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Kawaii Motivation For A Happy Life

Posted on April 25, 2018 by

Times are tough for a lot of people right now – if you need a boost, these kawaii motivation picks can add some positivity and cuteness to your day.

kawaii motivation - life is hard, get more cats

milkbun’s Life is Hard print series is adorable and full of  tongue in cheek advice (the other prints advise you to drink more coffee and eat more bread!). It’s also true that life is short so do what makes you happy. You can buy these in lots of sizes including mini prints.

kawaii motivation - animal planner stickers

These cute animal self-care stickers by Moon Lume would be great for your planner or journal. There’s so much positivity here and you can pick out the perfect message at stressful times. They’re good value too as you get 9 stickers for under £2.

kawaii motivation - start small pikachu enamel pin

Big changes can seem impossible but start small and you’ll get there in the end. This super kawaii enamel pin by MIS0HAPPY features a weight-lifting Pichu, who hopes some day to be a Pecachu!

kawaii motivation - turtle card

Having doubts about your plans? Listen to a turtle! They live a long time so I’m sure you can trust their advice. This cute card features an illustration by Neil Slorance and is available from Alicorn Cards.

kawaii motivation - be a rainbow enamel pin

Rainbows always make me feel happy and this pin is a colourful reminder to spread positivity and kindness whenever you can. It’s a collaboration between Box Monster and Sparkle Happy Mamma so you can pick it up in either shop.

I hope this post has made your day a little brighter!

Most Wanted!

Kawaii Stationery Wish List

Posted on April 24, 2018 by

It’s National Stationery Week, which is a pretty good excuse to buy some kawaii stationery! Here’s what’s currently on my wish list.

kawaii stationery - pompompurin file folders

I’ve been trying to organise my recipe ideas lately and have run out of file folders. This Pompompurin set at ARTBOX would be perfect for sweet treats with a cute bakery theme.

kawaii stationery dual point pens

I’m a sucker for multi-use pens and this dual pen set at Mochi Things has so much to offer with great colours. For $15.95 you get 5 dual deco pens with both fine and chisel tip plus 3 twin colour pens. So handy for bullet journals without having to carry around a lot of different pen colours.

kawaii stationery washi tape stickers

While I love journalling, I’m not that great at decorating the pages to make them cute. I’ve been looking for some number stickers and spotted this really fun peel-off washi tape at Rainbowholic Shop. You get days of the week and lots of numbers and they’re all so cute!

kawaii stationery - animal pencil cases

How fun are these PuniLabo pen cases? They stand up by themselves so it’s great for journalling on the go, or just to cheer up your desk. JetPens have all of the animals in stock and I think I love the cats best.

kawaii stationery - pusheen notebook

And of course, Pusheen! Working from home full-time, I often forget what day it is and I’ve been thinking about getting a weekly planner to keep me on track. This one at Hey Chickadee is full of Pusheen’s excellent motivational ideas to ditch all my tasks and head to the sofa instead….oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t get this one after all!

Cute Characters

New Sumikko Gurashi & Korilakkuma Themes

Posted on April 23, 2018 by

San-X are always coming up with the cutest new themes and the latest ones are no different with super cute new products featuring Sumikko Gurashi & Korilakkuma.

Sumikko Gurashi PenPen Ice Cream plush

The friendship between Penguin? and Penguin (real) is one of the sweetest parts of the Sumikko Gurashi story. It got off to such a bad start! Apparently, they’re such good friends now that they’ve started an ice cream van called PenPen Ice Cream. I’ve been dying over this collection since it was announced – the ice cream van even has a penguin face on the front.

Sumikko Gurashi PenPen Ice Cream plush

Me and Nic have already teamed up to place an order for our favourite plushies and will share some photos when they arrive. There’s so much cute stuff in the San-X shop though – I was quite tempted by this beach bag, even though we don’t get beach weather in Scotland. The bottom section is completely separate so you can use it to store your sandy shoes or wet swimming costume.

Korilakkuma Vacation kawaii plush

Korilakkuma is often just Rilakkuma’s sidekick but now he’s got his own collection – Korilakkuma Vacation. Apparently his dreams involve swimming in an ocean of fruit soda with an adorable penguin. Fair enough! It’s a very sweet theme with lots of pastel colours, shells and fluffiness. It’s not that big a collection but the San-X shop has plush, pouches, mirrors, pillow and more.

Rilakkuma Korilakkuma Vacation kawaii plush

If you can make it to a Rilakkuma Store in Japan, look out for these amazing exclusive plush – they’re all set for the beach.

You can order most of these products from the San-X shop using a forwarding service like Tenso, but some items are already sold out, even though they only went online yesterday!

Cute Characters

Aggretsuko Anime on Netflix

Posted on April 20, 2018 by

Good news for kawaii fans as the Aggretsuko anime is available on Netflix today!

Aggretsuko Anime on Netflix

It follows cute red panda Retsuko who has a boring office job with annoying coworkers and horrible bosses. When it all gets too much, she heads to the karaoke room to vent her rage with heavy metal songs. Here’s the trailer.

I’ve already watched the first episode and it brought back a lot of memories of my own horrible office jobs and I’m sure everyone who’s worked at one will recognise some of their coworkers, both good and bad!

Aggretsuko Anime on Netflix

There’s ten episodes to watch now, all in the original Japanese with subtitles. I can’t wait to watch the rest. Find out more on Netflix, and if you don’t have an account, you can sign up for a free trial month, which is plenty time to watch the season.

Let us know if you’re watching, and if you love Aggretsuko, check out our recent shopping post for both your happy and angry moods.

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Kawaii Mugs For National Tea Day

Posted on April 19, 2018 by

It’s National Tea Day on Saturday here in the UK (we really like tea!). What better way to celebrate than by picking up a new mug to enjoy your morning cuppa? Here’s some kawaii mugs to choose from.

kawaii mugs animals

These animal mugs at Firebox have cute little ears sticking up and you can choose from a panda, cat, bear or fox. They’re a little larger than a standard mug so great for those of you who drink a lot of tea (or coffee!).

kawaii mugs narwhal

If those animals are a bit too basic for you, how about a narwhal? This mug is from Paperchase’s new Kawaii Kool collection and I love its happy face and rainbow horn. Fun fact: the narwhal’s horn is actually a tooth!

kawaii mugs little twin stars sanrio

Magical girls will love this sweet Little Twin Stars mug with pastel colours and stars. There are two designs to choose from and you can buy them from Sanrio Japan using Tenso.

kawaii mugs rilakkuma teapot

Tea for…one? If you like to use a teapot for a proper cup of tea but only want one cup, Rilakkuma has you covered with this mini teapot and mug set at ARTBOX. The teapot stacks on top of the mug for easy storage – and there’s a matching Korilakkuma set too.

kawaii mugs detective pikachu pokemon

I haven’t played the hilarious game yet but Detective Pikachu is so kawaii! If you’d enjoy having him search for clues on the breakfast table, this cute mug is available from Japanese Pokemon Centers. You can also order it through Japan Stuffs.