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Cute Pass Cases

Posted on March 21, 2017 by

Keeping my public transport card inside my wallet has become a bit of a hassle. I’d rather have my card at hand to quickly touch it on an electronic reader. Luckily there’s a nice collection of cute card holders available.

hey chickadee

The Pusheen ID case comes shaped as a medium sized plush. Simply place your card in the back window pocket, hang it from your bag and stretch out the retractable cord to swipe.

pokemon center

The Pokemon Center often releases pass cases, such as this sweet Togedemaru case. It has got a retractable cord and you even store spare change inside the zip case section.


This official Molang card case doesn’t take up a lot of space. Use the strap to hang it from your neck, belt or bag. Or detach the strap to keep the case at hand in your pocket.

jinbe san

Jinbe San might be one of the cutest characters out there. You can get him as a plush pass case or as a slimmer reel case at AmiAmi.

tokyo otaku mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode offers plenty of character cases, how about this rainbow Alpacasso reel pouch?

Most Wanted!

Most Wanted: Totoro Silicone Purse

Posted on March 20, 2017 by

strapya world

I love the look of the cute Pochi silicone coin purses and look who’s the latest character to join the line-up! There are three colours of Totoro to choose from and they all have moulded faces and ear clasps. You can pre-order them now from Hamee Strapya World and they’ll ship next month.

strapya world

It’s worth having a browse through the Totoro and Studio Ghibli sections as there’s lots of fun products available. These wibbly wobbly self-righting toys are really cute too.

Super Cute Sponsors

Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on March 18, 2017 by


Cakes with Faces have a new set of enamel pins! There are three cute designs: cherry cats, hedgehog sushi and Pegasaurus (prehistoric ancestor of the pegasus), available individually or as a set.


Shugei Craft have lots of kawaii fabric in store with all your favourite animals including cats, whales and bears. Use the code CRAFTCUTE to get 10% off all orders including sale items.


Budding bento artists should start getting your bento boxes ready as this year’s Chef Bento contest is coming up soon. There’s lots of prizes to be won including a trip to Kyoto! Find out more on the Bento&co blog and sign up to their newsletter for updates. Look out for a great giveaway on SCK soon too…!


If you need cheering up, these sticky memos from Kawaii Depot can’t fail to make you smile! There are six happy fruit designs to choose from at just $1.95 each. Get 10% off any $10+ order with the code KDSS-10 or 15% off a $50+ order with the code 15PER.


Planner addicts should head to Yozo Craft who have restocked lots of fun supplies including clips, stencils and stickers! Every order earns points to spend on future orders too.


Chebeto‘s patterns and kits are a great way to get started with making your own plushies. How about a cute cactus that never needs watering?


If you wish you could live in your favourite fantasy book, Cel’s Deconails have the perfect accessories including this magical iridescent dragon scale bracelet.

candiware giveaway

Don’t forget to enter our CandiWare giveaway for a chance to win this scented miniature necklace – ends Tuesday!

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Easter Crafts, Featured Posts, Things To Make

DIY Easter Bunny Pencil Case

Posted on March 17, 2017 by

DIY Easter Bunny pencil case - Super Cute Kawaii

If you’re looking for a cute Easter time DIY, look no further! This tutorial is mostly a no-sew project, so it’s a simple and relatively quick DIY. It turned out extra adorable thanks to the supplies that I recently featured in my Kawaii Fabric review. Be sure to check out the review for more about the supplies used and other useful inspiration for kawaii crafting!

DIY Easter Bunny pencil case - Super Cute Kawaii

What you’ll need:


From your main fabric, measure and cut out: two 19cm x 10cm rectangles. From your felt, measure and cut out: one 25cm x 8cm rectangle and one 17cm x 8cm rectangle.

Take the 26 cm felt strip, fold it long ways along the center, and cut the corner on one side so that it has two rounded corners when unfolded.

For the bunny ears, measure and cut out four 11cm x 5cm rectangles. Draw a bunny ear with chalk or a pencil on a single rectangle. Pin together all 4 rectangles and cut along your outline. There should now be four ears.

DIY Easter Bunny pencil case - Super Cute Kawaii

Now on to assembly!

Lay one 19 cm rectangle so that the wrong side is facing up, and center the smaller felt rectangle on top of it. Place glue along the edges of the felt and fold in the excess fabric. Repeat with the second set of fabric pieces. Leave the “pocket” with the raw edge open on the outer part of the back half. At this point you should have something that looks like this:

DIY Easter Bunny pencil case - Super Cute Kawaii

Take two ear cut-outs and place the right sides together. Starting 1 cm from the edge, sew along the shape using a simple running stitch until you reach the other side of the ear. Repeat this with the last 2 ear cut-outs, and then turn them inside out until the right sides are showing.

Since the ears are smaller pieces of fabric, I chose to sew them together to avoid making a mess with glue. For a completely no-sew version, you will follow the same 1 cm allowance and place an outline of glue on the right side of one ear cut-out, then place another (right side down) on top of it. Then turn it inside out until the right sides are showing.

DIY Easter Bunny pencil case - Super Cute Kawaii

There should now be two ears, a front half, and a back half (still with an opening)!

DIY Easter Bunny pencil case - Super Cute Kawaii

Now glue the ears down inside the pocket that was left open on the back half, about 1.5 cm below the edge. Fold in the raw edge and glue everything down. Both ears should now be secured, and there should be a clean, sealed seam.

DIY Easter Bunny pencil case - Super Cute Kawaii

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Let's Go Shopping!, Seasonal Cute

Lucky Clover

Posted on March 16, 2017 by

It’s St Patrick’s Day tomorrow so here’s some lucky clover cuteness I found.


This new clover themed Sumikko Gurashi range hasn’t had much promotion from San-X but there are a few things popping up around our favourite web stores. Cool Pencil Case have these colourful pencil boxes in two designs.

Sugar Bunny Shop

The Puddle Bunnies know that clover makes a good umbrella! Sugar Bunny Shop has these cuties on a cinch bag and an enamel pin.


Totoro is perfect for spring themes with all the lush green forest and rains. I might need this pretty washi tape set from The Fortune Cat.


Clover and black cats are a great lucky combination. This Kutusita Nyanko letter set at Modes4u has four cute designs of writing paper and envelopes.


Okay, this isn’t a four leaf clover, but Hoobynoo’s clover necklace was too cute to leave out.


And a bonus! I’ve got a new paper craft tutorial on my Asking For Trouble blog if you want to make a happy clover card or decorations.  Let me know if you do!