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Kawaii Kitchenware at Zakka Mart

Posted on February 27th 2015 by in Home Cute Home

If your home could do with some extra cuteness, Zakka Mart have some super kawaii mugs, glasses, bowls, teapots, tissue boxes and more. That bear mug and cup set is too adorable and who doesn’t want a panda taking a relaxing bath in their soup? Zakka Mart are based in Canada so good news for any Canadian kawaii fans, but will ship worldwide too.

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Kawaii Plush Wish List

Posted on February 26th 2015 by in Let's Go Shopping!

It’s my birthday in a few weeks so I’ve been updating my wishlist, which includes a lot of bunnies and plushies! Here’s a few I’d be happy to add to my collection.


We’ve featured the cute art of Yoyo The Ricecorpse before, but she’s also been busy sewing up these adorable bunnies. They’re hand-sewn, unique and a little bit wonky and I love them all.


I’ve had a Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi plush on my wishlist for a while, but could never decide which flavour I liked best. Ryan posted a sneak peek of the limited edition Bumblebee Meowchi coming soon and I will crush you all to get first in line.


Given my love of astronomy and Rilakkuma, it’s almost a crime that I don’t own anything from the space range. I would love this astronaut from Mira Plush.


The newest member of the Inki-Drop family is Toxika, a venomous gummy squid, who’s also totally adorable. Pre-orders are open now and come with a free sticker!


I haven’t decided on a favourite Sumikko Gurashi character yet, but it might be the seaweed, especially when wearing a tiny hat!


Here’s a bonus pic of my plush collection, if you ever doubted my love of bunnies and food with faces.

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Freedom Japanese Market Snack Box Review

Posted on February 25th 2015 by in Kawaii Reviews

freedom japanese market review

I’ve visited Japan three times now and one of the things I miss the most when I leave are konbini, the corner shops where you can buy snacks, drinks, bento boxes and much more. I love browsing all the kawaii packaging and odd seasonal flavours and there never seem to be enough days to try everything. So you can imagine my excitement when Japanese Freedom Market offered to send me one of their snack boxes to review. For $25 you get 10-12 packs of crisps, sweets, chocolate, gummies, DIY kits and more with different things every month.


I received a pretty hefty box and was impressed by how well packed it was – there’s another layer underneath this so they really do cram a lot in for your money.  Everything was in perfect condition and has been ordered specifically for the boxes so it’s all fresh and includes seasonal flavours and limited editions. As a family business, they also fold a piece of origami for everyone and there’s an info sheet with details on all the items, so you don’t have to guess what they are.


Here’s what I found inside (clockwise from top left): Karamucho crisps, Kaki no mi rice crackers, PukuPuku Tai chocolate taiyaki fish, plastic mug of ramune candy, Maze Maze Drink gummies, Hora Dekita DIY candy apple kit, Umaibo puffed corn snacks, Rilakkuma pretzels, Pokemon Karipori in melon and grape, and 2 mini KitKats.

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Most Wanted: Totoro Soot Sprite Pillow

Posted on February 24th 2015 by in Most Wanted!


There’s something about Soot Sprites – a.k.a. dust bunnies – that makes me want to hug them. I’m sure a lot of Studio Ghibli fans might feel that way. And luckily you can do just that with this Big Soot Sprite Pillow! It is handmade by Mola Pila from soft plush and measures a whopping 45cm (18″).


She carries many different Soot Sprites and other cute critters in her Etsy shop, such as this 20cm pillow version with Japanese candy (kompeitō) stuck to its face.


I also wouldn’t mind bringing a plush Gunter from Adventure Time home!

Check out the Mola Pila shop to see if your favourite character has been turned into plush as well.

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Hello Kitty Fabric at Modes4U

Posted on February 23rd 2015 by in SCK Favourites


I spotted this super cute Hello Kitty fabric on Modes4U recently and discovered they have loads of fun designs featuring the famous Kitty. This one comes in three different colours, and there are lots more with bakery and candy themes, bows, hearts and more. If you’re planning some kawaii sewing, you should take a look.



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Tokidoki Buffet Collection

Posted on February 20th 2015 by in Just Cute!


Food with faces has always been the ultimate form of kawaii for me and what better than Tokidoki food with faces? Their new Buffet design has all the usual characters, plus cute cake, noodles, burgers, popcorn and more. It looks great on their range of bags and t-shirts, and I love the keychains too which, at $6, are an affordable way to add a bit of Tokidoki kawaii to your day.



