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Shana Logic Giveaway

Posted on April 23rd 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Bonjour mes amis! I hope you have not eaten too much of ze easter chocolat? Today I have arranged ze fantastique giveaway for you with Shana Logic.

shana logic giveaway

Une lucky winner will receivez le Glass Fox Necklace et TWO of ze Teeny Tiny Baby Octopods! Tres cute non?

To entrez, please use ze Rafflecopter widget below and you will find many chances to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Le contest closes on Tuesday 6th May and le winner will be picked at random. Bonne chance!

AUSSI, A DISCOUNT! If you cannot be waiting, you can shop now on Shana Logic and get 10% off your order with ze code SUPERCUTE until June 1st!

Terms and Conditions
By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
Giveaway is open worldwide – please see additional contest rules in the Rafflecopter widget.

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Cute Organizing

Posted on April 22nd 2014 by claire

Oh, lordy. Cute Organizing, where have you been all my life?!




Designed for Filofax personal organisers, these kawaii inserts and dividers really give you the option to personalise your organiser to the very max!




Just the cutest! Check out Cute Organizing here.

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Easter Bunny Monday

Posted on April 21st 2014 by mar-c


I hope you’re all have a cute and chocolate-filled Easter! My favourite thing about Easter is, of course, bunnies! Here’s a few of my current favourites from Etsy, starting with this adorable bag by Spirit Kawaii.


It’s a bunny cookie necklace! Such a cute idea, available from .


Bunnies can even make boring old plastic bags cute – check these out from .


Need a dust plug for your phone? How about a colourful bunny from ?


And finally, some pretty pastel bunny decorations by . Happy Easter!

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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on April 19th 2014 by mar-c


It’s Easter so let’s see what our sponsors are up to. YOZO Craft have been adding lots of cute tapes to their range, plus they’ve got a 20% off Easter Sale happening this weekend!

cel's deco nails

Cute up your fingers with some nail art by Cel’s Deco Nails - this fruity set is really fun!

artbox stickers

We already love Artbox but now they’ve decided to bring back Artbox Super Saturdays – get 10% off everything today with the code 0V5HED. There’s also free UK shipping all Easter weekend so I really have to buy those bunny stickers!

the bellwether

Panda-san has been feeling generous and most of the cross stitch kits at The Bellwether are now just £10, that’s a third off! How about stitching up this little world map?

asking for trouble

And finally, have you seen my new improved pick ‘n’ mix badge offer at Asking For Trouble? You can now buy 1, 2, 4 or 10 badges in your choice of designs, and there’s 42 to choose from including lots of new ones!

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $25!

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Most Wanted: Panda Dunk Mug

Posted on April 18th 2014 by claire



What’s cuter than a panda mug? A panda mug that is eating your cookies! I think he could be persuaded to let you have just one…

These hand-drawn mugs are from Lenny Mud. You know you want one.

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New issue of CuteZine

Posted on April 17th 2014 by mar-c


If you like reading about kawaii (and if not why are you reading this?!) then you should check out the newest issue of CuteZine. It’s put together by kawaii fan Jenna in New Zealand and includes interviews with Bored Inc. and Podgy Panda, reviews, comics, tutorials and more. It’s free so have a read of all three issues.

posted by Monsieur Le Bun

Stud Club Giveaway Winner

Posted on April 16th 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Bonjour, tout les monde! I am quickly coming to tell to you ze winner of ze recent Molly Coddle’s Kitchen giveaway. One of ze lucky readers is taking ze 3 months of Stud Club and who could it be?

Regarded! I am choosing at random from ze hat of chere Celeste and ze winner is 8. Katie W.

Katie, please to be emailing with your address to claim ze prize!

Many congratulations to you and bonne chance with ze next giveaway which will be here soon. A bientot!

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Muddy Heart

Posted on April 15th 2014 by claire



I just discovered Muddy Heart and I am smitten with these salt monster salt cellars. I really want one for my kitchen!



