba inu kawaii dog towel

ARTBOX has a nice selection of kawaii Shiba Inu items, such as this Shiba pup face towel. You can even find Gudetama dressed up as Shiba at this shop.

shiba inu kawaii dog plush pouch

Tokyo Otaku Mode is also a great place to find many Shiba Inu related items, how about this kawaii purse?

shiba inu kawaii dog t-shirt

There’s just something cute about dog butts ;) Share your love for Shiba Inu with this kawaii shirt from Lokisa Fashion.

shiba inu kawaii dog enamel pins

Last but not least I’d like to share these super cute enamel pins from Giraffalopebuttons with you.