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Kawaii DIY Planters

Posted on April 14th 2015 by in Home Cute Home, Things To Make

Cacti and succulents are your friends if you haven’t got a green thumb. Despite the fact that I even manage to kill succulents, I still enjoy having small plants around the house. And they look even cuter in the following easy to make planters:


A large plastic bottle with ‘legs’, white spray paint and waterproof markers are all you need to make this incredibly cute cat planter. And if you punch some holes in the side, you can even use it as a hanging planter!


These kawaii animal planters are made out of an old milk carton. The instructions are in Swedish, but if you use acrylic paint and look carefully at the pictures it should work out fine.


Did you know that you can use wet cotton pads to grow cress? Wilma shows you how to make tiny face cups with cress, which is great to spice up your salad or sandwich.


A colorful DIY plant pot project, made by yours truly (^_−)☆


These pastel coloured planters from Jenn Smith don’t come with a tutorial, but if you’ve got some terracotta pots and paint you should be able to make them.

Show us your cute makes!

If you make something from a tutorial, pattern or download featured on SCK, share your photos using the hashtag #supercutekawaii on Instagram or Twitter so we can see what you've made and share the best ones!

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Most Wanted: Noodoll Fruit & Veg

Posted on April 13th 2015 by in Most Wanted!


I think everyone who follows Noodoll has been slowly going mad over the amazing cuteness of their new fruit and veg characters. It seems like they’ve been teasing us with sneak peeks for months, but now finally they’re all available to buy. I definitely need the radish plush, and also the pineapple and the fig, and all the stationery. And the washi tape… and just send it ALL! Which is your favourite?



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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on April 11th 2015 by in Super Cute Sponsors


Happy Kawaii Supplies have have lots of cute new things in store for crafting, including these colourful macaron storage boxes that you could decorate. SCK readers get 15% off all orders with the code CUTIE.


Yozo Craft have added tons of new letter sets to their stock with kawaii animals, food and more.

kawaii depot

Kawaii Depot have new Sanrio and San-X stationery in stock featuring Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi, Pom Pom Purin and even Kirimi-chan on this cute memo pad! There’s still 10% off orders of 15+ with the code KDSS-10 + shipping offers for US buyers too.

cel's deconails

Cel’s Deconails have lots of cute and sparkly decoden cases for all smartphones.

the cute quipster

Our newest sponsor, The Cute Quipster, makes fun plush, mobiles and badges including these donut pillows.


There’s up to 50% off in the Paperchase sale with loads of cute stationery and fun accessories like this elephant carry case.

asking for trouble

There’s free shipping worldwide in my Society6 shop all weekend if you fancy some Bunny and Panda goods, or my newest Bread Slice design.


Don’t forget to enter our latest Artbox giveaway for a chance to win those Rilakkuma plushies. Ends on Tuesday!

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $10!

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Oboro Charms

Posted on April 10th 2015 by in Kawaii Artists


Long time readers will remember the adorable handmade charms of Oboro Charms, who we featured pretty regularly. Kim closed her shop a few years ago so I was really delighted to see her pop up on Instagram and Tumblr recently making new charms.  My feed is that bit cuter every day with everything from cute food and animals to your favourite kawaii and anime characters.


The good news is that Kim is planning to make some charms available for sale at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland so give them both a follow to find out how and when. And if you’d like to try it yourself, there’s a new Oboro Charms YouTube channel with some super cute tutorials.

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Take and Make Polymer Charms Kit Review

Posted on April 9th 2015 by in Kawaii Reviews

Take and Make Kit Review

Hi everyone, Frainy here with a crafty review of a Take and Make Box. Take and Make put together DIY boxes for a variety of different crafts, which is perfect for beginners who are unsure of the supplies they need to try out a fun new hobby! There are instructional videos for the kits on the website, so even novice crafters can follow along and create something awesome.

Take and Make Kit

The kit I’m going to be showing you today is the DIY Kawaii Penguin Charms kit by Elin Palmborg, known as aCupofCakeTV on Youtube. This kit is $19.99 and makes 5 penguin charms.

Take and Make Kit

So, what’s in the box?

Take and Make Kit

Inside the box there is everything you need to start making polymer clay charms, there’s even a little pot of glaze so you can give your charms a shiny finish!

Take and Make Kit

The video tutorial for these charms is quick and easy to follow, though you may find yourself pausing and rewinding a few times to make sure you’re doing everything right.