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Little Lost Girls Paper Dolls by Mab Graves

Posted on February 19th 2015 by in Kawaii Reviews

Little Lost Girls Paper Dolls

I am a fan of Mab Graves‘ art work. Her cute and creepy big eyed beauties run the pages of this book in her signature style. Little Lost Girls Paper Dolls contains 4 dolls and a handful of outfits, accessories and playthings to keep you lost for hours. I also think that the dolls could be framed with various outfits and props to create a one of a kind art arrangement for your home. I have not been able to take apart any of the pages to play or display, however I found it fun just looking at the pages.

mab graves

mab graves

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Kawaii Depot Stickers Giveaway

Posted on February 18th 2015 by in Giveaways

Time for a new giveaway, this time with Kawaii Depot. If you love cute stickers, you’ll love this giveaway!

kawaii depot giveaway

One lucky winner will receive TEN kawaii sticker sheets, from Korean brands including Funny Sticker World and Sonia. You’ll get a set of 5 Fairy Tale Series sticker sheets, and 5 Cute Animal sticker sheets with puffy, epoxy jewel, and die-cut stickers.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below for multiple chances to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway closes on Tuesday 3rd March and we’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck!

Please Note:
By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
Follow the rules or we’ll disqualify all your entries – we do check!
This giveaway is open worldwide.

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Artbox Sugar Hotel Giveaway Winner

Posted on February 18th 2015 by in Giveaways

Time to find out who’s won our latest giveaway with Artbox. The winner is…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Jennifer Ramirez! Check your inbox for how to claim your prize, or email us at

Don’t be too sad if you didn’t win this time, as there’s new giveaway happening in a few hours, plus many more Artbox giveaways throughout the year.

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Kawaii Pancake Day

Posted on February 17th 2015 by in Etsy Picks

We haven’t done a Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) round-up for years, so let’s see who’s been cooking up some cute pancakes.


If you’d rather just sleep through today, this eye mask by SwiedebieCreative is adorable!


A happy pancake to keep your change in, by HappyCosmos.


A healthier pancake with blueberries by cbexpress.


A whole sheet of pancake stickers from stickers2please.


And finally, a super cute pancake blanket from HandmadebyAlyssa to snuggle under.

happy pancake day

Are you having pancakes today? I made a cute one for you :)

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Most Wanted: Hannahdoodle Ice Cream Pillow

Posted on February 16th 2015 by in Most Wanted!


I stumbled across these adorable ice cream plush pillows at Hannahdoodle while searching for cute pink Valentine’s gifts. They deserve a post of their own though as I want one in every colour to scatter across my sofa! I love their happy faces and sprinkles, and there are donuts and cookies too, plus more affordable brooches and cards. Check it all out on Etsy.



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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on February 14th 2015 by in Super Cute Sponsors


If you’re feeling inspired to do some cute crafting, Happy Kawaii Supplies have loads of kawaii supplies for decoden, jewellery making and more, including big packs of sweet cabochons that look good enough to eat. Don’t forget, SCK readers get 15% off all orders with the code CUTIE.

kawaii depot

Kawaii Depot have been adding loads of adorable mini memo pads by San-X, Mindwave, Q-Lia, Crux and more. You can also get 10% off orders of $20+ with the code KDSS-10.


Yozo Craft are still adding new things every week – there’s some pretty amazing gift wrap available just now at just $1 a sheet.

nekomata textiles

Nekomata Textiles have so much fun animal fabric to buy – these polar bears come in three colours and SCK readers can get 10% off all orders with the code KAWAIINEKO.


Over at Asking For Trouble, my 5 A Day tote bags are back in stock – they’re great for cheering up those trips to the supermarket. My Winter Sale ends on Monday too – use the code VALENTINE for an extra %15 off.

artbox giveaway

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway with Artbox – it ends on Tuesday! Look out for a sticker-tastic new giveway this week too.

SCK Awards

And if you missed it, we announced the winners of the SCK Awards on Wednesday – check out the full results!

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $10!

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Tutorial: Let’s Make a Valentine’s Cake Roll with Frainy

Posted on February 13th 2015 by in Things To Make

Hello everyone, Frainy here with a polymer clay tutorial themed for Valentine’s Day coming up!












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Show us your cute makes!

