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Halloween Sylvanian Families

Posted on October 11, 2023 by

Happy spooky season! Over the past few years Sylvanian Families – or Calico Critters if you’re American – have released a number of Halloween themed sets. Here are some that are currently in stock.

Halloween Sylvanian Families

The newest addition to the Sylvanian Families Halloween set collection is the Marshmallow Mouse Halloween House, which comes with five figures, including newborn triplets. I love the bright colours, it’s especially nice to see sweet colours in a Halloween set, rather than the typical orange and black.

Halloween Sylvanian Families

If you’re looking forward to dressing up this year, the Trick or Treat Trio would make the perfect companion! Do you have a costume planned yet?

Halloween Sylvanian Families

This very cute Halloween Playhouse would make a lovely display, or an amazing spooky season gift. I really like Crème’s witch costume.

Halloween Sylvanian Families

I think the Spooky Surprise House may be one of my favourite Sylvanian sets, I love how interactive it is. I also of course adore the Midnight Cat baby! Have you noticed many of the baby clothes recently are brighter colours?

Halloween Sylvanian Families

I was so excited to see the Trick or Treat Parade set being available in the UK! It features five figures, all dressed up to go trick or treating in various classic Halloween costumes. The zombie Toy Poodle baby is definitely my favourite. They even have a little candy haul!

Halloween Sylvanian Families

The Halloween Party Set is being released in Japan this year, but if you live in another country they typically release sets worldwide after a year. If you can’t wait, you can use a forwarding service or it’s also available from oshoppu (UK). I love all the details, like the print on the dresses, the little cape, the ghost and pumpkin on the cakes, the Midnight kitten hiding in a pumpkin… I’d definitely recommend following sylvaniancollector_brightonuk on Instagram to keep up with new releases.

Halloween Sylvanian Families DIYs

Finally, if you’d like to have a go at making your own costumes for your Sylvanians, check out the DIY Halloween & Festival costumes from Sylvanian Storekeepers.

I hope you and your Sylvanians have the best spooky season!

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    October 11, 2023 at 2:17 pm

    Sylvanians are one of those things I have always admired from afar, but never jumped into since I could easily wind up with more than I have space for, but boy do these sets make it hard to resist!

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