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Michelle Coffee Plush

Posted on June 12th 2014 by claire

If you like to get crafty, and felt’s your bag, then have I got news for you! I just discovered these amazing PDF plush patterns, by Canadian artist Michelle Coffee, and had to share them.







I only wish I had the sewing skills to make my plush look as perfect as Michelle has! Check out her store, there’s plenty more characters to choose from.

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Le Bun L’Amour – Pergelisol

Posted on June 11th 2014 by celeste

Bonjour to you my friends! Jean-Claude, he is preparing more giveaways for you, so I bring you a new shop a la Francais. Pergelisol is the cute illustration of Caroline Chinal and her sweet characters can be found on cards, mirrors, bags and more! I wish you bonne journee also.




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Le Petit Pot

Posted on June 10th 2014 by mar-c


There’s so much cuteness to be found at Le Petit Pot! I spotted this bunny necklace first, but everything in store is handmade and super cute, from animal gift wrap and hand-printed fabric card holders to these sweet hand-embroidered face badges. Check them out on Etsy for more.



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Cutie Craze Cafe

Posted on June 9th 2014 by claire

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with narwhals. I think they’re cute and pretty cool, but I just don’t believe they’re actually real. How can they be? They must be mythical beasts, right?

I found these guys at Cutie Craze Cafe – a whole plethora of narwhals!





Ice cream narwhals! Maybe if they all looked as fun as these guys, I’d believe they were real?

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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on June 7th 2014 by mar-c

giggles momiji

Our giveaway with Momiji may be over, but they’ve just released an adorable new doll that will be jumping to the top of everyone’s wish list! Giggles is all dressed up like a burger, and I would quite like this outfit too. You can pick her up now to add to your collection.

yozo craft

YOZO Craft have some cute new felt necklaces in store, in cat and owl designs.

the bellwether

Want your own Grand Budapest Hotel? Panda-san has recreated it in cross stitch and you can buy a chart to stitch your own at The Bellwether!

shana logic

And finally, I’ve teamed up with Shana Logic to make this exclusive solar system badge set! I’ve also got new gift wrap, notebooks and letter sets in my Asking For Trouble store.

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $25! Plus use the code SUMMERSCK for 10% off any standard ad booked in June.

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National Donut Day

Posted on June 6th 2014 by mar-c

hugs are fun

Apparently it’s National Donut Day today – who knew? I’m a big fan of eating donuts, but I might even prefer kawaii animal shaped donuts. Hugs Are Fun made a cute cat donut cross stitch pattern which you can download for free!

twinkie chan

Too lazy to stitch one up? Why not buy a readymade crochet cat donut for you head, by the always amazing Twinkie Chan!

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Where To Buy Decole

Posted on June 5th 2014 by mar-c

japanese gift market

After posting those cute Decole rubber stamps on Monday, I wondered what new stuff Decole had out. It’s frustratingly hard to find any of the good stuff outside of Japan, but here’s where I like to shop. Japanese Gift Market always have a good selection – my absolute favourite things are these cat phone rests!


Modes4u have some of the most amazing Christmas Decole ornaments I’ve ever seen, if you like to get organised early, but there’s summery stuff too, like this cute picnic box.


Etsy is always a good bet, especially for supplies, like this adorable fruity fabric from Pink Owl Fabrics.


Amazon has a surprising amount of Decole too. I’m in love with this orange stacking mug in the Miranda collection.


Rakuten can be a bit of a gamble, since you’re buying direct from Japanese sellers and the shipping is not always clear, but I’ve never had any problems. Who doesn’t want some cacti planted in kawaii watering cans? They’re available from seller SabotenStyle.

Know any other good sites for Decole? Share them in the comments!

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Momiji & Kawaii Box Winners

Posted on June 4th 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Mes amis, I have deux giveaway winners to be announcing today. Fingers crossed you will be ze lucky one!


