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Tasty Peach Studios Giant Meowchi Plush

Posted on September 16, 2016 by

Tasty Peach Studios

If you love the Meowchi plush by Tasty Peach Studios then you need to check out their Kickstarter campaign for giant plush in two adorable new designs – Unicorn and Sakura! They’re over twice as big as a normal Meowchi and have so many cute details.

Tasty Peach Studios

The campaign is already funded but they have lots of cute extras and stretch goals including t-shirts, lanyards, pins and more plush designs. Queen Bee and Calico are already unlocked and there are two more to be revealed. Keep an eye on the Kickstarter page or Facebook for all the new updates and products and make sure to order if you want the plush as they won’t be available anywhere else.

Tasty Peach Studios

They’ve also posted a sneak peek at this year’s Halloween designs and Pumpkin Meowchi must be mine!

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Super Cute Space Cadet

Posted on September 15, 2016 by

Have you ever dreamed of space travel? If so these picks will leave you feeling otherworldly and space cadet cute.


The bigger the hair – the closer to the moon you will be! Get to angel like heights with this pretty brush from Tangle Angel that will spruce up a vanity table as well as your look.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Get glowing with these pretty pastel shades. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Moon Child kit is pastel perfection.


Looking like a twinkling universe is easy with stick on gems from Claire’s. Peel and stick the colors of your choice onto your body and once finished just peel them off.


Carry change in this lil pouch by Strawberry Serenade for snacks to fuel your next space adventure.


Take me to your leader – that is if your leader is a cat! Decorate all your back to school supplies with this galaxy kitty washi tape from 2FooDogs on Etsy.

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Craft Writer & Reader Survey Reminder

Posted on September 14, 2016 by

craft writer

If you’re thinking of applying to join the SCK writing staff, you’ve only got a couple of weeks left to get your application in. If you love making things, watching crafty videos and subscription boxes, and would like to be paid for writing about them, then give it a go! All the info is here and please do email me if you have any questions.

SCK survey

Big thanks to everyone who has filled out our Reader Survey. If you haven’t had a chance yet, we’d love to hear about you and what you think of SCK so we can make our posts, sponsor content and giveaway prizes even better.

bunny panda tote bag

Don’t forget that we’ll be picking two people to win some fun prizes. I’ve ordered one of these cute Bunny & Panda tote bags and there will be plush, stationery, candy and more revealed soon.

Most Wanted!

Most Wanted: Niconico Cats

Posted on September 13, 2016 by


In Japan it’s all the rage to place a cute character at the rim of your cup or glass. I believe it’s only function is to mark or brighten up your drink. But I would love to have a couple of them in my cupboards. These Niconico Nekomura cats are some of the cutest figures that you can have dangling from your glass.


Buying the complete set of 6 cat figures might be a bit much, so I’d probably pick one or two blind boxes at Hamee Strapya World.


Niconico Nekomura is a popular Japanese character that comes in many more shapes too.

Cute Shop Alert!

New at Sugar Bunny Shop

Posted on September 12, 2016 by

sugar bunny shop

As a big bunny fan, I love to see what Sugar Bunny Shop have been designing as it’s sure to be adorable. This clover Puddle Bunny pin has gone right to the top of my wishlist.

sugar bunny shop

There’s lots of bunny clothing too including onigiri t-shirts and the cutest winter scarves.

sugar bunny shop

Not a bunny fan? There’s plenty for you too including lots of Gamer Cat and Nyanpan merch. Check it all out at Sugar Bunny Shop.