Take and Make Kit

The only supply you don’t receive in the box is a pair or wire cutters to trim the eyepins down. I had a pair of pliers which did the job just fine, although you can also use a pair of strong scissors too.

Take and Make Kit

And here are my finished penguins! Aren’t they cute? The video showed how to paint a little heart on their stomachs, but I only painted this on one of my charms. I also painted two layers of glaze which makes them very shiny and seals in the paint nicely. I didn’t make all five penguin charms, however judging by the amount of clay I used for these two I expect there to be lots left over afterwards for other clay projects.

Take and Make Kit

Once you get used to making these little charms you can even try other animals, like this panda! Of course the colour choices of clay are limited, but if you have other paints you can paint your charms any colour you like!

Extra tips!

  • The glue in this kit is very strong! Be careful not to get any on your skin because I nearly glued my fingers together!
  • If you find your white clay gets dirty and dust covered then you can clean it with a cotton bud and some nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. You can clean it before or after baking the clay.
  • If you still find the white clay is dirty, you can simply paint over it with the white paint included in the kit

* * *

If you fancy trying it yourself, the DIY Kawaii Penguin Charms kit is available online, though currently only shipping within the US. You can also follow Take and Make on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

UPDATE: international buyers can also order the kits. Just email to arrange.

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Site Updates & Giveaway Reminder

Posted on April 8th 2015 by in SCK News


I’ve been away on holiday for the last week, but hopefully you didn’t notice, with all those cute Easter posts I organised before I left! Some of the posts I had planned for this week haven’t worked out though, so there’s no new giveaway this week. However, there’s still plenty time to enter our giveaway with Artbox for a chance to win a set of Rilakkuma plushies!

I’ve also been doing some site updates behind the scenes. If you check the sidebar, you’ll find an updated links section with our favourite crafty sites, kawaii bloggers, web comics and more.

I’ve also been re-organising the categories, if you fancy having a dig in the archives. Some of the new categories include Books, Zines & ComicsCute CharactersFashion & BeautyFree DownloadsKawaii Artists and Seasonal Cute so go have a look.

guides to kawaii

I’ve also changed Le Bun’s old Kawaii 101 category to Guides To Kawaii and will be thinking up some new helpful posts for future, like my recent post on Japan shopping services. If there’s anything related to kawaii or Japan that you’d like us to write a guide for, or something you’ve never quite understood, leave a comment or send an email and we’ll see what we can do.

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2FooDogs Kawaii Stickers

Posted on April 7th 2015 by in Let's Go Shopping!

I find it very hard to resist cute stickers but luckily for my purse there are sooooo many amazing stickers that I usually find it too hard to decide what to buy. I found some brilliant stickers at 2FooDogs on Etsy so here’s a few favourites.


Look at this cute packaging! It’s a little sweet shop run by a bunny and full of puffy animal stickers.


Giant stickers! These are definitely the biggest I’ve seen and so cute.


You’ve got to have some food with faces. There’s both fruit and vegetables in this style.


They have a whole section of glow in the dark stickers – imagine the fun you could have with these emoticon stickers.


And finally, some cute sticker flakes featuring Sumikko Gurashi.

Check out the 2FooDogs shop for loads more stickers, plus washi tape, rubber stamps, craft supplies and more.

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Easter Bunny Monday

Posted on April 6th 2015 by in Seasonal Cute

Easter Bunny Monday is becoming a tradition at SCK so let’s have a look at some more cute bunnies.


A sweet little amigurumi bunny with a carrot by BubblyTeaShop.


A trio of pastel bunnies to wear around your neck by kukishop.


Happy bunny mini pillows by avitalos.


A bunny bat necklace by NerdyLittleSecrets.


And a t-shirt with a bunny in the pocket by emandsprout.

Hope you’re having a good Easter!

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iManuFatti Easter Bunny Patterns

Posted on April 3rd 2015 by in Easter Crafts, Things To Make


If you’re looking for a crafty project over the Easter holiday, how about making these sweet Easter decorations by i ManuFatti? There’s an adorable bunny in an Easter basket and a set with a bunny, hen and dove. The patterns are available as instant download that are suitable for beginners, while experienced sewists can have fun with embroidery and embellishments.



Show us your cute makes!

If you make something from a tutorial, pattern or download featured on SCK, share your photos using the hashtag #supercutekawaii on Instagram or Twitter so we can see what you've made and share the best ones!

