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Stay At Home Week: Cute Books

Posted on March 23, 2020 by

For most of us, staying at home is the new normal now so we’ve put together a week of posts to help you adjust and keep busy. First up, some cute books released recently that will keep you entertained. I’ve also included links to the author’s Instagram for some cute content if you can’t afford to buy right now.

Gudetama comic book

Gudetama has a bunch of comic books coming out in 2020 and the first is out now. In Love for the Lazy (UK / USA) Gudetama will advise you on everything from navigating first-date smalltalk to recovering from being dumped. Hopefully there’s also some tips on getting to know someone while social distancing!

cute comic book

If you need a laugh (and who doesn’t right now?), Bites of Terror (UK / USA) is out tomorrow and looks hilarious and extremely cute. There’s ten frightfully delicious tales featuring sculpted food characters by Cuddles & Rage.

tokyo travel guide book

If you won’t make to Tokyo this year, you can at least read about it in A Manga Lover’s Tokyo Travel Guide (UK / USA) by evacomics. As well as the fun manga style, this looks like a great practical guide with travel tips and lots of ideas of what to see and do.

kawaii crochet book

You could use your downtime for crafts and Kawaii Crochet (UK / USA) has 40 super cute amigurumi patterns by Yarn Blossom Boutique. There’s loads of happy colourful food characters that would make great gifts.

cute polymer clay craft book

Or try your hand at polymer clay with Crafting Cute (UK / USA) by Funusual Suspects. As well as the usual charms, it shows you how to make larger useful items like planters, desk accessories and even a tic-tac-toe game.

All these books are available as print and ebooks. Links are to Amazon but check with your local book store too as they’ll be needing your support.

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