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How To Make Your Own Kawaii Planner

Posted on August 18, 2017 by

When you are prepared and organized at the beginning of a new school term, you set yourself up for a less chaotic and more successful time. Planners are one of the most common and simplest ways of doing maintaining this vital organization, but sometimes cute planners can be expensive or hard to come by. So what do you do? DIY, of course!

rilakkuma kawaii planner

Customize a notebook

It certainly takes some of the work out of getting your planner set up if you can find a notebook with a cover that’s already cute, but maybe you can’t. Or perhaps you’re on a tight budget. You might just want something simple with a one-of-a-kind cover! Thankfully, there are several ways to customize the cover of a notebook-turned-planner if that’s the route you choose.

Neko Rilakkuma notebook covers DIY

Akari Beauty has a tutorial on how to make super cute Neko Rilakkuma notebook covers. This is a fun alternative to simply printing and gluing an image onto a notebook cover, with tracing templates included in the description.

Kawaii Planner Layouts

Maybe you have a planner or notebook that you purchased with a cute cover but dull layout, or you’ve already customized a notebook cover, but it’s still lacking a layout. Either way, this problem is easy to fix!

kawaii printable planner layouts

Mary Bear has DIY spiral bound planner and printable layouts Plan with Me videos that are both helpful examples of how you could use printables to customize your planner format.

DIY kawaii planner with memo pads

If you have stationery and washi to spare, she also has a video illustrating a DIY kawaii planner using memo sheets that might give you a few ideas on how to use them! The great thing about using memo sheets is that they’re an easy way to make weekly layouts. By simply collaging them onto a page according to the page’s size, and writing each day of the week on each memo sheet, you could quickly make week on one page or week on two page spreads.

Kawaiidori tutorial

If you want something that could work as more than just a planner, this Kawaiidori tutorial by Creasing Unicorn Studios is styled after a traveler’s notebook, so you could use all kinds of inserts in it like sketchbooks and journals, too!

Feel free to share any tips or ideas you would use in crafting your own kawaii planner! SCK readers can also look forward to a tutorial on how to make a kawaii shaker dashboard for your planner next week.

Pets Picks

Pusheen Collection at Petco

Posted on August 17, 2017 by

pusheen petco

Pusheen has invaded many of our lives and now she has a chance to take part in your cat’s life as well. Petco has released an online exclusive Pusheen collection and everything is cute. Of course, my kitties had to try out some of the new products. Here is what they think.

pusheen petco plush donut teaser

Have kitties that like to chase things? Mady and Mortis both dig this plush donut teaser. I like the chunky Pusheen handle to grip for lots of fun play. The donut is super big and the cats both like running and jumping after it!

pusheen petco foam balls

If your cats are more into balls this set of two foam balls would be great to add to their play time.

pusheen petco cat collars

Pusheen fashion accessories for your fluffies? Why not! The collars come in pizza, cookie, ice cream and donut designs.

pusheen petco cat bed

Nap time will be extra special in this plush bed – perfect for lazy cats!

pusheen petco plush donut teaser and bowl

Until there is pizza flavored cat food, Mady is content eating her food from this pizza themed bowl.

pusheen petco cat scratcher

Currently on their wish list is this heart shaped scratcher. It looks like it could double as a cuddle space for smaller kitties too.

pusheen petco plush donut teaser

I like how everything in the Pusheen Petco collection goes together. Everything is so adorable and, from what I have seen, it is made to last. I hope more stuff comes out in this collection, and the kitties do too!

Kawaii Reviews, Subscription Boxes

Sanrio Small Gift Crate Subscription Box Review

Posted on August 16, 2017 by

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Have you seen the Sanrio Small Gift Crate from Loot Crate? It’s a quarterly subscription box with Sanrio full of themed items that you can’t get anywhere else. I’ve been interested in checking it out but after my spendy experience with the Pusheen Box, I was wary of ordering. A helpful SCK reader told me they hadn’t been charged any customs fees so I decided to give it a go.

