Hello Kitty Cafe in London

Posted on August 29, 2017 by

Good news for anyone near central London next month as a new pop-up Hello Kitty cafe is opening! From 1st September to 8th October you’ll be able to try some kawaii treats at the Fitzrovia branch of Japanese cafe chain Tombo.

hello kitty cafe london

Tombo are famous for their poke sushi bowls, which will be on the Hello Kitty Cafe’s menu along with cupcakes, parfaits and desserts. You’ll also be able to sip on Hello Kitty tea with various matcha drinks available. Of course, there will be exclusive merchandise to buy too.

hello kitty cafe london

That’s about all we know so far but follow Tombo on Instagram or Twitter for updates. Nicolette’s hoping to pop along and try it out for us so we’ll be sure to share that here. Let us know if you visit!

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Crowded Teeth Magic Cat Super Space Jacket

Posted on August 28, 2017 by

Crowded Teeth Magic Cat Super Space Jacket

I don’t often pledge to Kickstarters but I’m finding it hard to resist this Magic Cat Super Space jacket! I’ve been following Michelle Romo’s Crowded Teeth brand for a very long time and love her colourful mix of animals, space and nature. This jacket might be her cutest design yet and I want one!

Crowded Teeth Magic Cat Super Space Jacket

The satin jacket has lots of cute embroidered details and patches with plenty cats, ghosts and planets to keep me happy. It’s also reversible with a sweet pink kitty pattern featuring tributes to Michelle’s cat pals.

Crowded Teeth enamel pins

While the jacket is good value at $100, I haven’t really got the cash just now so I’ve picked up a Saturn Sprinkles pin instead. Luckily, the Kickstarter has already met its goal so hopefully there will be money for extra jackets and I’ll get another chance.

There’s options for embroidered patches and original artwork too so check out the Kickstarter if you want to add some magical space cats to your life.

Super Cute Sponsors

Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on August 26, 2017 by

It’s our fortnightly round-up of kawaii discounts, offers and new from our cute sponsors and this week we have two new ones to introduce!

love meow

Love Meow

If you love surprises but don’t want to commit to a subscription, try Love Meow. They offer a selection of on-off kawaii boxes containing a mix of stationery, plush, stickers and more. There’s even a cat-themed box! Pick one up from £14.99 with shipping available worldwide.

kawaii panda

Kawaii Panda

Kawaii Panda‘s Back to School – Back to Cuteness Sale continues with 15% off all stationery items until 16th September. Look out for your favourite characters including Sanrio, San-X, Disney, Sailor Moon and more.

Cakes With Faces

Haruka Kurebayashi is a kawaii model from Harajuku; She came to London for Hyper Japan and a special party with Dreamy Bows (aka Cutest Night Ever!).Watch Cakes with Faces‘ vlog of the party and an extra special interview, with all the important questions like – what’s your favourite Japanese sweets??

kawaii depot

Kawaii Depot

Even if you’re not heading back to school, it’s a great excuse to buy more cute stationery! Kawaii Depot have plenty to choose from including this super colourful tokidoki Unicorno sticky memo set. Get 10% off any $10+ order with the code KDSS-10 or 15% off a $50+ order with the code 15PER.

DIY Fluffies

DIY Fluffies

I love the DIY Fluffies Instagram as it’s full of their cute toys having adventures – Momo the panda even met a real panda! You can make one for yourself too with instant download crochet patterns for under a fiver.

cute delight

Cute Delight

Cute Delight is brand new UK kawaii store selling a range of stationery, squishies, charms and more. There’s plenty cute stuff for back to school including some adorable pens.


Asking For Trouble

I’ve been designing some new cut and sew mini pillows featuring my kawaii characters -including SCK’s Bunny & Panda. I made some samples and they’re available to buy on Etsy if you’d like a squishy new friend!

SCK newsletter

SCK Newsletter

The first edition of our new monthly email newsletter will be going out next week. Make sure you’re signed up for our top posts, seasonal crafts, current favourites on social media and more!

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Want your shop, product, blog, game, app or event featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $10 and get you featured in front of tens of thousands of kawaii fans!

