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During these cold wintry days, there’s nothing better than snuggling down under a blanket with a cosy hobby, whether that be a game, a jigsaw, a book or a craft. I know plenty of people who love to focus on a bit of needlecraft during this season and these winter themed patterns and kits are just perfect to get started.

winter snowflake embroidery kit

If you don’t already have embroidery supplies then a full kit can be a great option, especially for beginners. This snowflake hoop kit from MakeBox & Co (UK) has everything you need including beads and hoop.

winter embroidery patterns

I love this snowy landscape with a woodland cabin and the cool pastel colour scheme, gives that perfect chilly, icy vibe while still being colourful. And again, this embroidery kit from Tales From the Hoop (UK) provides everything you might need to get started.

Watch on YouTube

If you’d prefer to follow along with a tutorial so you can see someone going through the process, then this stitch-a-long with Saint Rogers Street offers a different woodland cabin scene, but with a little more visual help. You’ll have to provide your own materials, but there’s a free pattern included in the description of the video.

winter embroidery patterns

If reading is your favourite hobby or if you like embroidering cosy scenes, then this downloadable reading nook pattern from Feronia Embroidery should be on your to-make list.

winter embroidery patterns

Winter foliage is always a winner, and I love this repeating winter sampler pattern from The Hoop in Hand, including evergreens and pinecones.

winter snowflake embroidery patterns

Do you want to try embroidering some beads or jewels into your creations? RoseStitchArt (UK) has a kit where you can include some diamantés within a scattered snowflake design. I like the cool blue or purple tones (depending on the scheme you choose) and if you just want the pattern instead of the kit then they offer that option too.

winter embroidery patterns

January is the perfect time to start a new project and this calendar wheel from Renarde Endormie gives you a monthly task to complete. Each digital pattern contains one month’s design of seasonal flora and fauna, so you’d have to purchase all 12 – or a full kit (EU) – but I think it would be really rewarding when it all comes together at the end of the year.

winter embroidery patterns

If you’re not sure what you’d like to make or where you’d like to embroider, then this selection of cosy alpine designs and fonts from Love Embroidery Mag give you a number of options and you’re not limited to anything. Fancy embroidering some skiing figures onto a tea towel? You absolutely can!

Watch on YouTube

Amity Floral Embroidery has the cutest little snowflake design that they sew onto the tops of socks. The free tutorial no longer comes with a pattern, but you can watch and follow along and complete a pair yourself. If you make them ice blue socks you could even pretend you’re Elsa in Frozen…

What cosy projects do you have planned this month?

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