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Cute Self Care Instagram Accounts

Posted on September 2, 2021 by

When scrolling through Instagram it’s always nice to see cute pick-me ups or relatable words of wisdom. I’d like to share my favorite self care Instagram accounts with you.

Fablefire Instagram

Fablefire draws cute stuff with bright colors to make people happy. You can find uplifting images on this account, usually involving cute animals and Pokemon characters.

colormehappii Instagram

Kaitlyn from colormehappii makes positive illustrations regarding self-care and mental health. She loves to draw happy colorful posts of positivity to share them with you.

King.Kogi Instagram

You might know Martina from King.Kogi (and Eat Your Kimchi) already. She spreads good vibes on her IG and Youtube account, sometimes with the help of Meemers the cat. In her Instagram stories Martina often shares how she uses the build a ladder method in order to cope with depression and chronic pain. You can make your ladder as colorful as you’d like, for instance one rung of Martina’s ladder is to enjoy her cute miniature garden.

v Instagram

Dominee from Blessing Manifesting shares messages of self-love and self-care in her rainbow coloured posts. Her posts can really be food for thought.

Sad Potato Club Instagram

Sad Potato teaches you to embrace your inner couch potato and shows that it’s okay to not always feel okay. Feel free to join the Sad Potato Club for some nice pick-me ups.

Chibird Instagram

I might have mentioned Chibird before, without realising that she’s got an Instagram account as well. So do check it out for positive and motivational drawings to brighten your day.

Janelle Silver Instagram

Janelle Silver is a good account to follow if you enjoy positive messages combined with bright illustrations.

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