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DIY Kawaii Planner Tassel Charm

Posted on August 25, 2017 by

kawaii planner charm tutorial

If you’ve got a new planner all set up for the school year (or work), you might want to accessorize it, too! There are lots of ways to do that, but planner charms are arguably the most popular choice. I’ve put together a quick tutorial showing you how to make a basic ribbon tassel charm, as well as a cute clay bunny to add to it!

kawaii planner charm

What you’ll need:

  • various ribbon – note that the more you use, the fuller your tassel will be.
  • key chain ring
  • large lobster clasp
  • jewelry pliers
  • 2.5 cm ball of lavender polymer clay
  • 0.5 cm ball of white polymer clay
  • a tiny piece of brown polymer clay
  • hot glue or fabric glue
  • purple and hot pink soft pastels (optional)
  • small clear hair elastic (optional)
  • silicone sculpting tools (optional)


Start by deciding how long you want your tassel to be. Some of my planners are smaller, so I decided that I wanted the final product to be about 5” long. Then, measure out and cut double that length in each ribbon that you want to use. I cut two 10” strips of 9 different ribbons so that the tassel would be fuller. If you don’t have that many, just cut more of each one to substitute.

kawaii planner charm

Once all the ribbons are cut, stack them flat and make sure all the ends are flush. Now slip the ribbon through the key ring until there’s equal length on both sides. Take your time to adjust what you need to and hold the ribbon tightly; otherwise you’ll end up with a lopsided tassel!

Now here’s where the hair elastic comes in handy, if you happen to have one: slip it over the key ring and onto the ribbon to hold it in place. This makes it a lot easier to tie off the tassel, but it’s by no means necessary. If you don’t have a hair elastic, lay the ribbon flat, tape the ends and key ring down, and tie string around it.

kawaii planner charm

Now choose a ribbon and measure it by wrapping it around the elastic/string a few times. You want to make sure the base is sufficiently covered. Cut the ribbon, and glue one end on top of the elastic/string. Take careful turns to wrap it fully. Place small spots of glue every half-wrap to make sure the ribbon is secure. Once you get to the other end of ribbon, glue it down. Use your pliers to attach the lobster clasp to the chain, and slide the other end of the chain onto the key ring.

Now you could stop here, or glue down something simple like a bow to hide everything. Or you could follow the rest of this tutorial for an additional fluffy bunny!

kawaii planner charm

Start by shaping your lavender clay into a pear shape, and flatten it.

Cut a line down the center of the elongated top to separate the ears. Make sure not to cut all the way through to the bottom at this part; you just need to cut about a third or half way through. We want this bunny to look extra fluffy, so use a sculpting tool or something like the end of a paint brush to create a scalloped effect.

Cut lines all along the outer edge from one ear to the other, and shape them until you get the same scalloped look. You can use your hands or something small with a flat edge (like the rounded tip of a credit card) for this part if you don’t have sculpting tools. If you have soft pastels you can use, dab some purple and hot pink along the sides using a cotton bud for a more colorful look.

kawaii planner charm

Shape some white clay into a ball and flatten it onto your bunny for the snout. Use a dotting tool or something small with a rounded tip to create the holes for the eyes and nose. From the brown clay, roll out 2 tiny beads for the eyes, and an even tinier bead for the nose. Roll a very thin snake, and cut 2 pieces for the mouth.

kawaii planner charm

Now bake according to package instructions, seal it with varnish, and glue it on top of the visible glue spot on your tassel. You now have a super cute bunny charm to show off!

kawaii planner charm

Please share with us if you try out this project, and do let us know what other kinds of tutorials you’d like to see on SCK! My DIY easter bunny pencil case would be great for school too.

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Cute Coin Banks and Purses To Save Your Money

Posted on August 24, 2017 by

Collecting change has just gotten easier and cuter with these coin banks and purses. Maybe they’ll help you start saving for something big!

hello kitty popcorn coin bank

Hello Kitty will help collect your change after getting home from a movie date night with this popcorn bank.

pusheen silicon coin purse

This silicon Pusheen coin purse is squishy and can be wiped clean if it gets mucked up at the bottom of your bag. You’ll also find versions with Pusheen eating pizza and burgers too!

totoro catbus coin purse

This Catbus pouch would be perfect for collecting change for the bus.

disney tsum tsum coin bank

For all the Tsum Tsum collectors here is a coin bank that will help you save for the next series.

unicorn coin bank

Are you saving up for something magical? Maybe this shiny blue unicorn will help?