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    If you like reading about kawaii (and clearly you do!) then check out the first issue of CuteZine from New Zealand which is all about sharing editor Jenna’s kawaii discoveries. You can…

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    A Pumpkin On Your Head!

    Because Bunny-san won’t tell you, I will – she has a really funny new mini zine available now! Featuring her very favourite headgear, it’s free to download – how generous! Get it…

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    My Milk Toof

    I’m sure you’re all big fans of Ickle and Lardee, the two baby teeth who get into a lot of adorable adventures over at My Milk Toof. If not, you have so…

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    Lisa Jones Studio Books

    For big kids and little kids alike, these picture books by Lisa Jones Studios are simple yet oh, so sweet. Choose from this cheeky monkey or the eager beaver below. Brilliant!…

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    Space Cadet Topo

    Those wise owls at Immedium sure know how to spot a cute book when they see one. The latest from them is Space Cadet Topo And The Day The Sun Turned Off,…

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    Chubby Books

    The Chubby Books from pinkghost are back, and this time they’re even cuter! Series 2 features 3 new designs by Crowded Teeth, Piktorama and Alberto Cerriteño to join the previous series by…

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    Cute Books

    With the holidays upon us, what better than a cute book to read while you sit by the fire eating cake? Here’s some ideas. First, let’s get the Aranzi Aronzo love out…