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Cute Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Posted on September 27, 2021 by

Superheroes are one of my favourite things, so naturally I am a big fan of comic books. Art style tends to be the first thing to draw me to a story, so here are some cute comics and graphic novels that I hope you’ll be drawn to as well.

comic books and graphic novels

Marvel is the love of my life, so what better place to start? The Unbelievable Gwenpool (US/UK) follows the story of Gwendolyn Poole, a comics fan flung into the world of her favourite characters. Think fourth wall breaks, fangirling, and complete chaos.

comic books and graphic novels

Anya’s Ghost (US/UK) is a coming of age story, with the addition of ghosts. Perfect for spooky season! It’s more the art style that’s cute than the plotline with this one- it’s not a particularly happy story.

comic books and graphic novels

Kusama: The Graphic Novel (US/UK) is a biography of one of my favourite artists, Yayoi Kusama. I hadn’t seen any graphic novel biographies before this, I think it’s a very interesting medium and I hope to see more of these.

comic books and graphic novels

Princess Princess Ever After (US/UK) is a heartwarming fairytale of kindness, bravery and adventure. The LGBT representation makes my heart happy. A card game version is due for release on October 1st.

comic books and graphic novels

Noise (US/UK) is a short, sweet story based on true events. I love the art style.

comic books and graphic novels

Beetle & the Hollowbones (US/UK) is a paranormal fantasy story with very cute art. This book was recommended to me by a lovely person at Portal Bookshop, so please consider checking out their graphic novel section.

I hope you have fun reading these, maybe soon you’ll be as comic book obsessed as me!

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    These all sound like great reads, thank you for the recommendations!

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