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Since Creamiicandy sent us a huge range of their kawaii squishies, we decided to test them all out and let you know which are the best buys for your money.

Creamiicandy Kawaii Squishy review
My living room floor, shortly before the mega photo session!

Myself and Nicolette scored all 25 squishy types for cuteness, scent, packaging, charm and – the most important! – squishiness. The results are not what we would have expected from just looking at them – compare the top ten with my personal favourites.

Creamiicandy Kawaii Yummiibear Squishy

1. Yummiibear

It seems only right that Creamiicandy’s signature Yummiibear character ends up on top! These adorable bears cool down with ice cream on their heads and got top marks for squishiness, scent and cuteness. They’re very slow rising too. The charms are really cute, though not as high quality as some of the others. If you’re starting out collecting squishies, we recommend going straight to the Yummiibear collection.

Creamiicandy Kawaii king monkey Squishy

2. King Cheeki

Cheeki Monkey is another major Creamiicandy character and there are a lot on this list! King Cheeki rules over the rest with top marks for cuteness and squishiness and high marks for scent. They also come packaged in a cool box and the playing card charms are really fun. These are high quality squishies with lots of cute details.

Creamiicandy Kawaii koala Squishy

3. Cotton Candy Koala

These super sweet koalas rated highly on cuteness and squishiness, and even smell like cotton candy. We loved their expressions and the plastic charms are pretty cute too.

Creamiicandy Kawaii monkey magician Squishy

4. Magician Cheeki

Magician Cheeki would have been #2 as the details are even cuter and the charms are incredibly high quality. They’re filled with water and glitter and would look great on your bag even without the squishy. Unfortunately, we didn’t like the scent much.

Creamiicandy Kawaii animal popsicles Squishy

5. Animal Popsicles

These animal popsicles are some of the cutest squishies I’ve ever seen with fun popiscle-style packaging and a stiff  ‘wooden’ stick to hold them up. They’re a little bit flat for full squishy enjoyment but still fun to play with. We liked the scents too, especially the melon dragon.

Creamiicandy Kawaii magical dragon Squishy

6. Magical Baby Dragons

These baby dragons got the highest packaging score as they come in plastic eggs with a fluffy nest. The expressions are all adorable and the scents are nice too. Despite their small size, they’re great for squishing.

Creamiicandy Kawaii monkey Squishy

7. Cheeki’s Magical Banana

These were a surprise top ten pick but we loved the scents, especially the green apple. They’re also a great shape and size for squishing. We were a little confused by the charms though, which have a magic/witch theme. There’s no explanation given for this – maybe Magician Cheeki is turning other monkeys into bananas?

Creamiicandy Kawaii marshmallow cats Squishy

8. Mini Marshmallow Kitties

Another good all-rounder – these kitties are super cute, fun to squish and have nice scents. The themed spoon and fork charms are especially fun and make it a top choice for hanging on your bag.

Creamiicandy Kawaii banana Squishy

9. Cheeka’s Mini Fruity Bananas

These fruity bananas aren’t the most kawaii design but there’s something really fun about them and they come with cute Cheeki & Cheeka charms. They’re also the perfect size and shape to fit in your hand for squishing. The scents are a bit hit and miss so try before you buy if you can.

Creamiicandy Kawaii Ice Cream Octopus Squishy

10. Octopus Stack Ice Cream

These stackable squishies are so much fun to play with as they have magnets inside. There’s 3 different cones and 10 different octopus scoops so you can mix and match. While they got top marks for cuteness and scent, they’re not as much fun to squish because of the hard magnet inside, and you also can’t attach them to your bag.

The Rest

Creamiicandy Kawaii pirate monkey Squishy

11. Pirate Cheeki

High marks for squishiness and cuteness with a nice scent but no charms.

Creamiicandy Kawaii monkey Squishy

12. Cheeki Monkey

Top marks for scent and high marks for squishiness and cuteness.

Creamiicandy Kawaii pineapple donut Squishy

13. Pineapple Donut

Top marks for squishiness and cuteness with super cute charms. Unfortunately, we really disliked the scent, which is so strong. I wanted to keep one of these for myself but it was giving me a headache!

Creamiicandy Kawaii poo Squishy

14. Crazy Poo

These food and animal poos get top marks for scent and are fun to squish. We liked the matching charms but some of the characters are a lot cuter than others.

Creamiicandy Kawaii papaya Squishy

15. Jumbo Cheeki & Cheeka Papaya

Really big size papayas so great fun to squish but not very slow rising. The charms are cute and the scent is nice too.

Creamiicandy Kawaii penguin Squishy

16.  Mini Penguin

Scored highly for scent and squishiness but the charms could be cuter.

Creamiicandy Kawaii monkey Squishy

17. Jumbo Cheeka

These pink Cheekas have really cute expressions and are fun to squish with high quality charms but the scent is a little chemical.

Creamiicandy Kawaii animal dango Squishy

18. Dango

Top marks for cuteness but we didn’t like the scents much. Squishiness was varied – the panda was incredibly slow rising but the others were much faster.

Creamiicandy Kawaii birds Squishy

19. Birds

Very cute and fun to squish but low marks for scent and no charms.

Creamiicandy Kawaii papaya Squishy

20. Baby Cheeki & Cheeka Papaya

Nice charms and scent but the baby papayas are just not as exciting as the jumbo size.

Creamiicandy Kawaii kiwi Squishy

21. Baby Cheeki & Cheeka Kiwi

Similar scores to the papaya.

Creamiicandy Kawaii monkey Squishy

22. Cheeki in Banana

Cute expressions and great fun to squish but we didn’t like the scents and no charms.

Creamiicandy Kawaii monkey moon Squishy

23. Cheeki Moon

These had average scores all round with no charms.

Creamiicandy Kawaii yummiibear monkey Squishy

24. Yummii Cheeki

Monkey fatigue! These had similar scores to the above.

Creamiicandy Kawaii timekeeper owl Squishy

25. Timekeeper Owls

While these owls are quite cute and fun to squish, the scents are a bit too chemical. The charms also let it down as they’re too big and curling up with an uneven finish.

I hope you find this helpful when you’re kawaii squishy shopping! You can shop directly at Creamiicandy who ship worldwide.

(Products were provided by Creamiicandy for review but all words, photographs and opinions are our own.)

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  1. Sara avatar

    They are so beautiful and kawaii! <3

  2. Sonja_R avatar

    They all look really cute.^^
    The octopus are my favorite. I hope I’ll finde one to be attached to my bags. X3

  3. Rosa Rivas avatar
    Rosa Rivas

    Love them all! my favorite Pineapple Donut <3

  4. Ava Shropshire avatar
    Ava Shropshire

    I LOVE THEM ALL! My favorites are the popsicle animals!

  5. Gabby Huntington avatar
    Gabby Huntington

    They are so adorable!!! These are very cute squishes :3

  6. Gabby Huntington avatar
    Gabby Huntington

    These squishes are the most cutest squishes I’ve ever seen!!!

  7. Gabby Huntington avatar
    Gabby Huntington

    My favorite squishes are the yumii bear squishes, the mini marshmallow kitties, the crazy poo, cheeki in a banana, and the dango squishes

    The squishes I like the most are the mini marshmallow kitties

  8. Daisy avatar

    Mini Marshmallow Kitties!

  9. Veronica Hart avatar
    Veronica Hart

    I love the Cheeki in a banana 💕🍌🐒 Cheeki is soooo cute! Also the Animal Popsicles are super great 💖

  10. shannon oneil avatar
    shannon oneil

    i loved the crazy poo squishes

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