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Decorate Your Planner With Doodles by Sarah

Posted on August 11, 2017 by

Whether you’re looking for new ways to customize your planner, or to improve your kawaii doodle skills, Doodles by Sarah has a bunch of options to help you out.

Her planner icon doodles is one of my favorite reference videos for planning since she demonstrates a wide variety of popular planner icons. These help greatly reduce the need for stickers if you’re aiming for a simpler or inexpensive layout.

I love her simple food doodles video, but she’s made tutorials on a lot of different subjects, such as animals, plants, and daily items.

While using lots of materials to decorate your planner can be part of the fun, it can also be expensive sometimes. Sarah’s Doodle on Your Planner video series works as great inspiration for different ways to decorate any style of planner without the use of anything other than a pen. You can find the full playlist here.

If you live the bullet journal life, you might find her Plan with Me uploads very helpful! They offer tons of cute layout ideas and options to experiment with. I love her sticky note themed layout from the July 2017 video!

For anyone interested in integrating various font styles into their planner, Sarah’s simple lettering techniques cover a few methods and ideas to help get you started.

doodles by sarah

If you’re too short on time to decorate your planner, you also have the option of purchasing printables on her Etsy shop to help streamline the planning process!

Cute Characters

Hot Topic x Build a Bear

Posted on August 10, 2017 by

Hot Topic and Build a Bear have teamed up for a cute collaboration called Furry and Fierce. The line is divided between the two stores and includes plushies and clothing for both you and the bear you can build in store.

Hot Topic x Build a Bear

The bear has pink hair, fun tattoos and matching body jewelry and is ready to be made and taken home at Build a Bear stores. I have done this process before – it takes about 30 minutes and is fun.

Hot Topic x Build a Bear

The plush has lots of cute clothing that you can also buy in your size at Hot Topic. From dresses wth bear and bones print to 90s style grunge chic flannel.

Hot Topic x Build a Bear

If you can’t make it to a Build a Bear store to create your own bear, Hot Topic also sell a smaller readymade plush who is super cuddly. Both stores tend to sell out fast so get these items soon before they’re all gone.

Events, Look What I've Got!

What We Bought At Hyper Japan

Posted on August 9, 2017 by

One last post from Hyper Japan as we have to show you some of the cutest things we bought! There were so many stalls selling kawaii products that we could easily have spent ten times as much but I think we did pretty well.

Marceline’s Top Buys

Kurebayashi enamel pin

One thing I knew I wanted to buy was the Kurebayashi enamel pin from her collaboration with Dreamy Bows. It was being launched at Hyper Japan so I knew it would be a nice souvenir to remind me of the event. It’s quite a large pin and so kawaii with lots of sparkly glitter! The Kurebayashi line is now available online so check it out on Dreamy Bows.

Hyper Japan enamel pins

I added a few more enamel pins to my collection too! I’ve had my eye on the cute foodie pins at Cakes With Faces for a while and picked up the Cherry Cats and Hedgehog Nigiri. It was really hard to decide what to buy from inki-Drop but this lime crab pin was a must.

ARTBOX sumikko gurashi plush

Sometimes you just NEED something, but you can’t really explain why. When Nicolette showed me this Sumikko Gurashi Tapioca plush dressed as a bumblebee it went straight in my basket. It’s just too cute and has little wings on the back too. I’ve never seen this range before and can’t find anything about it online so perhaps it’s new. Keep an eye on the ARTBOX shop and hopefully they’ll add some soon.

pocky kitkat hyper japan

Tofu Cute had a huge range of Japanese candy so it was great to pick up some new things. I missed out on buying raspberry KitKats when I was in Japan and they’re really nice. The Pocky has a really thick and creamy layer of chocolate and might be my new favourite!

Nicolette’s Top Buys

inki-drop Toxika plush

I was so excited to finally see inki-Drop‘s cute plushies in person and had to bring home an adorable Toxika squid. Definitely my fave purchase of the day.

jinbe san ARTBOX

Jinbe San is one of my fave characters and I was happy to see lots of new items at the ARTBOX stand. This plate is perfect to cheer me up in the morning!

hyper japan kawaii plush

I also got a plush Jinbe San keyring from ARTBOX and a tiny sweet snow bunny from Tofu Cute.

6%DOKIDOKI bracelet

I loved browsing through all the colourful accessories at Dreamy Bows and got myself a pastel star bracelet by 6%DOKIDOKI. So kawaii!

Most Wanted!

Most Wanted: Kawaii Desktop Cat Roomba

Posted on August 8, 2017 by

desktop cat roomba

Some cats just can’t resist taking a ride on a Roomba. A Japanese toy maker has used this fact to produce a super cute desktop cleaner. Not only does this kitty clean your desktop but it also meows or spins around when you pat its head!

desktop cat roomba

Just like with a regular Roomba, it changes direction when it bumps a wall or reaches the end of your desk. Judging from this video, it does a pretty good job at cleaning.

The desktop cat roomba will be released in October and is up for pre-order at J-List, with a 10% discount. I’m so tempted to get one ^_^

Cute Characters

Hello Kitty Collection at Paperchase

Posted on August 7, 2017 by

hello kitty paperchase

We’ve had a few Hello Kitty posts recently but I have to add one more as the new collection at Paperchase is too cute to miss.

hello kitty paperchase

Created exclusively for Paperchase, the collection features Hello Kitty in a cute and colourful range of stationery, lunch accessories, bags and gifts. If you’re a regular shopper at Paperchase, you’ll recognise a lot of their usual products including snack boxes, water bottles, backpacks and pens.

hello kitty paperchase

If you’re buying a few things, it’s worth checking out the sets that are themed for things like studying, lunch, art, the gym and best friends. They’re only available on the website and get you a discount on a selection of products

hello kitty paperchase

I think my favourite item is this denim backpack covered in patches! I love that they’ve been applied pretty randomly so you can fill the gaps with your own pins and patches.

hello kitty paperchase

The Hello Kitty collection is a little more pricey than Paperchase’s usual ranges but there are plenty things under £5 too. Check out the full range in stores throughout the UK or shop online with international shipping available.

hello kitty paperchase

And if you’re in the UK, you can meet Hello Kitty herself! She’ll be visiting Paperchase stores across the country over the next couple of weeks. Sadly I have to work tomorrow or I’d go see her in Glasgow.