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Miki Takei and Pokemon Coloring Books Review

Posted on January 17, 2017 by

I recently ordered two coloring books from Japan that are equally cute, so I thought it might be nice to review them both.

coloring books

First up is the Colors Make You Happy coloring book, by Miki Takei, You can also find it under the Japanese title: Kawaii Dreamy Fantasy Coloring.

Colors Make You Happy coloring book

On the first couple of pages Miki explains some coloring techniques with photos. This certainly came in handy since I’m not that experienced at coloring yet.

Colors Make You Happy coloring book

The books contains 31 double sided pages with art, so there are 62 pages that you can color in. The pages are medium thick and they handle color pencils well, but I’m almost certain that markers will bleed through.

Colors Make You Happy coloring book

On the pages you’ll find cute animals such as cats, bunnies and unicorns. The art has got a very romantic touch to it and is most suited for soft or pastel colors. The details are great, they are neither too small nor too big.

Colors Make You Happy coloring book

There are also a couple of spreads in the book with girls in a romantic setting. They are so cute! I only fear that it will be difficult to color in close to the seam of the book.

Colors Make You Happy is available at CD Japan for $11 and OtakuMode for $16.99 excluding shipping costs. I can highly recommend the book and look forward to coloring more pages.

Pokemon Coloring Book

The Pokemon Coloring Book was something that I just had to buy, being an avid Pokemon Go player (^_^). The great thing about this book is that it’s really aimed at adults; there are plenty of details in the drawings.

The first and last (glossy) pages of the book show sample images, that you can use as reference or as postcards. The Pokemon book contains 24 pages to color in, with one large spread in the middle. So it’s smaller and thinner than the Miki Takei book, but that does make it easier to flatten the pages. The paper is also medium thick and suited for pencils.

Pokemon Coloring Book

My photos don’t really do justice to the artwork, which is very nice and subtle. It shows Pokemon in their natural habitat, but also at the circus and surrounded by frilly kawaii items.

At the time of writing the Pokemon Coloring Book is out of stock at J-List but it is also available from Amazon Japan.

Look What I've Got!

My Cutest Christmas Presents

Posted on January 16, 2017 by

epoch usagi gachapon

I got some super cute gifts for Christmas, mostly from Nicolette. It’s handy having a sister you send to kawaii events in London! This tiny bunny gachapon figurine was probably my favourite – he’s basically King Bunny of the Cake.

epoch usagi cafe gachapon

I managed to track the whole set down online and they’re all so adorable, though I think I got the best one. There’s a few available on eBay just now or try searching for Epoch Rabbit Cake Shop.


Also adorable and tiny is this Pikachu DS charm by Milkbun. It even has a cute Pokemon game screen inside!

carlos and sakura

Maqaroon is a super successful YouTuber these days, but Joanna used to be a manga artist and these Carlos & Sakura comics are almost 10 years old! There are two short comics in each featuring Carlos the grumpy hedgehog and Sakura the sweet bunny. You can pick these up, and more of Joanna’s manga, at Sweatdrop.


I also did a fun swap with KiraKiraDoodles and got a box full of cute things including a Spooky McCute pin & print, Totoro charm and lots of stickers. You can find all these in Kira’s Etsy Shop.

rabi dango

You can see some more of my presents on my own blog including this grumpy Rabi-Dango. What cute things did you get for Christmas?

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Oh K!

Posted on January 13, 2017 by

I’ve seen a few cute products by Korean beauty brand Oh K! online (and got the pink cat trinket dish that Natasja wrote about on SCK for Christmas!) but I was very happy to see that high street shops like Paperchase and Accessorize are now stocking them so I could have a look in person.

oh k!

The packaging is absolutely adorable – I have never wanted a face mask so badly before. You can get ones that turn you into a panda too!

oh k!

Nicolette got this manicure set for Christmas, which included everything she needed for kawaii nails. It’s just £5 at ASOS just now.

oh k!

If you need a new make up bag, or just a cute place to store your bits and pieces, this kitty pouch is hard to resist.

oh k!

Or how about this black cat mug? Its cheeks glow pink when you add a hot drink!

oh k!

There’s also some cute stationery available, like this set of coloured pencils.

If you’re near a bigger Paperchase branch, make sure to go in and have a look at the cuteness. Otherwise you can order online from Paperchase, ASOSAccessorize and more, many of which have international shipping available.

Let's Go Shopping!

Sweet Mail Days

Posted on January 12, 2017 by

I love sending out mail. It feels more personal than a text or an email. Something about stamps, pretty paper and stickers never lost its charm for me since I started writing to people as a kid. I hope to send out a lot of mail in 2017 and with these picks it will be easy!


These donut postcards from Yozo Craft would not only be cute to stick a stamp on but possibly make the recipient hungry – I know looking at them I want to take a bite.


