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Getting Started With Kawaii Resin Crafts

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There are plenty of inspirational creators out there that make really cute items with resin, but if you’ve seen them and felt like it’s a daunting craft to take on, this guide is for you! As long as you have a ventilated area to work in and some basic supplies, it’s really not that difficult to get started with kawaii resin crafts.

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Epoxy vs. UV resin

The first thing you want to decide is what kind of creations you want to make, which influences whether you should use epoxy resin or UV resin. Each resin has its own list of pros and cons that make them fundamentally different from each other, but overall larger pieces will be easier and cheaper to make with epoxy, where as smaller, more detailed work is easier with UV resin.

The following channels all have videos you should watch if you’re still undecided between the types or brands of resin.

kawaii resin crafts supplies
Clockwise from top left: MiniaturesweetHK | Sophie & Toffee | MoonNoodleShop | decodenUKsupplies

Molds and Supplies

There is an overwhelming number of places online to buy supplies like bezel charms, and additives like glitter. If you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend a fortune, Aliexpress is a very inexpensive option for all of the above (as well UV resin itself!) The only downside is that the shipping time can be quite long.

I highly suggest purchasing from smaller businesses too, like:

These are just a handful though! There’s plenty more to be found by searching around on Etsy.

kawaii resin craft books

Kawaii Resin Books

If you’ve seen any kawaii resin crafts at all, you’re probably already familiar with PolymomoTea. But did you know his new book Kawaii Resin and Clay Workshop (US / UK) will be releasing in November? It’ll include both the basics and project ideas, so it’s worth preordering whether you’re a beginner or already a resin expert.

Japan also has no shortage of resin books that work great for new ideas as well. Pomadour24’s Etsy (JP) has Blue Planet UV Resin Accessories craft book, and if you’re a fan of the extra dreamy style of cocotte, the LivingInTokyo Etsy shop (JP) has cocotte’s first and second UV resin books in stock. I purchased both as soon as I got into resin and I highly recommend them!

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Kawaii Resin Videos

Youtube is probably the #1 resource for most people starting any craft, and it’s no exception with resin. There is a crazy amount of helpful videos you can watch, but I would definitely recommend browsing AmyMade’s entire channel, starting with her Complete Beginner’s Guide to Resin Crafting playlist. She has a video for mostly every topic related to resin, so it’s a good place to begin for anyone with questions.

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Besides a giant library of kawaii resin tutorials, PolymomoTea also has some great videos on tips for resin beginners, like this video on how to make a UV resin mold using hot glue.

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Creative Rachy’s channel also provides plenty of cute tutorials worth watching—like this dolphin figurine—if you enjoy both resin and polymer clay crafting.

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Sandrartes has some really helpful videos to be found here as well, like this tutorial for 3D inclusions in resin.

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If you’ve decided on UV resin, Lorien’s Craft Box has a great beginner’s guide for getting started with it.

Other Resources

For those that prefer photo tutorials over videos and would like to learn how to make your own silicone molds, the Dream a Little Bigger blog has the easiest one I’ve seen!

It’s also worth checking out Resinobsession.com. It has plenty of helpful articles that cover the basics, like making your own molds and taking care of them. While it’s not specific to kawaii resin crafts, it’s one of my top recommendations for websites to check out if you’re new to creating to resin at all. It helped me out greatly when I was getting started with it.

Let us know in the comments if you found this guide helpful, and if there are any other crafts you’d like to see guides for!

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