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April Kawaii Videos Roundup

Posted on April 30, 2021 by

Here’s our monthly Youtube catch up with fun and kawaii videos from the last few weeks that you might have missed.

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We heard there was a new Gloomy Bear animated series coming this year and the first 3 episodes are online, with English subtitles. Always good to have a reminder that bears are not so cuddly in real life!

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If you need something a little friendlier, Pui Pui Molcar, a Japanese stop motion animation series about guinea pig cars! It is so cute and completely hilarious, especially once they start adding zombies and time travel. You can also watch it on Netflix in handy 3-episode chunks.

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Sakura season may be over in Japan but if you pick up some salt pickled cherry blossoms, you can make these Sakura anpan filled buns. The kawaii characters at megu is learning have an animated video to show you how.

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Pixielocks shares What’s In My Panic Bag with tips to create your own. This is such a cool idea to help you whenever you feel anxious.

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We had a post about stim & fidget toys last week and if you prefer to craft your own Maqaroon shared a collection of DIYs for pop it and fidget toys that are all super cute.

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And will you look at this! Sugar High Score recreated the Animal Crossing 1st anniversary cake and the detail is incredible.

What have you been watching this month? If you need more ideas check out our subscriptions and playlists on Youtube.

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