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Shipping is very cheap for international but that does mean there’s no tracking or even a shipping notification. I just opened my door one day to find this cute box in my porch! For UK readers, I can confirm it just arrives by Royal Mail and there are no customs fees, hurray!

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

I ordered the Summer Vacation themed box and was a tiny bit disappointed that the box design wasn’t more colourful and summery. That was only until I opened it and found something quite special.

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Yep, you can turn it inside out for a super cute new design – a suitcase with some really cute details. Want to see what was inside? Of course you do!

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Hello Kitty Beach Figure

The first item is a collectible figure featuring Hello Kitty in a beach theme. It really looks like it’s full of water and the sand at the bottom is a nice touch. This would be a cool addition to your collection and to remind you of summer sunshine during dreary winter days.

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Sanrio Beach Towel

I was so impressed when I unpacked this towel. It’s huge and so colourful featuring Hello Kitty and friends at the beach. It’s especially nice to see some less popular characters like Chococat and Tuxedo Sam making an appearance. The towel is made of good quality terrycloth and would be great for lounging on the beach or just for trips to the swimming pool.

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Keroppi Flip Flops

When you sign up, you’re asked for your t-shirt and shoe sizes for exciting apparel items. This box included some very colourful Keroppi flip flops. The sizing is great and they look pretty sturdy, if you can bear to use them.

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

Sanrio Beach Tote

How cute is this bag?! I think it’s my favourite item in the box, just beating the towel. It’s made of a thick vinyl plastic and smells just like a beach ball for happy childhood holiday memories. It’s perfect for the beach as it’s waterproof and can easily be cleaned if it gets full of sand. The only slight problem is that it was folded up quite tightly in the box leaving big creases. I had to stuff a cushion inside for a couple of weeks to ease those out but now it looks great.

Sanrio Small Gift Crate

You can really cram a lot inside too – the towel and flip flops fit easily with plenty room for a drink, snacks and a good book. Continue Reading

Look What I've Got!

Putitto Rilakkuma Cup Hangers

Posted on August 15, 2017 by

We’ve featured Putitto cup hangers on Super Cute Kawaii before. I’ve always been intrigued by them and finally bought a couple of cute Rilakkuma cup hangers!

Putitto Rilakkuma cup hangers

I got two Putitto Rilakkuma blind boxes from Tokyo Otaku Mode. I was curious to find out which ones I received and wasn’t disappointed ^_^. The first box contained Rilakkuma chewing on a piece of mochi, so cute!

Putitto Rilakkuma cup hangers

The second box revealed this figurine with Korilakkuma balancing on top of Rilakkuma. This one is a bit more difficult to balance on the rim of the glass. I’m thinking about using a piece of Blu Tack / Poster Buddies to temporarily place it on a small plant pot.

Putitto Rilakkuma cup hangers

There are seven lazy bears to collect and I think that all of them are a good catch. I also really like Korilakkuma with Kiiroitori, but I’m very happy with the ones I got. The Putitto Rilakkuma cup hangers are currently on sale for $5.27 a piece at Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Cute Shop Alert!

Pincinc Kawaii Bread Plush

Posted on August 14, 2017 by

If you like bread as much as I do, you’ll love these new kawaii bread plushies by Pincinc. Designed and handmade by Colette in New Zealand, there are lots to choose from!

pincinc fairy bread cat plushie

The newest character is a Fairy Bread Cat, based on a childhood treat of sprinkles and white bread. I love all the colours.

pincinc kawaii bread plush

There are plenty other bread slices to pick from too, with everything from panda bread to burnt toast! I think the avocado toast might be my favourite – it’s so cute! As well as full size plush, some of the designs are also available as mini keyrings so there’s something for every budget.

Pincinc kawaii stickers

You’ll also find cute stickers, prints and pencil cases in store so check out the full range at Pincinc.