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Cute & Crafty New Year Goals

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January always feels like a good time to start fresh and make some goals for the coming year. If you’re hoping to be more creative or make your life more kawaii, here’s some helpful tips and posts to get you started.

January daily doodle prompts

Daily Challenges

It takes time to build a habit and doing something regularly is the best way to make it a part of your life that doesn’t get forgotten or feel like a chore. January is full of daily challenges to help inspire you and keep things on track, and hopefully by the end of the month you’ll want to keep going. Some of these daily challenges from 2020 are happening again this year, incudling Spoonflower’s Doodle-A-Day and Rainbowholic’s Kawaii Journaling 2023 Challenge, while Gabriel has shared some Cute Crochet Alongs that you can do at your own pace. You can even use some of the October Art Prompts if you didn’t have time last year.



If 2023 is the year you’re going to try and go vegan, Veganuary is a month-long event to help make the switch easier. Sign up at the Veganuary website to get a celebrity cookbook, one-pot meal plan, nutritional advice and more, or you’ll find plenty advice and recipes using the #veganuary hashtag on social media. Long-time vegan MissMuffcake shared some Veganuary Tips & Picks back in 2021 that are still useful and we’ve shared plenty kawaii vegan recipes over the years including waffles, pancakes and ice cream, plus cute shopping picks.

getting started with kawaii journaling

Craft Goals

if you want to try a new craft this year, or expand your skills, we have lots of great guides including getting started with Kawaii Journaling, Kawaii Resin Crafts, Dollhouse Miniatures & Kits and Posca Pens & Paint Markers. You could also try one of our original DIY tutorials or browse through our 14 years of crafts posts! And if you’re worried about losing momentum, Andi has some great Tips for Keeping Craft Goals.

character cafes in Japan

Travel & Japan

Now that travel is a little safer, and Japan is open to tourists again, many of us are making travel plans. We’ll be working on expanding our travel posts this year but there’s plenty of tips for visiting Japan in our archives including 5 Tokyo Shops Every Kawaii Fan Should Visit, Youtube channels to watch and cute character cafes around the world. If you’re still saving up, you can use the time to learn a bit of the language – we’ve successfully used the Dr Moku apps to learn some Japanese & Korean. If you’ve never visited a comic or anime con, there may be one near you and it’s a great way to meet kawaii fans and discover new artists. MCM Comic Con & Hyper Japan are back this year in the UK and Emma will have some tips on making the most of the experience soon.

You & Your Home

You don’t need to make any big goals this year – maybe it’s more important to make some small changes closer to home. Focus on being kinder to yourself with these Self Care Tips & Picks and Cute Self Care Instagram Accounts to follow or browse our Home & Kitchen category for ideas to cute up your living space.

I hope you all have a wonderful and creative 2023! Are you making any resolutions or goals this year? I want to use the local library regularly, make more time for crafts, finish a new zine and visit Berlin.

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