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Original Cute Characters from Indie Artists

Posted on February 9, 2021 by

We’ve all heard of characters from bigger companies, such as Hello Kitty and Gudetama from Sanrio. But not all cute characters have got a large team behind them. Did you know that Pusheen originally started as a small webcomic, called Everyday Cute? Over time Pusheen became very popular and nowadays she is a well known kawaii cat. Today I’d like to show you some cute characters from indie artists and designers that are certainly worth keeping an eye on ^_^

Original Cute Characters - ChibiKuma (USA) is a small group of original cute characters. You should really check out the ChibiKuma items, including this cute hand-painted planter of their Sapling Bear called Kino.

Original Cute Characters - Loof & Timmy

Loof & Timmy (UK) is an animated GIF series on GIPHY starring Loof the Loaf and Timmy T-Rex. I’m especially a fan of their kawaii Loof Bread Plush, which has been patiently waiting in my Etsy cart.

Original Cute Characters - Meowchi

Meowchi from Tasty Peach Studios (USA) has been featured on Super Cute Kawaii before. This cute cat was designed by Ryan Zanfei and has gained quite a following. Meowchi also appears in a couple of shops outside the USA, for instance at Nippon Kawaii (EU) and Ace Comics (Australia)

Original Cute Characters - Baby Potato

Baby Potato from Kira Kira Doodles (USA) looks so cute. He would probably love to lounge on your couch.

Original Cute Characters - Rainylune

Rachel Reichenbach a.k.a Rainylune (USA) makes cute chaotic frogs. Her characters are named Son the Frog, Friend the Frog and Sprout the Frog. They are available as plushies, pins, stickers and other cute items. You can also find Rainylune on Instagram, I really enjoy her posts.

What is your favorite character from this post? And if you have any suggestions for independent cute characters for a feature post, do let us know in the comments!

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