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Cel’s Deconails Giveaway

Posted on July 23rd 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Bonjour mes amis! I have another tres cute giveaway today from Cel’s Deconails. Bunny san reviewed some decoden products yesterday, and today you can be winning your own unique decoden prize!

cel's deconails giveaway

Une lucky winner will receivez: a round decoden compact mirror with a summer theme, decorated with pink and clear Swarovski crystals, a cute bunny and cherries, and a silver filigree ring with a hand-painted glass centre full of glitter in pink and silver colours. The size of the ring is adjustable.

To entrez, please use ze Rafflecopter widget below and you will find many chances to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ze contest closes on Tuesday 5th August and le winner will be picked at random. Bonne chance!

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Tofu Cute Giveaway Winner

Posted on July 23rd 2014 by mar-c

tofu cute giveaway

Monsieur Le Bun will be along later with a brand new giveaway from Cel’s Deconails, but I’m sure you’re dying to hear who won the Tofu Cute giveaway. And the winner is….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Nhiên! Look out for an email from us on how to claim your prize or you can email

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Cel’s Deconails Review

Posted on July 22nd 2014 by mar-c

cel's deconails review

I’ve got something a bit different to review today – handmade decoden products by Cel’s Deconails!

If you’ve not come across Decoden before, it started out in Japan as sticking lots of shiny and cute things to your phone and now has expanded to include a whole range of products and nail art too. Designs can range from the tasteful to completely over the top 3D objects. Cel’s Deconails specialises in kawaii and gothic styles with a lot of bling!

cel's deconails

Cel sent me a compact mirror and keyring/bag hanger and everything came nicely packaged in organza bags. It was all in perfect condition after the trip over from Greece and I even got some local sweets!

cel's deconails

I was interested to see what the designs looked like close up and they look great with no visible glue. The compact mirror is covered in loads of pink and silver Swarovski crystals so it’s very sparkly! There’s also a cute bunny and a cake – two of my favourite things! Everything seems to be fixed on well so I would happily throw this in my bag.

cel's deconails

I also got a cute heart-shaped bunny keyring. The bunny sits on a pink glittery background and is surrounded by yellow and pink crystals. It would be cute enough as a keyring or bag charm but you can also open it out and turn it into a bag hanger! The top part sits flat on the table (or bookcase as I’m using here!) with a hook below to keep your bag safe and off the floor.

super cute kawaii

Everything at Cel’s Deconails is handmade and one of a kind and prices range from £7 for hairslides to £30 for a fully blinged-out phone case, with keyrings and mirrors around £15. You’ll also find pendants, rings, nail art, pill cases and more with a big range of designs available, plus if you have something in mind, Cel can work with you on custom designs too.

cel's deconails

If you like the look of all this, check back tomorrow for a chance to win your own decoden goodies in Monsieur Le Bun’s latest giveaway!

(Products were provided for review by Cel’s Deconails, but this is my honest review and the photos are my own)

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Funko x Hello Kitty at Giant Robot

Posted on July 21st 2014 by claire


I’ve gone off Hello Kitty a bit recently, but this darker side to me appeals much more! I love the Franken-kitty especially! These Funko figurines are available in blind boxes at Giant Robot, who have quite the selection of new stuff this summer. You should totally check them all out!

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Mimoco Power Tubes

Posted on July 18th 2014 by claire



Those clever sausages over at Mimoco have got a whole new invention on the way – Power Tubes! They are basically little magic gadgets which will charge your phone on the go.



Look, there are lots of handy adapters for all sorts of devices. And, of course, they’re cute! They’ve worked with some really cool designers including Shawnimals and Tado to bring a touch of kawaii to the range. Neat! Watch out for them coming to a kawaii emporium near you soon.

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Posted on July 17th 2014 by mar-c


We love getting emails about your cute shops so keep those submissions coming! Pincinc emailed recently and their shop is stacked full of kawaii! You’ll find Colette’s sweet characters on jewellery, t-shirts, prints and more – I think those burger bears are my favourite, but who can resist that pink bunny?



