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Q-pot Kawaii Summer Jewellery

Posted on June 27, 2017 by

Japanese brand Q-pot have some super cute new jewellery for Summer that looks good enough to eat!

Q-pot Kawaii Summer Jewellery

I especially love the ice lollies as they look so realistic and even have little wooden sticks. They’re available in lots of flavours as necklaces, earrings and bag charms.

Q-pot Kawaii Easter Bunny Jewellery

There’s loads more designs too including an unbearably cute Easter bunny range. I had to share some of these pieces with you even though the prices are well out of our usual range. Put them on your birthday wishlist or check out some of the items priced under $50, including that chocolate bunny ring.

Q-pot Kawaii cafe Japan

Q-pot ship worldwide but if you’re ever in Japan you can also shop at their stores in Tokyo and Osaka. You can even visit the Q-pot Cafe in Harajuku, which has desserts styled to look like their jewellery. Look at this adorable summer plate!

Cute Characters

Spooky McCute the Friendly Ghost

Posted on June 26, 2017 by

Spooky McCute kawaii ghost plush

Have you met Spooky McCute? He’s a very friendly ghost who loves candy, cosplay and cuddles! Created by KiraKiraDoodles, he’s now taking over the internet with his cute adventures.

Spooky McCute kawaii ghost plush

He’s available as a plush that’s the perfect size for hugging and always looks happy to join in with whatever you’re doing.

Spooky McCute kawaii ghost cosplay

He also recently released Spooky’s Guide to Cosplay, a zine full of all his best outfits.

Spooky McCute kawaii ghost stationery

Spooky can also keep your organised with a kawaii notepad for your to do lists, or just for doodling.

If you want to make friends with Spooky McCute, check out his Instagram or shop online at KiraKiraDoodles for stickers, pins and more.

Super Cute Sponsors

Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on June 24, 2017 by

yozo craft kawaii planners

If you need to get more organised, Yozo Craft have added some new planners in lots of fun designs. They each have 120 pages with wish list, monthly planner, diary, grid pages, remark pages, to do list and contact pages. Every order earns points to spend on future orders too.

pandafuzz creepy cute fashion

If you’re a fan of the creepy cute designs of Panda Fuzz, you can buy any two t-shirts and save some cash. There’s four designs to choose from with pandas, space and more.

Explore Tokyo Disneyland with Amy from Cakes with Faces. See what it’s like at Halloween – they go all out with a Halloween parade, special treats, cute decorations and pumpkins everywhere!

chebeto goldfish sewing pattern

If you enjoyed Andi’s review yesterday, why not try out Chebeto‘s new mini sewing patterns yourself? This cute Goldfish has just joined the dragon, bumblebee and Cthulhu, all just £6.50 each.

kawaii plush toy sewing book

As well as sewing patterns for both plush and amigurumi, you’ll also find signed copies of Mariska’s books in the DIY Fluffies shop. Sew Cute to Cuddle has 12 easy patterns for cute animal toys including a cat, dog and koala!

pusheen plush bag clip

Kawaii Unicorn are based in the UK so it’s a great place for UK kawaii fans to shop for their favourite Japanese characters. You’ll also find everyone’s favourite lazy cat Pusheen with plushies and stationery.

kawaii tokyo guide book

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, my all-new Tokyo Shopping Guide will show you all the best kawaii shops, cute cafes and fun things to do in Tokyo. You can download a PDF from my Asking For Trouble shop or Kindle users can take advantage of Amazon’s slow updates and grab it for just 99p.

super cute kawaii giveaway   mini memo pads giveaway

Don’t forget to enter our giveaways! You can win SCK prizes by signing up for our new email newsletter or enter to win 12 mini memo pads from Kawaii Depot!

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Kawaii Reviews, Things To Make

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit Review

Posted on June 23, 2017 by

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

Having been a longtime fan of Chebeto’s adorable style of plushes, I was beyond thrilled when they sent over one of their new mini DIY plush kits for me to try out and share the results!

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

The Mini Cthulhu kit comes packaged quite nicely with nearly all of the supplies you will need to make the plush, down to needle, thread, and sewing pins. The only items you will have to supply yourself are common household items: scissors, tape, a pen or marker for tracing, and a stuffing stick or chopstick.

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

I was very happy to see that the instructions were thorough, with plenty of step-by-step photos, explanations, and diagrams. This made the process easy and painless. All the little details were thought of, down to including the cutting instructions on each pattern piece so you always know what you’re doing.

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

I was very pleased with quality of materials, as well as the generous amount included in the kit! There is more than enough felt and thread to allow for any minor mistakes you might make, so there is no anxiety about messing up and wasting precious supply.

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

The little details seemed to take the longest because I am an impatient person when it comes to sewing, but once I finished with those, little Cthulhu came together quite quickly!

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

Constructing the plush was very simple using the instructions.

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

Of course, the most exciting part was joining everything together and being able to put the stuffing in. As with the thread and felt, there was a happy amount of fiber fill so that Cthulhu would be satisfactorily stuffed!

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

Sometimes a kit can be disappointing in that your final result looks nothing like it’s supposed to – personally, I have several needle felt kits that come to mind – but thanks to proper supplies and directions, I was able to make something that actually looks like it’s supposed to!

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

Where to buy

After my experience, I can’t recommend Chebeto’s sewing kits enough. If you’d like to try this Cthulhu kit out for yourself, you can find it here. Also be sure to take a look through the rest of their DIY sewing kits to see the rest of the range. There’s even an axolotl kit (that I really need)! The kits range between $14 and $22.

Chebeto also conveniently sell a huge variety of digital plush patterns for just $8, including the pattern for the Mini Cthulhu plush featured today. This is a great option if you’d like to get creative with your own materials.

Let us know in the comments which kits you want to try!

(Kit was provided by Chebeto for review but all words and photographs are my own)

Let's Go Shopping!

Birthday Sprinkles Picks

Posted on June 22, 2017 by

I am still celebrating my birthday month and what better way to celebrate with these sprinkle-y good picks. Just call my the girl with the most sprinkles!

Bow Sprinkles Kawaii Glitter Enamel Pin

I love bows, so these enamel bow pins topped with sprinkles by Cool Queen Collective are perfect to add a taste of sweetness to any outfit!

Yummy World XL Sprinkles Cupcake Plush

A giant cupcake – all to myself to squish and cuddle!

Birthday Pusheen and Stormy Collector Set

Pusheen and Stormy could crash my party any time. Bonus if they bring me a slice of cake. This cute lil plushie set is perfect for gift giving and includes a card.

Sprinkles Cake Purse

I wonder how many slices of cake this epic purse by Rommydebommy can hold! It is an attention grabber for sure!

Tokidoki Donutella and Chocolate plushies

If you have a birthday twin or a friend that shares your birthday month these best friend tokidoki plushies would be cool to split! Is it bad that I want to eat their little ears off?