Cute chubby kitties are perfect for cheering up someone through the mailbox and this set from Modes4U has 50 sheets in 5 designs, plus envelopes too.


Have multiple color choices at your finger tips with the help of this My Melody four color pen.

tofu cute

Decorate your letters with these stickers from Tofu Cute with happy animals eating yummy sweets.

tofu cute

Or send some good vibes with these lucky tigers – the inside of the card is blank so you can get personal.

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Pusheen Box Review

Posted on January 11, 2017 by

Pusheen Box review

We’ve reviewed a lot of subscription boxes on SCK but one you were all very interested in from our reader survey was the Pusheen Box, a box dedicated to everyone’s favourite lazy cat! After seeing all the cuteness in the Summer and Fall boxes, I decided to order the Winter box and see if it’s worth the money.

Pusheen Box

Pusheen Box is a bit of an investment for those of us outside the US as you’ve got international shipping and a likely customs fee on top of the box price. I’ll detail all the costs at the end, once you see what’s inside. It was shipped by standard airmail and arrived in a couple of weeks. The box itself is completely adorable – let’s face it, we’d probably spend quite a lot just to get the box.

Pusheen Box

The box was packed full of Pusheen items – they promise you get over $100 worth of themed seasonal items with all new and exclusive products and they really do fill the whole space.

Pusheen Box

Every box has an exclusive vinyl figure and the winter box has Pusheen in a scarf, hat and boots! I love winter designs so this immediately joined my Christmas decorations and will be staying up until the spring.

Pusheen Box

When you subscribe, you’re asked for your t-shirt and shoe size so you can get fun wearables and the winter box includes a cosy scarf and gloves. This scarf might be the cutest one I’ve ever seen – it’s made from super warm fleece with embroidered details and little paws and tail. I love it so much.

Pusheen Box

I’ve been needing a new pair of gloves too and these are kawaii and useful as they’re both fingerless gloves and mittens.

Pusheen Box

Also fitting the cosy winter theme was a thermos flask and tea infuser so you can hibernate with a hot drink.

Pusheen Box

The infuser gets top marks for cuteness but I’m not sure how practical it is as the holes are rather large and it looks difficult to clean.

Pusheen Box

The thermos is quite a mini one so perfect for popping in your pocket when you’re out for a walk on a cold morning.

Pusheen Box

You need to include some cute stationery and this box of stamps was one of the most fun items to play with. It contains 8 stamps in two different sizes plus a mini ink pad, all packed in a wooden box.

Pusheen Box

The stamps are good quality and stamp really well and all the designs are so cute. The Christmas and gift designs are perfect for tags and you can also use the stamps for decorating mail and all sorts of craft projects. The brown ink isn’t the most exciting colour but ink pads are cheap enough to add your favourite colours.

Pusheen Box

Since it didn’t ship until mid-December, they wisely didn’t include too many Christmas items and this gift wrap and tags set can be used all year round. That’s if you can bear to use it – I’m not sure I know anyone deserving enough.

Pusheen Box

There’s also some Pusheen washi tape to add some sparkly cuteness to your mail.

Pusheen Box

Right at the bottom of the box was something very cool – Pusheen string lights! I was so excited about these as I have snowman lights up all year round and thought these would make a fun change.

Pusheen Box

Look how cute they are! It’s quite a short string but they’re battery operated so you can use them pretty much anywhere, even outdoors.

Pusheen Box

Unfortunately, they’re not very bright! With the room lights on, you can’t tell if they’re on or not and with the lights off, they don’t really illuminate anything. They’re still one of my favourite items though and I need to find somewhere fun to hang them.

Pusheen Box

So, let’s get down to hard cash. The Pusheen Box costs $43.95 + $6 for shipping within the US and $25 elsewhere. For me in the UK, that’s almost £56. I was pretty much guaranteed a customs charge, which was a painful £15.10 so altogether it cost me £70.87. That’s a lot of money!

The items are worth at least $100/£80 so you’re still not out of pocket plus some items are exclusive to the box so you can’t get them anywhere else. Everything is really good quality and packaged nicely and you’ll be among the first to see these products. Even if there are a few things you won’t use, you should have no trouble finding new homes for them.

Pusheen Box

Overall, I think it’s definitely worth buying if you’re a Pusheen fan in the US, but international fans might want to limit yourselves to a box or two a year, for your birthday or Christmas, and choose a box that’s most suited to your lifestyle. The winter box is perfect for me but less so for someone who lives in a country that’s hot all year round. I’m trying to decide whether to cancel my subscription or get one more box since my birthday is in the spring.

Check out the Pusheen Box site to find out more about how it works. They’ll be opening signups for the Spring box soon, which will ship in mid-April.

What do you think – will you be subscribing?

(This is not a sponsored review – I used my own money to buy it!)