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Barruntando Ceramic Animals

Posted on April 2nd 2015 by in Cute Shop Alert!


I featured Barruntando on SCK a while ago and their ceramics have just been getting cuter and cuter. I especially love the hand-painted animal miniatures that include everything from squirrels and foxes to bats and unicorns, and are surprisingly affordable. The bowls are super cute, and useful too!



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Artbox Rilakkuma Plushies Giveaway

Posted on April 1st 2015 by in Giveaways

Are you enjoying our giveaways with Artbox? This month’s is the cutest yet!


We know from the SCK Awards that Rilakkuma is your favourite character and one lucky winner will receive official San-X plushies of Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori!


They’re about 22cm high so perfect cuddling size and the Rilakkuma plushie even has a zipper on the back so you can put things inside.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below for multiple chances to win. Please make sure you answer the question in your comment – I’ve had to disqualify the first and often second winner picked in all the recent giveaways.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway closes on Tuesday 14th April and we’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck!

Please Note:
By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
Follow the rules or we’ll disqualify all your entries – we do check!
This giveaway is open worldwide.

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Cel’s Deconails Giveaway Winner

Posted on April 1st 2015 by in Giveaways

Time to find out who won a custom decoden phone case from Cel’s Deconails.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Melissa, who picked the March Hare as her favourite Alice in Wonderland character.

Check your inbox for how to claim your prize, or email us at

Get ready for a new giveaway from Artbox in a few hours!

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New Momiji Dolls

Posted on March 31st 2015 by in SCK Favourites


Momiji have been coming up with some amazing designs this year and the dolls just get cuter and cuter. Obviously I love Magique the magician and her bunny assistant but there’s Henrietta with a chicken on her head for Easter, Lucky dressed in clover and even a super cute collaboration with Treeson. It’s a wonder I don’t have a giant collection. Check out all the newbies at the Momiji web shop.



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Birthday Bunnies

Posted on March 30th 2015 by in Look What I've Got!


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! As hoped, I did get lots of bunnies for my birthday so here’s a look at a few of my favourite gifts.

yoyo the ricecorpse

I ended up getting three things from my Plush Wishlist post – my sister got me a super cute handmade bunny by Yoyo the Ricecorpse (who also included a brooch and handmade card – so sweet!) and the little Sumikko Gurashi seaweed with a hat on.

amuse flan

I bought myself a few things too, including a Bumblebee Meowchi from Tasty Peach Studios that I can’t wait to get next month, and also these Flan plushies – a bunny and bear – from Rosy’s Garden.

Studio cuteness!

The cute fruit sticker and glow in the dark Rilakkuma space stickers are from Natasja (thank you!) and I got lots more stationery too, plus the adorable bunny desk organiser from my mum that is being helpful in my studio now.

OMG a box of mini birthday cakes in the post from @tinyotterpaws. I'm having a great birthday :)

And Panda-san outdid herself by sending me a box of cake in the post! I’m still working my way though it. I also got money for my Japan trip next year and am off to see my family over Easter (so apologies if anything goes wonky here!)

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Cute Easter Bunny Printables

Posted on March 27th 2015 by in Easter Crafts, Things To Make

Easter is next weekend and involves lots of my favourite things – Spring, chocolate and of course, bunnies! Here’s some cute Easter printables you can get making right now.


These cute bunnies by CutezvillePrintables are gift bags that can have their heads filled with eggs and other treats. Check out their whole Easter range for party hats and cake toppers too.


If you’re planning an egg hunt, Paper Glitter have everything you need in one pack – invitations, egg baskets, banners, flags, decorations and cake toppers. Please invite me.


Happythought have a bumper Easter pack too with adorable bunting, baskets, bunny masks, egg hunt signs and these super cute pinwheels. Pick up their free bunny garland too.

mr printables

If money’s tight Mr Printables have these cute bunny gift bags that are free to download.

design is yay

Also free is this sweet bunny wrapping paper and egg stickers by Design Is Yay.

asking for trouble

And finally, I’ve got a free Easter bunny garland too, featuring our own Bunny-san.

Check out our Easter Makes category for more kawaii printables and patterns and send us a photo if you make something.

Show us your cute makes!

If you make something from a tutorial, pattern or download featured on SCK, share your photos using the hashtag #supercutekawaii on Instagram or Twitter so we can see what you've made and share the best ones!

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