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Kawaii Kewpie Doll Picks

Posted on November 2, 2023 by

Kewpie dolls are a type of very cute, kitsch figurines originating in a comic strip in 1909. Despite being over a century old now, they are still popular today. Here are some super kawaii Kewpie themed picks.

Kewpie dolls costumes

Of course I couldn’t make a Kewpie post without including something from Sonny Angel (US). This Sonny Angel costume is a recent addition to their website and I need one! I think the rabbit version is my favourite, what about you?

Kewpie dolls art prints

I love this kitsch sad baby clown print from Golden Haze (US). Ashleigh also makes the most spectacular stained glass pieces which are added to their shop periodically and sell out very quickly.

Kewpie dolls compact mirror

I’m super into compact mirrors recently, so I adore this Kewpie compact mirror from Amy Hastings Textiles. (UK) She also has this immensely cute cat version.

Kewpie dolls crochet patterns

If you crochet, you’ll definitely appreciate this crochet pattern from Destiny Makes which lets you create lots of different kewpie doll art via a base pattern.

Kewpie dolls sweatshirt

If you’re still in a spooky season kind of mood you’ll love this fool around and find out sweatshirt from Saluting Solo Magpies (UK), which features very cute but somewhat creepy Kewpie clowns. Her shop features lots of other Kewpie items, including this colouring zine.

Kewpie dolls costume patterns

If you already have a Kewpie doll collection, or are looking to start one, this Kewpie costume book from Pomadour24 (JP) on Etsy is perfect for you. It has instructions to crochet all different kinds of cute costumes for the dolls.

Kewpie dolls sticker

Finally, I love this kitty kewpie sticker from Kim Kewpie (US). He is such a good shape!

If you want to find out more about the history of the Kewpie, you can read about their creator Rose O’Neill here or the dolls themselves here.

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