First, ze winner of le Momiji gift voucher is Maïté Jacmin-Kaljanac, whose favourite Momiji doll is Aya.

Kawaii Box

Et seconde, ze winner of le Kawaii Box is Courtney Godbey Wise. Above is a peek at ze current box contents.

Congratulations to you both and be sure to show us what you receive! Please to check your inboxings for how to claim ze prizes, or you can be emailing moi at

Au revoir, mes petites!

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Kimchi Kawaii

Posted on June 2nd 2014 by mar-c


In our  six years of running SCK, we’ve never tired of cute food with faces and Kimchi Kawaii have loads of them! I’m a fan of this happy donut but you’ll find a range of international foods as well as animals, available on necklaces, charms, stickers, magnets, pouches and more! As a big fan of puns, they also have a Steamed Bun plush available for pre-order – cute!



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Pink Pnines Rubber Stamps

Posted on May 30th 2014 by mar-c


It’s been a while since we shared any of our own kawaii purchases. I picked up these adorable wooden stamps recently from Pink Pnines. I have to say I paid zero attention to what design they stamp as I just want them as ornaments for my kawaii display shelves. Pink Pnines have lots more cute stamps in store including mushroom men and rocking horses that make lace ribbon designs, plus a whole pile of washi tape. Check them out on Etsy.



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Cells Dividing

Posted on May 29th 2014 by claire

Whilst browsing for a gift the other day, I happened across the work of Indiana-based artist, Cells Dividing. Wearable art is right up my street, and these rings and necklaces really tickled me.





And i was especially tickled to see a bunny and a panda, too!




Check out out the rest of the range here.

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Giveaway Round-Up

Posted on May 28th 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Bonjour mes amis! Your bun favorit is here to remind you to entrez ze giveaways before they are ending soon!

kawaii box giveaway

Une lucky winner will receivez ze Kawaii Box for May containing a hand-picked selection of Japanese and Korean kawaii products. What will be in it? I do not know! That is ze fun, oui? Entrez here – ends Saturday!

momiji giveaway

One lucky winner will receivez a gift voucher for £50 / $85 / €60 (depending on your region), which you can be spending at Momiji. There are so many dolls to be choosing from! Entrez here – ends Tuesday!

Bunny-san was also interviewed on ze Momiji blog – go read for ze facts about Bunny, Panda and Super Cute Kawaii. But where is mon interview? I am ze most famous member of SCK, non?

I bring you ze winners next week – bonne chance!

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Most Wanted: Felted Unicorn

Posted on May 27th 2014 by claire


There are few things I’d like more than to be presented with a real life unicorn but even whimsically minded me knows it ain’t gonna happen.

So, the next best thing? A felted mini unicorn! Check this one out from Felties Galore. Isn’t it a beaut? One day, he will be mine!

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Kiriki Press Embroidery Kits

Posted on May 26th 2014 by mar-c


I like to have a stitching project on hand for when I’m watching TV and these plush animal kits are going on my list for when I need something new. Each kit comes with everything you need – printed fabric pattern, embroidery floss, stuffing and instructions – and best of all, they’re just £11 each. I can’t decide if I like the bear or fox best, and there’s lots more too.



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Hedgehog Love

Posted on May 23rd 2014 by mar-c


Ever since my neighbour told me she has a pet hedgehog living in our garden (!), I have been thinking about cute hedgehogs so I had to see what kawaii products I could find. My favourite has to be this necklace by marymaryhandmade!


Boygirlparty have loads of cute hedgehogs in their shop including these cute notepads.


This sweet hand-stitched hedgehog brooch from Hoobynoo World can come with you everwhere!


I’m now regretting not buying any of Lizzy House’s sold-out Outfoxed hedgehog fabric, but at least it’s still available on these cute pouches by WolfBait.


And more hedgehog fabric, this time by Teagan White, available by the yard from Pink Door Fabrics.

Who else loves hedgehogs?

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