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Your favourite characters from the big name kawaii brands.

  • bananya
    Cute Characters

    Bananya Anime

    We featured some Bananya plush earlier this year and now you can watch the anime at Crunchyroll. It’s a series of 3 minute episodes all about a group of cat/banana hybrids and…

  • Nintendo Vans
    Cute Characters

    Nintendo x Vans

    I spotted the new Nintendo x Vans collaboration when I was shopping in Glasgow recently and had to share. I’m a huge Nintendo fan so it’s pretty amazing to be able to…

  • noodoll
    Cute Characters

    New Noodoll Friends

    Noodoll have some new friends for you to meet! Riceouch is an adorable cactus who likes hugs! He’s soft and cuddly not prickly so that shouldn’t be a problem. Ricecoco is a…

  • Cute Characters

    Rilakkuma Sea Otter

    It’s been overshadowed a bit by the arrival of Jinbe San, but San-X also just released an adorable new Rilakkuma series with a sea otter theme. How cute do they look in…

  • jinbe san
    Cute Characters

    Jinbe San

    The newest San-X character is Jinbe San, an adorably happy whale shark with a gang of underwater friends. He was voted the winner of San-X’s character election and everyone here at SCK…

  • neko atsume
    Cute Characters

    Neko Atsume Merchandise

    I’m obsessed with the Neko Atsume kitty collecting game (iPhone | Android), and judging by the SCK Awards nominations, so are you! I’ve been looking at all the merchandise and dying from how…

  • Cute Characters


    Have you seen Sanrio’s newest character? It’s a cute deer called Hummingmint! She’s been available in Japan for a few months now, but it’s taking a while for products to show up…

  • Cute Characters

    Funko Pops Go Kawaii

    I’ve always connected Funko Pop vinyl toys with sci-fi and fantasy shows, but there are some super cute ones available now too featuring characters from Bambi, Alice in Wonderland, Sesame Street, Hello…

  • Cute Characters

    Tokidoki Buffet Collection

    Food with faces has always been the ultimate form of kawaii for me and what better than Tokidoki food with faces? Their new Buffet design has all the usual characters, plus cute…