Our Kawaii Favourites of 2022

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Another year of kawaii is almost over! A few of the SCK Team are here to share some of our favourite things that made our 2022 super cute and fun.

Marceline 2022 favourites


Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure wasn’t quite as good as Rilakkuma & Kaoru but I did really enjoy the theme park setting and the new characters – even though they kind of pushed poor Korilakkuma into the background. It was also the only TV show to make me shout NO! out loud at the screen (I live alone) when Rilakkuma discovered his bento box was empty and his little paw quivered. I love him too much.

While I continued to spend most of my gaming time playing Breath of the Wild for the second, third and fourth time (shut up), I also had a lot of fun playing old N64 games on Nintendo Switch Online with Nicolette, especially Mario Kart, Mario Golf and Pokemon Snap. I can’t wait for a Mario Party showdown with my family over the holidays.

I haven’t been super creative this year but it was nice to experiment a bit with different art & crafts. I made a felt bouquet, did some fun paper crafts, painted a few mini canvases with Posca pens, and completed my biggest cross stitch project yet.

Usually I find new artists on Instagram but my social media time has mostly been spent on Tumblr this year and I’ve discovered so many amazing accounts to follow and share. Tumblr itself has been on a real roll this year and if you miss the days when social media was just weird, creative individuals with no algorithms , brands or influencers, come join us!

Arlandyia 2022 favourites


Our cat Xiao definitely made our roller coaster ride of 2022 so much better. We got him from a friend in Thailand and brought him back to the Philippines because we couldn’t bear leaving him behind. He’s our lucky charm.

I watched all of Lovesoup’s YouTube videos more than I’d like to admit. Sai’s vlogging style is overall very chill & relaxing and something I like watching to unwind.

Lastly, I’m happy that I got to rekindle my childhood passion for drawing and have recently started my foray into digital art. I’ve started off by doodling my friends’ profile pictures and am working my way from there. It’s been a slow and steady progress, but I’m having a lot of fun!

As for pastimes, I loved playing Breath of the Wild on my Nintendo Switch. The overall plot, gameplay, and humor are just great, and fingers crossed I’ll get to finish it before Tears of the Kingdom comes out next year!

Gabriel 2022 favourites


I’ve spent a lot of this year looking at universities, which has meant I’ve been travelling to places I don’t usually go. Excitingly, I got to visit the ARTBOX Cafe in Brighton twice!

As always, I have followed lots of artists on social media. One of my absolute favourites at the moment is @vimiyui on Instagram.

I’ve also been fostering even more cats, and while I try not to have favourites, Hob may well be the cutest!

Of course I haven’t stopped fanboying this year, I think my highlight was watching Wednesday, which led to me finding some really cool artists on tumblr and Instagram. One of the cutest I’ve seen is this Enid and Wednesday art, by @emeriart.

Nova 2022 favourites


There were a few things that definitely made 2022 better, like Spy x Family (streaming on Hulu). I adore this unusual spy comedy and Anya is cho-kawaii. I want the show to go on forever.

I mentioned Litterbox Comics by Chesca Hause last year but they’re still getting me through. If you subscribe to her Patreon, you can get access to a new comic she’s doing called Dog Family. I can’t decide between her “timeout juice” and “sleep replacement” mugs.

The cutest snack I keep going back to is Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone ice cream cones. They are adorably small and come in a few flavors, my favorite is chocolate chip.  

I recently started following Karina Illustrator (@karinartspace), who does the sweetest illustrations of forest animals. There is something incredibly calm about her art; my favorite is the fox-doing-yoga series.

What cute things made your 2022 better? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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