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    Cute Japanese Tea

    Posted on July 15, 2019 by

    It might seem weird to drink hot tea during summer, but it can actually cool you down a little bit. Provided that it’s a dry day and the air isn’t super humid. Otherwise you could cool your drink down in the fridge to have a nice cup of ice-tea instead. Lately I stumbled upon some cute Japanese tea bags and items, that I hope you’ll enjoy as well ^_^.

    Hello Kitty x Karel Capek tea

    Rainbowholic Shop has got a great selection of kawaii Japanese teas. I’m so happy that Kaila made it possible to purchase the cute tea and tins from Karel Capek worldwide! How about this Hello Kitty Apple Tea with Tin?

    japanese tea bags

    Japanese company Ocean Teabag creates the cutest tea bags shaped as land and sea animals. Do have a look at the website – even if you haven’t got the money to spare – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

    Hello Kitty kawaii tea cup

    Artbox (UK) is a good shop to browse for character kitchenware. I think that this Hello Kitty sakura teacup would be great to serve your Japanese tea in.

    japanese tea tin

    Japan Centre (UK) has a variety of teabags, loose teas, and ready-to-drink teas available. The bunny sakura tea canister will help to keep your Japanese teas fragrant and fresh. And if you are longing for a cold drink, just mix this Matcha drink with some cold water or milk.

    japanese teapot

    This tiny teapot – adorned with a cute and traditional Japanese motif, usagi (rabbit) – can hold 2 small cups of tea. You could get it together with some matcha tea powder from the Japanese shop Bento&Co. It contains 40 grams of high quality powdered tea from the famous tea-growing region Uji (south Kyoto Prefecture).

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