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Japanese Sweets & DIY Candy Kits Review

Posted on July 16th 2014 by mar-c

japanese candy reviews

As promised, me and my sister Nicolette sat down and reviewed a whole pile of Japanese sweets and DIY candy kits at the weekend. Having visited Japan, we’re familiar with some of this madness, but new to some things too, so here are our honest reviews! With each item, we first gave our snap decision on whether it would be good, then tried it and decided whether we would buy it again. Most of these are available to buy from Tofu Cute, but I’ll provide some other links at the end.

kit kat bakeable pudding

Let’s start with the one we were most excited about - Kit Kat Bakeable Pudding! These are mini pudding flavoured Kit Kats that you chill in the fridge and then put under a grill for a few minutes until the top turns golden brown. We were certain these would be amazing, but were still a little apprehensive when they were melting under the grill. They did look awesome and tasted really good too – a caramel flavour with melty chocolate and crunchy wafer! At £1.50 for two we would definitely buy them again – you would never get something like this in the UK or US and we felt a real sense of achievement, baking our Kit Kats!

sakura matcha kit kat

Continuing with Kit Kats, we had a gift box of Sakura Matcha flavour, which we also thought would be good. “Ooh it’s green!” exclaimed Nic and so they are! I couldn’t quite place the flavour, but eventually decided they tasted of pink, so I guess that counts as Sakura (cherry blossom)! The matcha (green tea) flavour was very subtle – you would only really guess that flavour by the green colour. They were a little bit sickly after a while, as white chocolate tends to be, and at £3.99 they’re a little expensive, but as they’re beautifully packaged they’d make a lovely gift.

popin' cookin' gummy land kit

Having never tried a candy kit before, we were very intrigued by the Popin’ Cookin’ Gummy Land kit. We were also doubtful of it being edible or tasty. I downloaded English instructions, but purposely didn’t watch any videos so we’d give you a realistic review! It was all easy enough to follow – basically mixing water with coloured flavour powders, mixing those with a dropper to make different colour combinations and then dropping water into moulds placed into the gummy powder.

DIY gummy

Making the gummies turned out to be really frustrating though! The liquid seeped out of the bottom and spread and they took ages to set. We made a few and kept having different problems each time. When we eventually ate them, they tasted of nothing, just vaguely fruity. The texture was also off-putting – with bits tasting wet and powdery. All in all, it felt like a lot of effort for little reward so we wouldn’t buy them again.

We did watch a video after, and they made it look a lot easier so you might be better at it than us! We were quite enraged that they had a flat spoon with their kit instead our fork, which was useless for smoothing down the powder. Continue reading »

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Panda News

Posted on July 15th 2014 by claire



Some news from behind the scenes at Super Cute Kawaii today – little old Panda San (me!) is going to be leaving at the end of August! I hope it will be as smooth a departure as hanging onto these balloons and drifting off!

I’ve had such a great time since we started all those years ago trawling the world for the cutest of things to bring you, but the time has come to hang up my kawaii hat! Don’t worry, Bunny San will still be here and there may even be an opportunity for you to get involved yourself coming up – exciting!

I’ll be around a little while longer – be sure to check out Irene Gough’s illustrations – isn’t this panda so cute?!

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BooBoo & Ted

Posted on July 14th 2014 by mar-c


It’s always nice when someone includes my products in an Etsy Treasury, especially because they’re usually alongside some cute shops I’ve never seen before, like BooBoo & Ted! They have a great range of laser cut acrylic, wood and paper products including clocks, brooches, magnets, cards and more. That sun clock would cheer up anyone’s house!



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Most Wanted: Little Ceramic Seal

Posted on July 11th 2014 by mar-c


I stumbled across this herd of seals at Barruntando on Etsy and I want them all! Each one is handmade and unique with a random selection of colours. I’m sure I could never choose one but they all have cute little faces and fit in your hand. You can pick up a seal for just £6.50 and you’ll also find some cute bowls, planters, mugs and more.



