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Kawaii Valentines Plush

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and a cute plushie is always a sweet gift for a loved one, whether that’s a partner, best friend or yourself! Here’s some of my favourites, and many are limited editions so don’t wait too long to buy.

meowchi valentines plush

The adorable Valentines Meowchi plushies from Tasty Peach Studios sold out super fast but Hot Topic (US) still have the candy heart designs in both pink and white. If you’re not quick enough, I’m sure any Meowchi fan would be equally delighted with some of Hot Topic’s exclusive plushies including an axolotl and snail!

pokemon valentines plush

I may have squealed a little when I saw a video of these Pokemon Buru Buru Mugyu plush at JapanStuffs (JP) . They have magnets inside so if you pull them apart, they’ll move back together for a hug! I also cannot deal with the little sad faces. These plush aren’t available from the US or UK Pokemon Centers but those sites do have some other fun Valentine’s Day gifts.

squishmallows valentines plush

Squishmallows have released some fun Valentines-themed plush too including Buddy Buckets, which are a pair of matching plushies with handles. Perfect to share with a friend or partner. Target (US) have a few designs to choose from but there are loads of other stockists worldwide.

kawaii valentines plush

And one more set of matching plush from Smoko (US). You get 2 versions of Tayto Potato dressed up as a bear to share or keep together. There’s also a few different plush bouquets available for a special gift.

ghost valentines plush

If you keep it spooky cute all year round, Em & Sprout (US) have the perfect ghost plush to tell someone that You’re My BOO! How could possibly resist?

kawaii valentines plush

This bag of Sweet Hearts candy will last a lot longer than the real thing! It’s by Yummy World for Kidrobot (US) and you can unzip the packet to get at the little hearts, which have flirtatious phrases on the back.

Rilakkuma valentines plush

This Rilakkuma plush at Jellybeet (US) looks totally lovestruck, all in pink and covered in little hearts. There’s also a matching Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori if they’re your favourite.

jellycat valentines plush

To finish off, Jellycat are keeping it simple with a little Amuseables heart who looks very ready for a hug, It’s available in multiple sizes and colours, and a bag too. There’t lots more gift ideas in the Valentines collection.

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