The Cutest Things We Bought in 2021

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We spend so much time looking at cute things for blog posts that it’s a constant temptation to get our credit cards out. Here’s some of the cutest things the SCK Team couldn’t resist picking up this year, or received as gifts. This is a bit of a different format than usual as only a few of us had things to include – and some of us had a lot! – but I’m sure you’ll enjoy all the photos.

kawaii shoes

Nicely Festive Shoes

The perfect Christmassy kawaii shoes of my dreams made real by Irregular Choice. Just in love with the cute gingerbread people pattern, pink glittery heels and Christmas tree T-bar strap. Perfection! (Nicolette)

Klee Mug & Coaster

Klee Mug & Coaster

I was so happy to get the Klee mug and coaster from a local Shopee shop who orders directly from the official Genshin TMall store – which can be difficult to navigate if you aren’t familiar with the site. Klee was one of the first few characters I got to know and was drawn to way before I started playing Genshin, so finally getting to have her in merchandise form (and in-game, too!) was definitely a sweet treat. (Arlandyia)

space cats t-shirt

Space Cats T-Shirt

I really hate figuring out online clothing sizes and usually don’t risk it but I had to order one these amazing Space Cats t-shirts from I Like Cats. After receiving it, my only regret is not buying 2! The fabric is stretchy and comfy and the print is really colourful and so fun, especially those sad stars. Hopefully there will be new designs next year and I can buy more. (Marceline)

star necklace

Star Necklace

Probably my favorite gift of this year was a star necklace I received on Mother’s Day. Since my name is Nova, I’ve always loved stars. The necklace came from one of the most delightful shops in Portland, Presents of Mind. They carry items from all categories, many locally made. (Nova)

christmas cactus ornament

Crochet Cactus

I totally fell in love with this fuzzy guy with its adorable Santa hat and had to buy it for our Christmas tree. It’s from Hooked and Hung Studio. (Nicolette)

kawaii mousepad

Five Friends Mousepad

I’ve had my eye on Ppomppom Studio’s Five Friends mousepad for such a long time, so I was quite ecstatic when I saw that Daddy Stickerland had stocked it locally! I immediately copped one for myself and haven’t stopped using it since. (Arlandyia)

Super Cute Kawaii dollhouse kit

Dollhouse Kit

It was a very random whim of mine to buy a dollhouse kit but I’m so glad I did. I enjoyed this project so much and customising a fussy brown floral bedroom into a Super Cute Kawaii bedroom office was some of the most fun I had this year. I’m still really proud of the results and even bought an acrylic display box to keep it dust-free on my shelf. (Marceline)

tokidoki unicorno

Cornetto Unicorno

Another favorite gift was my tokidoki unicorno, Cornetto (from the Frenzies series 2). I love Cornetto; he reminds me of buying Cornetto ice cream cones on hot days in Europe and has been my constant bag companion for years. He’s discontinued now and I was distraught when I lost him off my bag. My husband hunted down a replacement and surprised me with him. Even though this unicorno is discontinued, one of the things I love about unicornos is that you can most definitely find one that holds a special meaning to you. (Nova)

IKEA shark plush


I had been after one of these IKEA sharks for ages but never had the space so picked one up as soon as I moved into a bigger room. It’s so awesome and the best thing to snuggle up to! (Nicolette)

hok Postcard & Sticker Sheet

Krittiya Chok Postcard & Sticker Sheet

It was a huge bummer missing Loy Krathong (Thai festival of lights) for the third year, this time because of social distancing restrictions. However, Krittiya Chok’s postcard and sticker sheet made me feel a little less sad and all the more hopeful that I will get to join in this festivity someday. In the meantime, I did make a journal spread and participate safely & virtually at home.

kawaii suncatcher window sticker

Bee Suncatcher

This suncatcher window sticker by Helen Bucher has cheered up my year so much. Not only is it super cute, but every time the sun comes out, there’s rainbows all over my bedroom! It’s so cool seeing them travel around the walls while I work.

Animal Crossing snowman pin

Animal Crossing Snowman Pin

I love the snow people in Animal Crossing so snapped this pin up straight away from Designed by Alasdair. It’s so cute and sparkly! (Nicolette)

Bearmie Bony Ice Cream Cups

Bearmie Bony Ice Cream Cups

Completing the ice cream cup collection from one of my all-time favorite stationery brands, Bearmie Bony, was such a huge feat for me! So far, I’ve used them to store my planner clips and washi tapes, and the multitude of colors and flavors look super cute and yummy too. (Arlandyia)

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