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Most Wanted: Sock Monkey Necklace

Posted on July 10th 2014 by claire



As with so many Mary Mary Handmade pieces, the second I saw this sock monkey pendant, I mentally added it to the top of my wishlist. Silver jewellery – check. Necklace – check. SOCK MONKEY – ding-ding-ding, oh hell yeah, CHECK! Gotta have it!

Check out the rest of the Mary Mary range, which is equally adorable, here.

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Tofu Cute Giveaway

Posted on July 9th 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Bonjour! I have ze super cute new giveaway today from mes amis at Tofu Cute. Bunny san reviewed some Tofu Cute products yesterday, and today you can be winning a kawaii prize pack!

tofu cute giveaway

Une lucky winner will receivez an adorable Yellow Alpacasso Alpaca 6-Inch plush, Tofu Cute shopping bag, Sakura Matcha 3-pack Kit Kat gift box, Grape Neru Neru Nerune DIY Candy, Pocky pencil case et Tofu Tomodachi Membership Club card. Tres bon, oui?

To entrez, please use ze Rafflecopter widget below and you will find many chances to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ze contest closes on Tuesday 22nd July and le winner will be picked at random. Bonne chance!

Terms and Conditions
By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

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Sushi Roll Pencil Case Winner

Posted on July 9th 2014 by mar-c

Monsieur Le Bun will be along later with a brand new giveaway from Tofu Cute, but I’m just popping in to tell you the winner of the sushi roll pencil case. And the winner is….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Rachael! Look out for an email from us on how to claim your prize.

If you weren’t a winner this time, you can pick up a pencil case for yourself at

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Tofu Cute Review

Posted on July 8th 2014 by mar-c

tofu cute review

Tofu Cute are one of our favourite online stores in the UK so I was delighted when they sent me a box full of cuteness to review! It included Alpaca & Sheep Sponge Stickers, a yellow Alpacasso Plush CharmSakura Matcha Kit Kat Gift Box, Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Gummy Candy and a Tofu Tomodachi Card.


It all came packed in a box and everything was in perfect condition. The alpaca plush caught my eye first – it’s so cute and fluffy, and yellow is one of my favourite colours. It’s an official tagged Alpacasso brand with an elastic loop and will be going on one of my bags pronto. Continuing the alpaca theme, the Korean alpaca and sheep stickers are super cute with loads of different designs and sizes, and all made of squishy sponge.


On to the candy! Having visited Japan a few times, exciting Kit Kats always make me happy and you get 3 in this nicely packaged set, which would make a great gift. The Popin’ Candy kit is for making gummies and looks fun. Look out for another review post soon, when I’m going to rope my visiting sister into helping me try out lots of crazy sweets and candy kits, including these!

tofu tomodachi

Finally, the Tofu Tomodachi card. It’s a membership card that you can buy for £1 and then lets you earn points for every purchase online or at one of the many events Tofu Cute have a stand at. You can save up your points and use them as cash discounts on a future order or trade them in for special gifts! If you buy a lot of kawaii or Japanese candy, this is definitely worth the investment as Tofu Cute have such a great range of products. Plus it will looks awesome in your wallet!

Everything in my box is well-priced with the most expensive item (the alpaca plush) only £4.99 and the stickers are a bargainous £1.50. Tofu Cute ship worldwide and there’s free UK shipping on orders over £20.

If you like the look of all this, check back tomorrow for an even bigger and better giveaway prize pack with Monsieur Le Bun!

(Products were provided for review by Tofu Cute, but this is my honest review and the photos are my own)

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Moshi Moooosh Stickers

Posted on July 7th 2014 by claire



Aren’t these stickers just too cute? I love these tiny coffee mugs – perfect for your diary. Meeting up with Bunny San for a hot chocolate – sticker!



Have medication to take on certain days – sticker!

Check out what else you can stick in your diary at the Moshi Moooosh store on Etsy. 

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