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Sanrio Otamatone Musical Instruments

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Otamatone is a Japanese musical instrument in the shape of a musical note. This battery operated toy has been around since 2009 and sounds very much like a synthesiser.

Otamatone musical instrument

This is what the unicorn Otamatone looks like. With one hand you press the stem to make notes. You can slide your fingers up and down to create high or low notes.

Otamatone musical instrument

With the other hand you can squeeze the Otamatone’s cheeks to open and close its mouth, creating a ‘wah’ sound. You can also shake the device to create a vibrato.

Sanrio Otamatone musical instruments

Recently Otamatone has teamed up with Sanrio. This means that you can now buy one shaped like Aggretsuko, Gudetama or Hello Kitty. I’m a fan of the raging Aggretsuko design!

Aggretsuko Otamatone musical instruments

The prices for these regular sized Sanrio Otamatone (27 cm) start at about $33 and you can get them directly from Hamee (US) or through Amazon in other countries.

Otamatone musical instrument

This Kirby Otamatone lineup shows the different sizes, with the smallest Melody version on the left and the large Deluxe version on the right.

Watch on YouTube

If you wonder what the Otamatone sounds like, you should really check out the videos from the RealSullyG. He mainly plays music from the 70’s up to the 90’s and theme-dresses his Otamatones according to the songs.

Otamatone musical instrument

If you’d like to explore Otamatone some more, you could try out one of these apps : Otamatone for Google or Otamatone Studio for Apple.

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