Melissa and Steven also make these simple but super cute planters…


..and isn’t this sponge dish just perfect for the kitchen or bathroom? I could have a piece in every room!



Just divine. Check out Muddy Heart here.

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Most Wanted: Stegosaurus Necklace

Posted on April 14th 2014 by mar-c


After being allergic to jewellery for most of my life, I seem to finally be able to wear it now, which is kind of exciting. Top of my wishlist is this super cute Stegosaurus necklace by Mark Poulin aka Marmar Superstar. There’s tons of other cuteness in store too, including badges, keyrings and prints.


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Flat Bonnie

Posted on April 11th 2014 by claire



As is well-documented over the past 5 years or so, I am a massive fan of cute plush. I just can’t get enough of it. I am thankfully quite restrained when it comes to buying it though, or my house would be absolutely over-run with it by now.



Flat Bonnie though makes me pretty much throw my self-control out the window. THE CUTENESS.



I think this is the very first time I’ve seen a kawaii capybara handmade plush. I salute you, Bonnie.



You can even buy your plush a set of angel wings. ANGEL WINGS!



But this sloth is totally the cutest thing I’ve seen this year so far. Hurrah for Flat Bonnie!

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Most Wanted: Unicorn Bag

Posted on April 10th 2014 by claire



Oh, good gravy. This is just the bestest bag I’ve ever laid eyes on – RAINBOW UNICORNS.

If you want to be the belle of any ball, you need to snap this up! It’s from Bon Bon Machine. Amazing.

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Molly Coddle’s Kitchen Stud Club Mini Giveaway

Posted on April 9th 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Bonjour, mes petites! Le Bun is here to be telling to you about ze tres bonne idea from Molly Coddle’s Kitchen. Regardez!



If you are ze fan of kawaii jewellery (and let’s face it, who among us is not? Haw hee haw!), then here is ze great idea you will just love, oui, oui.

Ze tres clever Rebecca from Molly Coddle’s Kitchen has come up with ze Stud Club – a 12 month earring subscription that means you will receive at least 2 pairs of cute new earrings every month. What a great gift – to give to a friend or yourself, non? Madame Le Bun will be loving zis!

It is une really fun idea and Rebecca kindly sent some through to moi to check out in ze flesh et I can confirm zat zey are cute, well-made and come in ze tres belle packaging with extra treats thrown in, aussi. I imagine it would be such a great thing to look forwards to each month as you don’t know what’s coming next, une tres bonne surprise!


Bien sur, Le Bun does not have pierced ears – I am ze bun, and we do not wear ze jewellery. So it seems a shame for ze lovely earrings I received to go to waste, non? If you would like ze chance to receive 3 months of stud club in one package, please to be leaving ze comment below for zis mini giving away.

Ze first entry out of ze hat at random after Monday 21st April will receive ze earrings. The giveaway is open internationally and remember – ze earrings are for ze pierced ears! Bonne chance, mes petit choux!

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Posted on April 8th 2014 by mar-c


I stumbled across the artwork of Sasa Elebea recently and I love it – so colourful! You can find her cute characters on canvases for your walls, handpainted notebooks and even plant pots. They’ll definitely cheer up any room.



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Kawaii Paperie

Posted on April 7th 2014 by claire


Check out the super cuteness of these book marks!

Aren’t they just to die for?


Having these little guys peeking over your pages would distract you from reading!


There are so many to choose from…



..but this seal is DEFINITELY my favourite!



All of these awesome bookmarks are from Kawaii Paperie. Check em out!

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Posted on April 4th 2014 by claire



And to round off Stationery Week…something not paper-related at all!

Socksville is the latest brainwave of serial London-based awesome person, Leona Baker. Not content with bringing you the very best thrift finds around, she has now started an Instagram-only cute sock auction! Amazing.

Check out what’s on offer at the Socksville Instagram feed. SO MUCH CUTENESS.

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