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Kawaii Plush Photographers on Instagram

Posted on August 3, 2021 by

Do you ever wonder what tiny plushies are up to? I’ve found some very cute accounts on Instagram, where kawaii plush enjoy going on adventures or vacations.


Atta.Corner from Singapore shows the adventures of her crocheted Sumikko Gurashi family. It also features crocheted clothes on the official Sumikko plush, which I think is a very nice touch.


Sinocco413 from Japan pictures the tiny Tonkatsu and Ebi Chan plushies from Sumikko Gurashi.  You can see many cute Re-ment and other miniature items in these photos as well.


Super Cute Kawaii’s Marceline also enjoys photographing her tiny plushies. Find out where Angel Bunny travels next, or check out the adventures of the well dressed SCK Bears, Rilakkuma & Kogumachan.


Speaking of bears, do you already Travel the world with Rilakkuma or follow the Official Rilakkuma Instagram? Both accounts are a pleasure to watch.


The Moc_himugi account combines Pui Pui Molcar plushies with food, which looks very cute.


Did you know that Noodoll’s Riceananas likes to travel, swim and eat? You can find out about all its hobbies on the Riceananas Instagram account. 

You can find even more toy and plush photos using the hashtags Secret Life Of Toys , Nui-Dori and Plushies of Instagram. And if you are interested in taking plush pictures yourself, I’ll share some photography tips with you here soon.

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