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Kawaii Mugs For National Tea Day

Posted on April 19, 2018 by

It’s National Tea Day on Saturday here in the UK (we really like tea!). What better way to celebrate than by picking up a new mug to enjoy your morning cuppa? Here’s some kawaii mugs to choose from.

kawaii mugs animals

These animal mugs at Firebox have cute little ears sticking up and you can choose from a panda, cat, bear or fox. They’re a little larger than a standard mug so great for those of you who drink a lot of tea (or coffee!).

kawaii mugs narwhal

If those animals are a bit too basic for you, how about a narwhal? This mug is from Paperchase’s new Kawaii Kool collection and I love its happy face and rainbow horn. Fun fact: the narwhal’s horn is actually a tooth!

kawaii mugs little twin stars sanrio

Magical girls will love this sweet Little Twin Stars mug with pastel colours and stars. There are two designs to choose from and you can buy them from Sanrio Japan using Tenso.

kawaii mugs rilakkuma teapot

Tea for…one? If you like to use a teapot for a proper cup of tea but only want one cup, Rilakkuma has you covered with this mini teapot and mug set at ARTBOX. The teapot stacks on top of the mug for easy storage – and there’s a matching Korilakkuma set too.

kawaii mugs detective pikachu pokemon

I haven’t played the hilarious game yet but Detective Pikachu is so kawaii! If you’d enjoy having him search for clues on the breakfast table, this cute mug is available from Japanese Pokemon Centers. You can also order it through Japan Stuffs.

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Corocorocoronya Plush Review

Posted on April 18, 2018 by

Corocorocoronya – those cute cats that live in a bakery – have quickly become some of my favourite kawaii characters. When they announced the Ice Cream collection, I knew I had to order a plush.

Corocorocoronya plush cat

How can you resist a shy cat hiding in a bakery bag? The bag is removable so you can have lots of fun with this plush.

Corocorocoronya plush cat

My favourite is definitely bag on head! It just looks so scared and cute peeking out of the eye holes. The plush is also fully posable so you can move the arms, legs, tail, head and body into various poses.

Corocorocoronya plush cat

It’s rare to get a plush that can stand up or sit down properly by itself so this is great for photos. The quality is also really good and I’m glad I bought it.

Corocorocoronya plush cat

I ordered direct from the San-X shop using Tenso again with no problems. I purchased it on a Thursday morning and it arrived the following Friday! It only cost me an additional ¥890 (around £6) to have it forwarded by Airmail.

Corocorocoronya plush cat ice cream

If you’d like a Corocorocoronya plush too, the whole ice cream collection is still mostly in stock. There’s also Coronya dressed as an ice cream (with removable hood) and their cream friend with a removable cone, plus keychains, purses and more.

(This is not a sponsored review)

Most Wanted!

So Punny Kawaii Food Planner Stickers

Posted on April 17, 2018 by

Ever since I’ve started my bullet journal I find myself hoarding collecting planner stickers. Recently I saw a very cute set of planner and journal stationery from Doodlebug Design, called So Punny.

So Punny Kawaii Food Planner Stickers

The one item that I want most is their sheet of (mini) icon stickers. It is especially designed for use in planners and journals and the illustrations are so sweet.

So Punny Kawaii Food Planner Stickers

I’m also interested in their set of odds and ends. It includes a whopping 111 pieces of cardstock that you can glue on paper.

So Punny Kawaii Food Planner Stickers

The So Punny collection comes in a variety of items. You can also get jelly clips, washi tape pattern paper and pins in these kawaii designs.

So Punny Kawaii Food Planner Stickers

You can buy the So Punny stickers and other items at scrapbook webshops, such as Scrapbook.com and Scrapworld.

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Kawaii Amuse Plushies at Tokyo Otaku Mode

Posted on April 16, 2018 by

I could look at all the Amuse plushies at Tokyo Otaku Mode for hours! There are so many cute animals, and so many variations. I pretty much love all of them, but here’s a few I managed to pick out.

Kawaii Amuse plushies - Loppy bunny

Pote Usa Loppy is my favourite Amuse character and how can you not love a bunny in a cupcake? There are so many cute details here – the toppings are so sweet with fruit, cream and a chocolate heart.

Kawaii Amuse plushies - pastel unicorn tapir

Tapirs don’t get nearly enough kawaii love and Amuse’s version is so adorable. I love the pastel colours. Unfortunately, this one is currently out of stock but you can ask to be notified when it’s back. Or the unicorn is almost as cute and in stock now.

Kawaii Amuse plushies - unicorn

Unicorn no Cony is new to me but how can I resist those faces? These come in a few pastel colours with stars on their sides, pink blushing cheeks and polka dot ribbons. They’re selling out fast in all sizes so be quick if you want one.

Kawaii Amuse plushies - pometan dogs

These little round Pomeranians can’t walk too far so you can carry them in a bag. They look so fluffy and happy.

Kawaii Amuse plushies - puchimaru pandas

If you’re on a budget, the tiny Puchimaru charms are really affordable and include so many weird and wonderful characters. I really love this rainbow of pandas and they all have different poses and faces.

You can check out all the Amuse plushies at Tokyo Otaku Mode – which is your favourite?

Super Cute Sponsors

Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on April 14, 2018 by

It’s our regular round-up of kawaii discounts, offers and news from our super cute sponsors and we’ve got a springtime Easter theme this week.

kawaii squishy grab bags


If you love squishies, Creamiicandy have some great value grab bags available from $28.50. You get a mix of brands including Puni Maru, Ibloom, Cutiecreative, Bunnyscafe and Cafe de N, plus licensed characters too. Get a free mini surprise squishy with any order – just write “SUPER CUTE KAWAII” in the notes box (not the discount code box).

kawaii ghost leggings

Cakes With Faces

If you think it should be Halloween all year round, you’ll love the new ghost leggings by Cakes With Faces. They’re available for pre-order now at a special price of  £20 and come in sizes from XS – 3XL. Amy’s in Japan right now too – you can follow her adventures on Instagram.

kawaii gashapon cinnamoroll capsule toys

Kawaii Panda

If you can’t make it to Japan in person, Kawaii Panda have lots of cute (and weird!) gashapon capsule toys you can order online. I love these Cinnamoroll animal costume charms where he’s dressing up as a bunny, frog, alpaca and more. SCK readers get 10% off all orders (excluding boxes and bundles) with the code SCK10OFF.

kawaii washi tape japan

Shugei Craft

As well as Japanese fabric, Shugei Craft also sell a really cool range of Shinzi Katoh washi tape. There are lots of cute and colourful designs to choose from Shinzi Katoh and they’re all on sale for under $3. SCK readers get 15% off any order at with the code SCKAWAII too.

kawaii giraffe amigurumi crochet pattern

DIY Fluffies

DIY Fluffies have a new amigurumi crochet pattern in store – meet the James giraffe! He’s a real gentleman who always wears a bow tie, and would make a cute gift. Download the digital pattern for just a few dollars and you can make as many as you like.

kawaii rubber stamps planner

Cute Delight

Cute Delight have lots of kawaii stationery to choose from. These mini stamps would be perfect for planners and journals and are small enough to fit in your bag or pencil case. Choose from 4 cute food sets for just £3.75 each.

kawaii stationery sale

Asking For Trouble

Don’t forget to use your discount code at my Asking For Trouble store – SCK readers get 15% off any order with the code SUPERCUTE. That even includes items in the £2 Sale where there are already big discounts. Mention SCK at checkout and I’ll include a free sticker too.


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