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There’s a new selection of Whipple kits now available on the Amazon US website! For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, Whipple kits are really fun sweets deco kits that include silicone piping ‘cream’ and decorations that you use to decorate various premade desserts. If you enjoy sweets deco without the clay part, these are for you! I’ve written a couple of posts in the past on them that you can check out here.

New Whipple Kits

The US range sadly isn’t as expansive (or creative) as the Japanese line at the moment, but this change in availability makes it so much more convenient! Especially considering they could only be purchased from Japan prior to this. For this post, I’m trying out the Starter Set so you guys can see how the Western and Japanese versions compare.

New Whipple Kits

The Starter Set goes for an inexpensive $8.99 USD as of the time of writing, and you definitely get a remarkable bit more in the kit compared to the Japanese kits at the same price. For about the same price, you can get something like the Fruit Parfait kit, although it does not offer nearly as many creations; the closest Japanese comparison to the US Starter Set is the My First Whipple kit, and while it’s nearly identical, it’s also notably higher in price.

New Whipple Kits

As for the kit itself, the instructions are a lot more helpful than the Japanese kits if you can’t read the language. The included pamphlet had all the information you could possibly need for the kit, including high quality images and diagrams to help you make the creations look exactly like the images.

New Whipple Kits

I’ve only purchased smaller Japanese Whipple kits in the past, so the two biggest differences I found were the number of pieces included for the price, and the instructions (obviously) being vastly more useful. However, the Starter Set also included useful items I have not seen in previous kits, like premade piped cream examples to help with learning how to pipe, a cute band for the piping bag (yay to no more rubber bands!), and a guiding pin that fits inside the piping nozzle to help with placement. These tools go a long way in improving technique for beginners and even not-so-beginners!

You can also see some helpful videos of the piping and creation process in action on the Whipple YouTube channel. They have a tutorial video for every set, including the Starter Set, and every basic piping design, from the star to the spiral techniques.

New Whipple Kits

Here’s all my finished pieces!

New Whipple Kits

You can find the different lines on Amazon US as well as Amazon Japan. If you’re looking to try a Whipple kit, it’s definitely worth checking out both sites!

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