If you make something from a tutorial, pattern or download featured on SCK, share your photos using the hashtag #supercutekawaii on Instagram or Twitter so we can see what you've made and share the best ones!

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Super Cute Creators Interview: Twinkie Chan

Posted on February 12th 2015 by in Super Cute Creators

When I saw so many people had voted Twinkie Chan as the most kawaii person of 2014 in the SCK Awards, I knew I had to interview her. With her cute crochet products, colourful fashions and expanding empire, Twinkie Chan has always been an inspiration for me and I’m glad you think so too! Read on for another inspiring look into the life of a kawaii creative!

Twinkie Chan

Introduce yourself! Who are you, what do you make and what do you do in your spare time?

I design and crochet fun, food-themed accessories for you and your stuff, like cheeseburger scarves, cupcake mittens, and corn dog pen cozies! I started to make scarves for myself in 2005 and then randomly decided to create a website to see if anyone would buy any. I was working in publishing at the time, and now all I do is crochet crochet crochet! I also have a diffusion line called “Yummy You! by Twinkie Chan” where we take my more popular crochet designs and produce them overseas to make my work more accessible to more people. I blog at my website,, and share free crochet patterns, outfit photos, monthly giveaways, and I’ve also started to focus more on crochet tutorials on YouTube. I like to encourage people to have fun with their fashion as well as their crafting! In my spare time, I like to hang out with my doggies, watch movies, and eat dinner with friends!

Twinkie Chan

Where do you live and what’s it’s like there?

I live in San Francisco where it can feel like winter during the summer, hence, my vast personal scarf collection! This is a really creative and eclectic city, with all kinds of people smushed into a 7 mile x 7 mile area. We have a lot of local arts and crafts events of all kinds, which is very inspiring!

What was your first experience with kawaii culture and why does kawaii inspire your work?

My family is from Hong Kong, and we go back to visit from time to time. You can’t NOT experience kawaii culture when shopping in Hong Kong. As a teenager, I kind of shunned it, because I felt like as a young, Asian girl, I was expected to love everything cute. However, in my 20s, I embraced it ironically and then earnestly. I love how Japanese street fashion is so colorful and expressive. Even if people feel that they can’t fully adopt a super unconventional look, I hope to show people that you can at least have fun with one statement accessory!

What cute products can you never resist buying for yourself?

I can’t seem to stay away from polka dot print, heart print, and happy candy colors in my clothes. I also have a ridiculous amount of hair bows and food-themed jewelry and food-themed purses. One of my odd and specific collections is plush bananas with cute faces on them!


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SCK Awards Winners – The Full Results

Posted on February 11th 2015 by in SCK News

Loads of you voted, and the winners were announced live on Twitter and on Facebook, so here’s the full results.



pusheen alpacasso

Rilakkuma was a clear winner here, followed by everyone’s favourite fat cat Pusheen and those adorable Alpacassos.



san-x tokidoki

Sanrio‘s Hello Kitty and friends are your favourite brand, closely followed by oddball rivals San-X, home of Rilakkuma, and the super colourful Tokidoki characters.



shanalogic tofucute

Blippo‘s free shipping and big range of your favourite kawaii characters, candy and magazines, plus the subscription Kawaii Box, made them a clear winner.

Runner-up Shana Logic‘s commitment to supporting indie artists and makers is as awesome as the cute things they sell.

And in third place is Tofu Cute, a godsend for UK kawaii shoppers, with all the latest kawaii plush and fun candy kits, plus a real store too.



artbox tofucuteshop

With hundreds of locations around the globe, it’s no surprise that most voters’ favourite local place to shop for kawaii is a Sanrio store.

Runner-up Artbox is a must-visit if you’re ever in London. The store might be tiny, but it’s packed full of kawaii and looks like a bus from the outside!

Another third placing for Tofu Cute, who only recently opened their doors in Portsmouth. It already looks like the cutest, pink-est shop ever!

This category turned into a very interesting list of global kawaii shops, and I plan to collect these into a handy shopping directory soon so you can shop on your travels.



yummyyou frainy

Maqaroon‘s sweet jewellery came tops for independent makers, closely followed by star crocheter Twinkie Chan, and the decoden creations of our very own Frainy at Milk Chocolate Dream.

This category had a huge amount of nominations and it was great to see just how many hard-working makers you love. While we did manage to find 3 winners, it was very close and I’ll be going through all the shops that were voted for to feature the best ones later.

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