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Posted on May 13, 2017 by


Remember our giveaway recently with Chebeto where we gave you a choice for what the next toy pattern should be? Pufferfish won the vote and look what’s arrived! You can now sew up your own plush pufferfish – just download the digital pattern and get going.

cakes with faces

New Control Freak varsity jackets from Cakes with Faces are perfect for geeks and gamers. Get a pre-order discount, and be the first to have the new design.


Shugei Craft have lots of kawaii fabric from Japan and beyond with plenty animal patterns – I think I want to live in this cat and alpaca-filled house. Use the code CRAFTCUTE to get 10% off all orders including sale items.


Kawaii Depot have some super cute new sticky memos in stock featuring all your favourite Sanrio characters. There’s lots of designs at just $4 each. Get 10% off any $10+ order with the code KDSS-10 or 15% off a $50+ order with the code 15PER.


You can never have too much washi tape, and especially if it’s covered in cats! Yozo Craft have lots of fun designs for less than $2 a roll. Every order earns points to spend on future orders too.


Add some spooky sparkle to your outfit with handmade jewellery from Cel’s Deconails. It looks like there’s a whole galaxy captured inside this rainbow flakes glitter ring!


Mother’s Day is tomorrow in the USA, Australia and parts of Europe. If you’ve left everything to the last minute, check out our DIY craft ideas or check out my free paper craft tutorials to make a cute bumble bee card.

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Want your shop, product, blog, game, app or event featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $10 and get you featured in front of tens of thousands of kawaii fans!

Pets Picks, Things To Make

VanillaHamHam DIYs for Hamsters

Posted on May 12, 2017 by


If you own a hamster (or several) and enjoy the idea of making cute things for them, or even if you don’t, VanillaHamHam is a dream come true. The YouTube channel features a multitude of kawaii toy, house, and food DIYs for hamsters that are both thorough and fairly simple. As a bonus, there’s tons of cute footage of Vanilla the hamster with the final results of the projects. Here are some of my favorites!

The popsicle stick house is practically a mansion for hamsters. While time consuming, it cleverly uses supplies that are easily accessible and affordable. And just look at the finished product! Even if you don’t own a hamster, I think this could make a cute dollhouse too.

Since you can’t have a house without things to go in it, VanillaHamHam also offers a video on how to make popsicle hamster furniture as well, such as a bed and cabinet.

An ice cream truck hideout is another cute project for your little pet. I like how you could make this and use it as a storage box as well!

If you feel like making some yummy treats for your hamster, the pancake tutorial looks like a good place to start! The great thing about the food DIYs are that they’re simple, with easy to find ingredients.

There are also several adorable seasonal items to make from the channel, such as the easter egg treat roller. If you prefer shorter projects that require fewer supplies, the toys like this are a great option!

All the cute videos on this channel have quickly made it one of my favorites to watch, and I think it’s enjoyable for hamster owners and non-owners alike. Be sure to check out the rest of VanillaHamHam’s videos on their channel.

Let's Go Shopping!

Kawaii Summer Staycation

Posted on May 11, 2017 by

The temps are heating up here in Northern CA and I am already anticipating summer heat. I like chilling around the house and am a big fan of staycations. Are you into staycations too? If so here are some ways to enjoy your time at home!


No need to go on a fancy vacation to send out postcards; tokidoki’s postcard book has plenty of fun designs to mail to the people on your list from the comfort of your own home. Some are pre-colored and others let the recipient color them in. Hit up the post office for a roll of postcard stamps and get to mailing them out!

hot topic

Stay hydrated and cute at the same time with this kitty faced milk bottle. Refill it throughout the day indoors or lounging in your yard and sip sip sip!


If you are poolside you will be doing back flips over this giant frosted strawberry donut floaty! Who knew donuts were perfect pool party food?

hello kitty fan

Keep cool and chill out with this Hello Kitty fan. Let the wind whip through your hair and eat a yummy snack – after all you are on vacation!


Grab a bite or a nap while lounging with this yummy ice cream pillow by Artsnack. No need to worry about drips with this cuddly pillow!

Have you made any summer plans yet?

Cute Characters


Posted on May 10, 2017 by

heychickadee pusheen

What’s better than Pusheen? Pusheen as a unicorn! Hey Chickadee have added some fun new Pusheenicorn products to their store and I love them all.

heychickadee pusheen

As well as the usual plush and t-shirts, there’s some super cute stationery including this hilarious notepad. So brave!

heychickadee pusheen

If you’re off to a convention, or just want to relax in the most kawaii way possible, you need this Pusheenicorn kigurumi. Early orders come with a free holographic sticker pack too.

heychickadee pusheen

And if unicorns aren’t quite your thing, can you resist the charms of Mermaid Pusheen?

Check out the whole Pusheen range at Hey Chickadee for more cuteness.

Cute Characters, Look What I've Got!

Molang Figurines and Stickers

Posted on May 9, 2017 by


From the moment that I saw the chubby Molang bunny, he totally won me over. I’ve got a couple of Molang items at home, but was still on the lookout for a set of figurines. So when a set with both Molang and PiuPiu showed up, I somehow hit the ‘buy it now button’.


I was really on the lookout for official items and therefore bought from an online Korean shop. Both the figurines and stickers came with an official Molang sticker on the back of the package.



The figurines are so pretty! And at 5 cm (2 in) Molang has just the right size for miniature food, such as strawberries and coffee. You might have seen some of their latest adventures on my Instagram feed (^_^)


The new set of Molang Diary stickers also caught my eye. The drawings are made in soft pencil lines and the designs are just super cute. They come in a pack of 8 sticker sheets and I’m certainly planning on using them for my journal.


I’ve bought the items from Molang Shop on eBay but you can also find a selection of their inventory on Etsy, plus follow their adventures on the official Molang Tumblr.