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For SCK’s 10 year anniversary, we’ve been sharing interviews with all the SCK staff. This is the last one so I hoped you enjoyed getting to know us a little better.

Nicolette is my sister so she’s technically been around since the beginning but isn’t part of the regular writers. Instead, she helps out by covering all the cutest events in London, discovering new kawaii creators, meeting mascots and trying fun food.  Read all Nicolette’s posts here >>

Pusheen x ARTBOX event

Introduce yourself!

I’m Nicolette and I work in an opticians helping people choose their glasses. I like going to the cinema, walks by the river, hanging out with my two adorable chinchillas and playing way too much Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Where do you live and what’s it’s like there?

I live in London, which is big, hectic, exhausting and fun!

nicolette's chinchillas

Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t guess from your SCK posts

Sharks and sea creatures are my favourite animals and I’m glad there are more kawaii sharks around as they are such fantastic animals. I have an honours degree in Marine Biology and even volunteered at a local aquarium for a while.

How did you become interested in kawaii culture?

Probably through gaming. I loved my original Game Boy and was obsessed with Pokemon and Pikachu! When Marceline and I used to visit London we would always go look at all the Pocket Monsters stuff in the Japan Centre and Sanrio character goods in Harrods.

Nicolette's kawaii plush

What cute products or characters can you never resist adding to your kawaii collection?

Neko dango plushies: I bought the white one at Hyper Japan and now have a whole gang. I also love Sumikko Gurashi, Pusheen blind boxes and pretty much anything weird and hilarious!

Nicolette's kawaii mascot meetings

What have been your highlights of writing for SCK?

All the great events I get to attend for SCK like Hyper Japan, MCM London Comic Con, the Hello Kitty café and the Powerpuff Girls pop up. I’ve met so many lovely people at events and that’s how we discovered a lot of SCK faves like Cakes With Faces, Fuzzballs and Box Monster. I also get really excited whenever I come across mascots and have to have a photo taken with them: I’ve met Domo-kun three times!

nicolette SCK posts

Which posts are you most proud of?

  • Guest Picks – It was really fun choosing some of my fave items for SCK and I still think they are all awesome!
  • Glasses Are Kawaii! – Obviously this post is why specs are so cool now.
  • Just Robots – I’m still proud that I discovered Yoyo The Ricecorpse before Marceline!
  • Visiting the Hello Kitty Café – It was so good I went twice! The food looked and tasted amazing and was just like a proper Japanese character café.
nicolette kawaii instagram favourites

What are your current favourite Instagram accounts?

  • @milkbun – I especially love the adorable and hilarious Pokemon guides to various things such as eating healthy, conventions and social anxiety.
  • @mahoukarp – Lots of kawaii sea creatures, yay!
  • @sewyoursoul – Amazing artist Lucy Sparrow who makes everything out of felt! I was lucky enough to visit her felt Corner Shop installation in 2014 and am a big fan of her work.
  • @myostery – I am completely in love with all their quirky ceramic bebes and hope to have one of my own one day – they just sell out so fast!

Where else can we find you online?

On Instagram.

Nicolette's kawaii plush

Anything else you’d like to know? Ask in the comments!

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