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My Kawaii Etsy Favourites & How To Use Lists

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We’re obviously big fans of Etsy here as it’s such a great place to discover new kawaii artists & makers and shop with old favourites. Etsy invited us to tell you more about their lists feature so I’ll do that and share some kawaii picks from my own lists.

Etsy favourites

If you shop regularly on Etsy, you’ll know that on every product image, there’s a heart that you can click to add it to your favourites. But when you click it, you’ll also see the option to Add to List. You can create as many lists as you like and find them all on your profile and Favourites page. Lists work in a similar way to Pinterest boards or Instagram Saved collections but products can be in multiple lists so you can have lists for everything from home decor and pets to craft supplies and Halloween. You can even make some lists private, which is especially useful for gift ideas or one of a kind products. Here’s a guide with more information and here’s my page with all my lists, including the following.

kawaii crafts on Etsy
Nana’s Stitch Book at pomadour24 (JP) | Mini Embroidery Hoops at StarsAndSunshine (US)
Sheep Duo Felting Kit at PenFeltStudio (US) | Felt flower craft kit at thehandmadeflorist (UK)

Things To Make

There’s never enough time for all the crafts I’d like to try so Etsy Favourites are a great way for me to remember kits, patterns, books and supplies for my next project, or to share here on SCK. See all my Things To Make picks >>

kawaii zines and comics on Etsy
A little Ghostie’s guide at BirdHousePress (UK) | Japanese Snacks Zine at WinnieisPink (CAN)
Magical Princess Sky manga at AllieChanMalott (US) | Cool Cats Mini Zine at Purapea (UK)

Zines & Comics

I have a massive collection of zines, especially about Japan, and would easily spend all my money on more. Instead I favourite them and allow myself to buy a few every so often. Whether you’re interested in art, video games or comics, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting on my list. See all my Zines & Comics picks >>

kawaii bunny rabbits on Etsy
Miniature Clay Bunny at Studio Ohayo (UK) | Bunny Dessert T-shirt at CheeseToasted (CAN)
Bunny Tea Cup Sticker at RosiesArtGarden (UK) | Skincare Bunny Print at FUJIBEE (US)

Kawaii Bunnies

My Easter Bunny Monday post didn’t include any Etsy shops and that’s because I made you a list instead! Bunnies are my favourite animal and there’s loads of cute picks here for any other rabbit fans reading this. See all my Kawaii Bunny picks >>

kawaii space on Etsy
Astronaut Enamel Pins at Cosmokii (UK) | Mind Wave Washi Tape at KyoJapanStationery (US)
Korean Sticker Sheets at KawaiiStudioShop (UK) | Space Socks at NutmegandArlo (UK)


I’m also a massive space nerd, and luckily lots of Etsy shop owners are too, so I never run out of cute and cool things for my wish list. See all my Space picks >>

I hope you’ll give Etsy Lists a try. You can also follow me on Etsy to see what new things I’m favouriting, and browse through the massive list of kawaii shops I’ve favourited since I joined in 2007!

This post is sponsored by Etsy and includes affiliate links, but all words and picks are my own. Sponsored content helps us fund this site and save you from annoying popups and videos. Thank you for your support!

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