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Tokyo Treat Japanese Candy Box Review

Posted on October 19, 2016 by

tokyotreat review

It’s been a while since we tried out a TokyoTreat Japanese snack box so let’s have a look at the September box and see if it’s still as good as last time. I received a Premium box, packed full of 16-18 full size snacks, a drink, a candy kit and a special treat. The box arrived very quickly and is so sturdy that even though it got bashed around a bit on the way, nothing inside was crushed or damaged.

tokyotreat review

This month’s theme was a battle between anime mascot Mirai Suenaga and Pokemon! I was happy to find the Pokemon items inside, which included a pack of jellies, a chocolate egg and a figurine, plus an aloe drink.

tokyotreat review

I got a Zorua which comes with some kind of moving battle platform. The chocolate egg was very similar to a Kinder Egg and inside was an Espeon figurine that I got to build myself from a few pieces.

tokyotreat review

I was excited about the sour plum pretzel sticks but they turned out to be a little bit too sour even for me. Definitely an interesting flavour though.

tokyotreat review

Disney fans should track down these Pakkucho biscuits. They’re similar to Koala’s March with chocolate inside and printed with all your favourite characters.

tokyotreat review

TokyoTreat always have a good selection of savoury snacks and this time they included yakisoba and corn soup flavoured corn puffs. The yakisoba ones are really nice so I’m glad it was a big pack. I’m not so keen on the corn soup though, but if you love sweetcorn, you’ll enjoy them.

tokyotreat review

The other snacks are chocolate flavoured Umaibo! They’re still corn puffs but coated with chocolate flavour. I liked the combination quite a lot and it’s not too sweet.

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Most Wanted!

Most Wanted: Little Twin Stars NoseChara Figurines

Posted on October 18, 2016 by


I’m not sure what the word ‘NoseChara’ exactly means, but it seems to refer to stacking figures from popular characters. You can find them shaped as Tsum Tsums, Snorlax, Pompompurin and much more! I’ve got my eyes on the upcoming figures of Little Twin Stars.


This kawaii set will be released in November and you can preorder them from AmiAmi for about $16. It’s a fair price and I’ve already got the perfect place near my desk for them in mind.


There’s also a set of the original Little Twin Stars with blonde hair, which comes with 8 figurines of Kiki and Lala.

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Samezu Kawaii Sharks

Posted on October 17, 2016 by

samezu - moha arimura

Sharks are my favourite animals but there aren’t many kawaii ones so I was so happy to get this Samezu (サメーズ) book by illustrator Moha Arimura from Marceline for my birthday.


There are 4 kawaii shark characters including a great white, hammerhead and whale shark and they enjoy chomping on fat smiley seals!


The illustrations in the book are adorable and each one is more hilarious than the last.


There are also plushies, letter sets, keychains and even socks!


Check out the official website or buy Samezu products from Amazon Global and Claw Grabby Store. You can also follow Moha Arimura on Twitter or Instagram.

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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on October 15, 2016 by

Spooky cute Halloween edition!


There’s time to make some cute bats, skeletons, spiders and more with Chebeto‘s digital plush patterns – check out all the spooky Halloween designs. Join the mailing list to get 15% off your next order too!


Yozo Craft have loads of Halloween stickers in stock with so many cute ghosts! Every order earns points to spend on future orders too.

panda fuzz

Panda Fuzz have a creepy cute new Vampanda t-shirt available in time for Halloween as well as plush and accessories. Check out their Facebook page too for more news and offers.

kawaii depot

Kawaii Depot have some awesome Halloween washi tape and stickers including cute ghosts and golden pumpkins and bats. Get 15% off stationery orders over $35 with the code FALL15 until October 31st!

cakes with faces

Add a little bit of fun to Halloween with some Cattoos from Cakes With Faces – temporary tattoos featuring lots of cute kitty designs.


Modes4U have a huge Halloween section packed full of kawaii fabric, stationery, plush and more with many items on sale. They’ve also got a Halloween fabric giveaway running just now on Facebook.


And don’t forget SCK readers get 10% off all orders at my Asking for Trouble shop this weekend with the code SUPERCUTEKAWAII. There’s lots of cute Halloween things including Glow in the Dark Ghost brooches!

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If you’d like your shop featured like this, there’s only one ad space current available! Check out all the details and get in touch to have your products in front of tens of thousands of kawaii fans for the build up to Black Friday and Christmas.

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Let’s Make Erasers Kit Review

Posted on October 14, 2016 by

Let’s make erasers kit

I’m sure you’re all familiar with all the cute animal and food erasers you can get from Iwako. Well with Kutsuwa’s Let’s Make Erasers range of kits, you can have a go at making your own!

Let’s make erasers kit

The kit I tried is for making a selection of sweets, and came with some molds, 3 clays and a container to set the erasers in. You also need a toothpick or skewer, some water and a microwave.

Let’s make erasers kit

The instructions are only in Japanese, but they have plenty of pictures so are quite easy to follow. Using the various moulds, I soon had some little sweets assembled together.

Let’s make erasers kit

To set the clay, the erasers are heated in water in a microwave and then put into cold water. Unfortunately, a number of my sweets came apart whilst being heated, but I was able to squeeze most of them back together whilst they were still warm. However, a few of the fruits still had to be glued back on afterwards.

Let’s make erasers kit

My finished erasers! I think they turned out really well and they were fun to make. The moulds make it nice and easy to produce some good looking sweets. You could also reuse the moulds with polymer clay to make even more variations.

I tested and the erasers do work. However I’m not sure how well they would stand to regular use or being in a pencil case considering the little pieces they are made up of. Mine are going to be added to my shelf of cute little things instead!

If you would like to give one of these kits a go, they are available from Modes4u.

This is a guest post from Nikki, who is on the shortlist to become SCK’s new craft writer! Let us know if you’d like to see more posts like this.

Nikki lives in the UK and her favourite crafts are needle felting, sewing, paper cutting and embroidery. You can follow her crafty makes on Instagram at @cutecraftsaddict.